AnyRoR Gujarat: What Is It, Uses and How to Obtain?

AnyRoR is a land record platform of Bhulekh Gujarat state controlled by the Revenue Department of Gujarat. The revenue department launched the AnyRoR Gujarat online platform to expedite the process of computerising various land-based information and 7/12 land record services.

ANYROR gujarat

Keep reading to know more about this portal, its uses, benefits, and how you can obtain it. 

Uses of AnyRoR Gujarat

The uses of the AnyRoR Gujarat portal are as follows:

  • Safeguards ownership rights of land for the concerned owner.
  • Offers proper access to home loans.
  • Helps buyers legalise all details of their land while making a land deal.
  • The system enables saving time since there is no need for the citizens to visit the respective offices physically.
  • Provides convenient access to government-verified forms.
  • Allows citizens to stay updated on every land-based detail digitally.

How to Obtain AnyRoR Gujarat?

The AnyRoR Gujarat is managed by the revenue department of the Gujarat State Government. It is an extract from the land records that comprise land or property details alongside the history of its owners.

To obtain the AnyRoR, you have to follow the necessary steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to the Digital Gujarat portal.

Step 2: Go to the text box, enter your location, and click on ‘Search’. Use your credentials to log into the portal.

Step 3: Select the’ New Service’ option.

Step 4: Go to the menu and choose VF 8A khata details.

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Step 5: Select ‘Continue to Service’.

Step 6: Click on ‘Continue’ after your application number and service request ID are shown on the screen. Enter essential details as required.

Step 7: Tap on the ‘Save and Submit button.

Step 8: Choose a payment option and select ‘Send OTP’. After you get OTP on your registered mobile number, enter it and tap on ‘Confirm’ for payment completion.

After completing these steps, you will get a receipt with a reference number.

How to Submit Application through AnyRoR Gujarat?

Following are the steps to submit an application via AnyRoR Gujarat

Step 1: Go to the Bhulekh Gujarat official website

Step 2: Click on the ‘Online Application’ option available on the menu bar at the top.

Step 3: If applying for the first time, select the purpose of your application. 

Step 4: Choose the type of application and other particulars comprising district, village, and taluka.

Step 5: Enter your personal details like email ID, contact number, etc.

Step 6: Check every required detail and enter OTP you received.

Step 7: After entering the credentials and OTP, click on Submit

Your application will be registered via AnyRoR Gujarat after completing these steps.

How to Check 7/12 AnyRoR Rural Land Record in Gujarat?

The Gujarat Satbara includes various details such as land type, crop information, property rights, and other property-based records. Mentioned below are the steps for verifying rural land records on the AnyRoR Gujarat Government portal:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Gujarat Land Record

Step 2: Select “View Land Record – Rural” option on the page

Step 3: Click on “VF7 survey no. details” to verify 7/12 land records 

Step 4: Enter details like district, village, taluka, and khata number

Step 5: Insert CAPTCHA code to access your land records.

How to Check 7/12 AnyRoR Urban Land Record in Gujarat?

Mentioned below are the steps for verifying rural land records on the AnyRoR Gujarat Government portal: 

Step 1: Go to the Gujarat Land Record official website

Step 2: Select “View Land Record – Urban” option on the page

Step 3: From the menu bar, select ‘Know Khata by Owner Name’ option

Step 4: Choose your respective district, village, or taluka, to access the information

Step 5: Insert CAPTCHA code

Step 6: Select the ‘Get details’ option  

However, before collateralising land, make sure you have its valid papers. With legal papers and documents, you can easily opt for a home loan. Also, before applying, visit multiple websites to select the best bank for  home loan. 

How to Apply for a Home Loan?

The steps to apply for a home loan are as follows:

Step 1: Visit any financial institution’s official website.

Step 2: Choose ‘Home loan’ option

Step 3: Read the eligibility criteria for a home loan.

Step 4: After fulfilling the eligibility criteria, select the ‘Apply Now’ option.

Step 5: Fill out the information accordingly.

Step 6: Enter your loan amount

Step 7: Upload all the necessary documents required.

Step 8: Verify the information and uploaded documents.

Step 9: Click on ‘Submit’ button

Step 10: Pay application fees

Before buying a property, it is vital to verify land records thoroughly. These days, you can verify the land records more conveniently as plenty of land record platforms are available online. Out of them, AnyRoR Gujarat is such a portal. Now that you know every detail about the AnyRoR portal, it will be simple to access it and check the details of your land property.

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