The Indian Hotels Co Ltd has not been exempt from the recent ups and downs experienced by India’s hospitality sector. Investors invariably consider the share price target when they consider the potential for future growth. Will Indian Hotels Co Ltd. progress in the upcoming ten years or will it remain unchanged? Should investors seek elsewhere, or should they purchase this stock? To determine a share price target for the years 2024 to 2030, we will examine more closely the company’s financials during the previous five years in this piece.

Let’s examine the growth potential and decide if Indian Hotels Co Ltd is a decent company to purchase for investors looking to profit from India’s expanding economy.

About Indian Hotels

The Indian Hotels Company Limited, also known as Taj Hotels, is a renowned Indian hospitality company that manages a diverse portfolio of hotels, resorts, palaces, spas, and in-flight catering services. As part of the Tata Group, the company has a strong presence in the industry.

Indian Hotels Company Delivers Strong Q4 Performance with 27.26% YoY Profit Rise

  • Indian Hotels Company declared its Q4 results on April 24, 2024, showcasing strong performance amidst dynamic market conditions.
  • The company witnessed a substantial 17.22% increase in topline revenue and a commendable 27.26% rise in profit year-over-year (YoY).
  • However, compared to the previous quarter, there was a slight decline of 2.98% in revenue and a 7.56% decrease in profit.
  • Selling, general, and administrative expenses exhibited a marginal decline of 0.27% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) but saw a noteworthy increase of 10.8% year-over-year (YoY).
  • The operating income, although down by 12.62% QoQ, demonstrated significant growth of 26.2% YoY, reflecting operational resilience and efficiency improvements.
  • Earnings per share (EPS) for Q4 stood at ₹2.93, marking a substantial 26.98% increase YoY, reaffirming the company’s ability to generate value for shareholders.
  • Indian Hotels Company delivered impressive returns, with a 4.17% return in the last week, 56.08% return in the last six months, and a solid 38.7% year-to-date (YTD) return, indicating investor confidence in its performance and prospects.
  • With a current market capitalization of ₹86,544.68 crore and a 52-week high/low of ₹622.5 and ₹336.6 respectively, Indian Hotels Company remains a key player in the hospitality industry.
  • Analyst sentiment towards the company is generally positive, with a majority of analysts recommending Buy or Strong Buy ratings.
  • Overall, Indian Hotels Company’s Q4 results reflect its resilience, strategic management, and potential for continued growth in the hospitality sector.

How to purchase Indian Hotels shares?

Below are the trading platforms that you can use to purchase Indian Hotels Co Ltd shares:

➤ Zerodha

➤ Upstox

➤ Groww

➤ AngelOne

➤ ICICIDirect

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Indian Hotels Share Price Prediction: 2024 to 2030

Indian Hotels Share Price Target 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
June 2024 603.50 524.79
July 2024 597.47 519.54
August 2024 621.37 540.32
September 2024 646.22 561.93
October 2024 633.55 550.91
November 2024 658.89 572.95
December 2024 665.48 578.68

In 2024, Indian Hotels’ price projections for each month are as follows: In June, the maximum price is expected to reach ₹603.50 and the minimum price is projected to be ₹524.79. For July, the prices are expected to range between a maximum of ₹597.47 and a minimum of ₹519.54. In August, the maximum price is forecasted to be ₹621.37 and the minimum ₹540.32. September’s prices are anticipated to reach a maximum of ₹646.22 and a minimum of ₹561.93. In October, the maximum price is expected to be ₹633.55 and the minimum ₹550.91. For November, the prices are projected to range from ₹658.89 to ₹572.95. By December, Indian Hotels’ prices are expected to peak at ₹665.48 with a minimum of ₹578.68.

Indian Hotels Share Price Target 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 673.95 518.42
February 2025 680.75 523.66
March 2025 695.05 534.65
April 2025 688.17 529.36
May 2025 668.12 513.94
June 2025 698.19 537.07
July 2025 684.50 526.54
August 2025 705.67 542.82
September 2025 714.14 549.34
October 2025 732.70 563.62
November 2025 751.02 577.71
December 2025 784.82 603.71

As we enter January 2025, Indian Hotels’ shares are projected to range from a high of 673.95 to a low of 518.42. In February, prices may fluctuate between 680.75 and 523.66. March anticipates further growth, with prices expected to range from 695.05 to 534.65. April could see prices between 688.17 and 529.36. May is projected to stabilize between 668.12 and 513.94. By June, prices may rise to 698.19 to 537.07. July and August could see increases between 684.50 and 526.54, and 705.67 and 542.82, respectively. September anticipates growth between 714.14 and 549.34. October may see fluctuations between 732.70 and 563.62. By November, shares could peak at 751.02 and dip to 577.71. December may close with highs of 784.82 and lows of 603.71.

Indian Hotels Share Price Prediction: 2026-2030

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 925.15 606.27
2027 1,116.83 718.77
2028 1,361.57 876.28
2029 1,659.94 1,068.31
2030 2,023.70 1,302.42

As we look into the future, Indian Hotels is poised for significant fluctuations in its share prices. In 2026, analysts anticipate the stock to reach its highest point at ₹925.15 while bottoming out at ₹606.27. Moving into 2027, projections suggest an upward trend with potential peaks hitting ₹1,116.83 and troughs stabilizing at ₹718.77. By 2028, Indian Hotels may see a remarkable surge, with forecasts indicating highs around ₹1,361.57 and lows at ₹876.28. As we progress to 2029, the positive momentum is expected to continue, with anticipated highs reaching ₹1,659.94 and lows at ₹1,068.31. Looking ahead to 2030, Indian Hotels could achieve unprecedented heights, with projections hinting at maximums around ₹2,023.70 and minimums near ₹1,302.42.

Financial Condition of Indian Hotels Co Ltd: Last 5 years

Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023 Mar 2024
Sales + 4,463 1,575 3,056 5,810 6,769
Expenses + 3,496 1,937 2,651 4,005 4,612
Operating Profit 968 -362 405 1,805 2,157
OPM % 22% -23% 13% 31% 32%
Other Income + 173 325 171 142 183
Interest 341 403 428 236 220
Depreciation 404 410 406 416 454
Profit before tax 396 -850 -258 1,295 1,666
Tax % 11% 18% 14% 25% 28%
Net Profit + 364 -796 -265 1,053 1,330
EPS in Rs 2.68 -5.45 -1.74 7.06 8.85
Dividend Payout % 17% -7% -23% 14% 20%

Over the past five years, Indian Hotels Company has experienced fluctuations in its financial performance. Sales have varied from ₹4,463 crores in March 2020 to ₹6,769 crores in March 2024, indicating an overall increasing trend. Similarly, expenses have ranged from ₹3,496 crores to ₹4,612 crores during the same period. Despite challenges, the company has shown resilience, with operating profit improving from ₹968 crores in March 2020 to ₹2,157 crores in March 2024. However, there have been periods of negative profitability, as evidenced by the net loss of ₹796 crores in March 2021. Despite these fluctuations, the company’s earnings per share (EPS) have improved from ₹2.68 in March 2020 to ₹8.85 in March 2024. Dividend payouts, although varying, have shown a general increasing trend from 17% in March 2020 to 20% in March 2024. These financial indicators suggest a mixed but improving financial performance for Indian Hotels Company over the past five years, with potential for continued growth and stability.

Indian Hotels share price target by Experts

ICICI Securities on Indian Hotels Share Price

ICICI Securities recommends purchasing Indian Hotels, with a target price set at Rs 617.00.

Axis Direct on Indian Hotels Share Price

Axis Direct advises investors to buy Indian Hotels, setting a target price of Rs 671.00.

Sharekhan on Indian Hotels Share Price

Sharekhan Bullish on Indian Hotels, Sets Target Price at Rs 679.00


What is the projected share price of Indian Hotels for 2025?

The projected share price of Indian Hotels for 2025 is expected to fluctuate within a range, with a maximum price of ₹784.82 and a minimum price of ₹518.42, according to our forecast.

Can Indian Hotels’ share price reach ₹1,000 by 2025?

As per our analysis, Indian Hotels’ share price may not reach ₹1,000 by 2025, however, Indian Hotels may reach ₹1,000 somewhere in 2027.

What factors can affect the share price of Indian Hotels?

Various factors such as market conditions, economic trends, company performance, and global events can affect the share price of Indian Hotels.

How much dividend payout has Indian Hotels offered in the last five years?

Indian Hotels has offered dividend payouts ranging from 21% to 14% over the last five years, with variations observed in different fiscal years, including negative dividend payout percentages in 2021 and 2022.

What are Indian Hotels’ OPM for the last five years?

Indian Hotels’ Operating Profit Margin (OPM) fluctuated over the last five years. It was robust at 22% in March 2020 but dropped to -23% in March 2021. However, the company rebounded with a 13% OPM in March 2022, followed by substantial growth to 31% in March 2023 and 32% in March 2024, showcasing improved operational efficiency and profitability.

What is Indian Hotels’ share price target for 2030?

For 2030, Indian Hotels is expected to reach a maximum of ₹2,023.70.



Indian Hotels Co Ltd shows promising growth potential in the coming years. With a projected steady increase in both maximum and minimum share prices from 2024 to 2030, the company demonstrates resilience and adaptability within the dynamic hospitality sector. Investors considering Indian Hotels for their portfolio may find it a viable option, especially given its strong presence in the industry as part of the reputable Tata Group. As India’s economy continues to expand, Indian Hotels stands poised to capitalize on the growing demand for hospitality services, making it an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking long-term growth.

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