Baroda Connect – Bank of Baroda (BOB) Net Banking Register and Login

Baroda Connect is the e-banking facility provided by Bank of Baroda aiming towards sufficing the needs of the customers 24x7x365. By using a single user id and password, you can serve all of your banking needs from the comfort of your home or on the go. From checking the account balance to transferring funds, from requesting checkbooks, to stopping payments, you can do it very quickly and easily. Baroda Connect is the one-stop solution for accessing all the customer services provided by the bank.

Process Of Registration: 


 Download the application form for corporate or retail use, from the official website of the bank.

  • You can also collect the form from your home branch.
  • All individual account holders fall under the category of Retail use.
  • All companies, sole proprietor, partnership firms fall under the category of Corporate use.
  • Fill up the form with all the necessary details asked for and submit it to the branch where you hold an account.
  • After the processing period, the customer will receive the user-id via post as well as in the email id provided within seven days.
  • Upon receiving the user-id, take it to the branch and collect the password.
  • It takes around 24hrs for the branch to enable the user-id.
  • Access the Baroda Connect account with the user-id and password provided.

Log-In Process: 

  • You have to visit bobibanking.comfrom your respective device.
  • Enter the user-id and password provided by the branch in the mentioned log in menu.
  • Click on “Corporate” or “Retail” user depending upon the case.
  • Change the password provided by the branch with another unique password that only you will have the access.
  • Once this setup is complete, you can access your account quickly.

Facilities Provided By Baroda Connect:

  • 24x7x365 – You can access your account round the clock throughout the year from anywhere. Baroda Connect provides this easily accessible service to all of its customers.
  • Fund Transfer– Online fund transfers within Bank of Baroda account as well as other bank accounts. NEFT and RTGS facilities are also available.
  • Tax Payment – Direct and indirect tax payments from the linked account for free of cost during any time of the day. You can get receipts instantly.
  • Online Ticket – Free of cost online Rail and Air tickets booking from the ease of on the go: prompt payment and easy confirmation of booking through the e-banking site.
  • IPO / FPO – Online subscription of IPO and FPO for free of cost by the customers of the bank who use the Baroda Connect  Right issue through ASBA is available.
  • Online Request Facility –Request for switching email account, issue of cheque book, services for stopping payment, renewal of fixed deposit are available by an online request.
  • E-Commerce –Online shopping, bill payments, receiving transaction memo, message alert on pending bills can be done and collected through the Baroda Connect
  • Payment Of Fees –Free of cost online payment of fees for 125 registered institutions and schools. It helps the customer to pay the fees on time with the help of on the go facility.
  • Message Alerts –It sends free of cost alerts regarding debit and credit transactions of the customer.
  • Opening Fixed Deposit – It provides the facility of opening a fixed deposit online without taking the hassle of visiting the branch in person.

Customer Benefits Of Baroda Connect:

  • Free Of Cost– It is highly beneficial as the bank provides numerous services for no extra charges in return.
  • Online Service –No need to visit the branch as all the work is done online from the comfort of your home using a single user-id and password.
  • Account Management –Once logged in from a common customer-id, you can access fixed deposits, loan account, multiple banks of Baroda account registered under the same customer id.
  • Account Summary And Statements – Now, with a single login, you can access the entire bank of baroda account summaries and generate account statements. You can download them as per your ease.
  • Viewing History Of Transactions-You can see your transaction history, which has much more details than your account summary.

Security Protocol: 

The new enhanced 128-bit encryption called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protects your online transaction from unauthorized access. It has certified servers by Verisign that protects your sensitive information from getting leaked and hacked by suspicious mediums. Bank of Baroda has implemented “Baroda I-secure” in their Baroda Connect facility that has a 2 factor authentication process, making it much more secure and safe for the users. Now, you don’t need to feel insecure and afraid of online transactions. Access your bank accounts online because of the high-end encryption of this SSL feature that protects you all the time.

Ease Of Use:

  • Always Connected –Just with the help of a simple internet connection, your contact with your bank accounts remains active all the time. At your fingertips, you have the option of monitoring your transaction, account summary, bank details; fixed deposit status, fund transfer, etc.
  • On The Go –Now, you don’t need to visit your branch for every small requirement that arises frequently. You can quickly get those jobs done by using Baroda Connect on the go, from wherever you want, whenever you want. It comes in handy, especially when you are traveling and cannot visit your respective branch.
  • Hassle-Free –Using only one user-id and password, you can easily access all of your linked bank accounts which become very convenient for the user. You don’t need to take any extra headache as the user interface of the facility is designed to cater to the needs of the customer tactically.

Baroda Connect is the most promising facilities provided by Bank for their customer’s satisfaction and easy access to the various works related to the accounts that they hold. From the comfort of your home or on the go, you can manage, review, revise, suffice all of your essential needs and complete your deeds in no time. So what are you waiting for? Register to Baroda Connect now and enjoy the facilities that are handcrafted for you.

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