Canara bank CIF number: Find the CIF number of Canara Bank Online

Canara Bank is one of the top public sector banks in India. This bank needs to keep a record of every customer. Therefore, the bank issue a unique 11-digit CIF number for the customers. It is because two people can have the same name but not the same CIF number.

CIF (Customer Information File) is a digitally generated 11-digit number allocated to the customers of Canara Bank. It is a primary source of collecting all the personal and banking information of each individual.

find the CIF number of Canara Bank

Earlier, it was not possible to issue the CIF number to the customers. But, according to the new RBI guidelines, the banks must issue a CIF number during the account opening.

What the CIF number is required?

The main benefit of the CIF number is to hold multiple accounts at the same bank under the one customer id/CIF number. However, it is generally required for the transfer of an account.

The customer also needs this number to activate internet banking services. It is because the CIF number acts as a user id for getting logged in to internet banking.

How to find the CIF number of Canara Bank online?

We hate visiting the banks. Therefore, we are adding the instant and online method to find the CIF number of Canara Bank online. Let’s have a look.

Note: You must have the active Canara Bank internet banking login.


  • First, you will have to visit the official website of Canara Bank. You can visit by clicking here.
  • Second, go through the internet banking login page.

find the CIF number of Canara Bank

  • After that, enter the user id and password on the screen.
  • Click on the login button.
  • Within a few seconds, you will get redirected to the internet banking portal.
  • You now have to click on the account information> profile overview.
  • You will find the CIF number on the screen.

What are the other ways?

Customer Care – 1

If the customer does not have access to internet banking then, one can always call on the customer helpline number 18004250018. 

However, the customer needs to provide some essential information such as account number, aadhar card details to complete the verification. (It is generally for the security purpose)

Once the verification gets done, the customer can directly ask for the CIF number from the executive.

Branch – 2

This could be a little longer process. We have explained this process using the steps that we have given below.

  • The customer needs to visit the nearest home branch.
  • After that, one needs to ask for the application form to get the CIF number.
  • Fill in all the details and attach the documents.
  • Submit to the bank executive.
  • The CIF number will now get delivered to the postal address within seven working days.

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CIF (Customer Information File) is a unique 11-digit number allocated to every individual customer of Canara Bank. It is generally for holding the account details of the customers. 

This article is for the people who have forgotten the CIF number. In this article, we have added all the possible ways to find the CIF number of Canara Bank. 

In case, if there is any query? One can always ask us in the comments section.

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