How to find the customer ID of City Union Bank?

Do you have an account with City Union Bank? Do you want to facilitate internet banking services? If yes, then you are in the right place. Everyone is now fascinated about trying digital and advanced banking services in the comfort of their home. 

Internet banking is one of the advanced banking aspects to keep in touch and access to all the accounts in a single hand. Moreover, one can even do multiple transactions that earlier require visits to the bank. In simple words, there are numerous benefits of using internet banking.

find the customer id of City Union Bank

However, if you are a customer of City Union Bank, then you will have to activate the customer ID before using the CUB internet banking services. If you do not know the customer id of your bank account then you can read the multiple ways that we have added here to find the customer id of City Union Bank.

What is a customer ID?

A customer id is a unique number allotted differently to every CUB account holders. It is essential if the customer wants to access digital banking services. Therefore, it is required to keep the customer id and password safe.

How to find the customer ID of City Union Bank?

There are multiple ways to find the customer id of City Union Bank. You can refer to the methods that we have added below.

Through Passbook or Cheque Book – 1

Passbook is allotted to every account holder during the account opening. If you have the passbook that is linked with your bank account then you can quickly find the customer id on the first page of your passbook.

One can even find the customer id on the welcome kit or cheque book page.

Account Statement – 2 

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We go through the bank sometimes to get the bank account statement. It is generally for checking all the transactions that we had done during the period. 

You can quickly find out the customer id linking to your CUB bank account on the front page of the bank account statement.

Customer Care – 3

You can find the customer id of City Union Bank by calling customer care. 

You can always call on the toll-free number 044-71225000. However, you will have to complete the verification before asking for the customer id directly from the executive.

Branch – 4

You can get the customer id linked with your bank account by visiting the bank and completing the internet banking application form.

You only have to visit the nearest City Union Bank branch and complete the internet banking activation form. 

Just submit it to the bank executive, and within a few working days, you will receive the customer id with the password at your postal address.


Here we come at the end. We already know the importance of having a customer id. We cannot activate internet banking services without finding out the customer id of CUB Bank. 

In this article, we have four definitive ways for the customers who want to find the customer id of the CUB bank. You can always reach us using the comments section if there is any query.

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