5paisa Capital, a fintech company founded in 2007, has established itself as a prominent player in the online discounted stock broking industry in India. Along with offering depository services, research facilities, distribution of financial products, and peer-to-peer lending, the company has become a preferred choice for investors seeking cost-effective trading solutions.

Under the leadership of Mr Nirmal Jain, who is also the promoter of the well-known IIFL Group, 5paisa Capital has gained a strong market position. It currently ranks as the 5th largest discount broker in the country and holds the 6th position in terms of active clients.

The company’s success is further evident from its impressive 11.9 million+ app downloads, reflecting its popularity among investors.

As of 14th November, 5Paisa is trading at Rs.439 with a market cap of Rs.1,356 Crore.

Personal Opinion: Now that IIFL Securities is barred by SEBI from boarding new clients for the next 2 years, I think the workforce and focus of those employees will now be on 5Paisa. Why would IIFL Securities employees work for 5Paisa? Because in both the companies, the top promoters are the same. We expect 5 Paisa to grow tremendously in the next few quarters.


5Paisa Capital Q2 FY24 Performance Highlights

  • 5Paisa Capital Q2 FY24 results announced on Oct 18, 2023.
  • YoY revenue increased by 21.82%, reflecting strong financial growth.
  • YoY profit surged by an impressive 77.2%.
  • QoQ revenue and profit growth at 14.62% and 31.02%, respectively.
  • Selling, General, and Administrative (SG&A) expenses increased by 38.67% YoY and 12.55% QoQ.
  • Operating income showed significant improvement, with a QoQ increase of 34.43% and a YoY rise of 74.49%.
  • Earnings Per Share (EPS) for Q2 FY24 stood at ₹6.12, indicating an 81.07% YoY growth.
  • Strong market performance with returns of 8.34% in the last week, 58.88% in the last 6 months, and 53.36% YTD.
  • Market capitalization at ₹1449.28 Cr, with a 52-week high/low of ₹495.25 and ₹270.1.
  • Overall, the results demonstrate robust financial health, strategic investments, and positive market sentiment.

How to Purchase 5Paisa Capital Shares?

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5Paisa Capital Share Price Target: 2023 – 2030

5Paisa Capital Share Price Target 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
November 2023 ₹474.12 ₹412.28
December 2023 ₹489.77 ₹425.88

As of November 2023, 5Paisa Capital’s share price target indicates a potential range of ₹412.28 to ₹474.12. Looking ahead to December 2023, the forecast anticipates a fluctuation between ₹425.88 and ₹489.77. These projections consider market dynamics and factors influencing the financial sector.

The Stock Price/Earnings (P/E) ratio stands at 23.0, reflecting a valuation metric relative to the company’s earnings. Investors should carefully monitor market trends and company performance for informed decision-making, considering both the maximum and minimum price targets provided for November and December 2023.

5Paisa Capital Share Price Target 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹499.76 ₹434.57
February 2024 ₹509.96 ₹443.44
March 2024 ₹520.37 ₹452.49
April 2024 ₹505.21 ₹439.31
May 2024 ₹497.75 ₹432.82
June 2024 ₹515.66 ₹448.40
July 2024 ₹510.51 ₹443.92
August 2024 ₹530.93 ₹461.68
September 2024 ₹552.16 ₹480.14
October 2024 ₹541.34 ₹470.73
November 2024 ₹557.58 ₹484.85
December 2024 ₹571.52 ₹496.97

Anticipating the performance of 5Paisa Capital’s shares in 2024, the projected price targets show a fluctuating trend. Starting in January with a range of ₹434.57 to ₹499.76, the prices are expected to reach their peak in December 2024, ranging from ₹496.97 to ₹571.52. The trajectory reflects a potential upward movement, indicating optimism in the market.

Investors should consider these estimates, balancing the maximum and minimum prices, and stay attuned to market dynamics. It’s important to note that these projections provide a snapshot of potential future values, and actual market performance may be influenced by a variety of factors.

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5Paisa Capital Share Price Target 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹582.95 ₹448.42
February 2025 ₹597.90 ₹459.92
March 2025 ₹621.21 ₹477.86
April 2025 ₹609.03 ₹468.49
May 2025 ₹591.29 ₹454.84
June 2025 ₹617.90 ₹475.31
July 2025 ₹605.79 ₹465.99
August 2025 ₹624.52 ₹480.40
September 2025 ₹646.38 ₹497.22
October 2025 ₹663.19 ₹510.14
November 2025 ₹679.77 ₹522.90
December 2025 ₹696.76 ₹535.97

Looking into the future, the forecasted share price targets for 5Paisa Capital in 2025 suggest a continuing upward trajectory. Starting in January with a range of ₹448.42 to ₹582.95, the prices are expected to rise steadily throughout the year, reaching a peak of ₹696.76 to ₹535.97 in December.

This projection signifies sustained optimism in the market regarding the company’s performance. Investors should consider these estimates cautiously, understanding the inherent uncertainties in predicting market movements. The ascending pattern across the months hints at positive sentiments, potentially influenced by factors such as company performance, market dynamics, and economic conditions.

As with any financial projections, investors need to stay informed, conduct thorough research, and be mindful of various factors that can impact stock prices.

5Paisa Capital Share Price Target 2026 – 2030

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 ₹731.60 ₹512.12
2027 ₹804.76 ₹563.33
2028 ₹1,126.66 ₹563.33
2029 ₹975.46 ₹487.73
2030 ₹1,268.10 ₹887.67

The long-term share price targets for 5Paisa Capital from 2026 to 2030 project a compelling growth trajectory. Starting in 2026, the share prices are estimated to range from ₹512.12 to ₹731.60, demonstrating a potential uptrend. As we progress into 2027, the forecast suggests a further increase, with a range of ₹563.33 to ₹804.76. The year 2028 presents a significant leap, reaching a maximum of ₹1,126.66 and a minimum of ₹563.33.

Despite a slight dip in 2029, with a projected range of ₹487.73 to ₹975.46, the upward trend is reestablished in 2030. The share prices for 2030 are estimated to range from ₹887.67 to ₹1,268.10. These projections indicate an optimistic outlook for 5Paisa Capital over the next five years, subject to market conditions and various influencing factors. Investors should closely monitor developments and market dynamics for informed decision-making in this extended timeframe.

5Paisa Capital Financial Growth: Last 5 Years

March 2019 March 2020 March 2021 March 2022 March 2023
(Crore Rs)
61 108 195 298 338
(Crore Rs)
78 99 150 251 252
Operating Profit
(Crore Rs)
-17 10 45 47 86
OPM % -28% 9% 23% 16% 25%
Other Income
(Crore Rs)
0 0 0 0 2
(Crore Rs)
7 15 21 23 21
(Crore Rs)
1 4 5 5 9
Profit before tax
(Crore Rs)
-25 -10 20 18 58
Tax % 25% 18% 26% 26% 25%
Net Profit
(Crore Rs)
-19 -8 15 14 44
EPS (in Rs) -7.43 -3.10 5.76 4.67 14.22
Dividend Payout % 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

5Paisa Capital has demonstrated a positive financial performance over the last five years. Notably, the company has successfully reduced its debt, enhancing its financial stability and positioning it for growth. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.1% in profit, 5Paisa Capital has exhibited strong profitability.

The company’s ability to raise funds through the issuance of equity shares, raising 190 Cr, further solidifies its financial position. These achievements reflect 5Paisa Capital’s appeal as an investment opportunity and its capacity to generate favourable returns. With a focus on financial stability, profit growth, and strategic fundraising, the company is well-prepared to capitalize on future opportunities and deliver sustained value to its stakeholders.


What is the current share price of 5Paisa Capital?

As of November 14, 2023, the market value of 5Paisa Capital’s shares stands at INR 439.

What is the expected share price target of 5Paisa Capital for the year 2024?

Taking into account the present market trends and thorough market analysis, the projected share price range for 5Paisa Capital in 2024 is estimated to be between ₹434.57 (minimum) and ₹571.52 (maximum).

What is the expected share price target of 5Paisa Capital for the year 2025?

After careful evaluation of current market trends and in-depth market analysis, the projected share price range for 5Paisa Capital in 2025 is expected to span from a minimum of ₹448.42 to a maximum of ₹696.76.

Can 5Paisa Capital’s share price reach 1000 INR by 2025?

Based on our price prediction, it is unlikely that 5Paisa Capital’s share price will reach 1000 INR by the end of 2025.

What is 5Paisa Capital’s revenue growth over the last 5 years?

5Paisa Capital has witnessed substantial revenue growth over the last five years, with sales increasing from 61 in March 2019 to 338 in March 2023, indicating consistent expansion and a positive trend in revenue generation.

What is 5Paisa Capital’s profit growth over the last 5 years?

5Paisa Capital has experienced significant profit growth over the last five years, with a compounded profit growth rate of 30% during this period, indicating a positive trend and consistent improvement in its financial performance.

Is 5Paisa Capital a good stock to buy?

Many investors view 5Paisa Capital as an attractive investment due to its robust financial performance, market positioning, and growth prospects. Nonetheless, conducting personal research and seeking guidance from a financial advisor are crucial steps before making any investment choices.

What are the factors that can impact 5Paisa Capital’s share price in future?

The future share price of 5Paisa Capital can be influenced by various factors such as economic conditions, interest rates, competition, regulatory changes, and the company’s performance. Investors should closely monitor these factors and adapt their investment strategies accordingly.

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Things to Know Before Investing in 5Paisa Shares:

  • Small cap, one can expect a lot of volatility.
  • Current PE ratio: 23.0
  • Book value: Rs. 163
  • The company does not pay any dividend

Personal Opinion: Should you buy 5Paisa shares in 2023?

Considering the compelling factors surrounding 5Paisa Capital, it emerges as an enticing investment opportunity for discerning investors. With a solid market position as the 5th largest discount broker and 6th largest broker in terms of active clients, coupled with over 11.9 million app downloads, it demonstrates a strong foothold in the industry.

Noteworthy growth indicators include a substantial increase in active clients by 102% in FY22, an impressive 30.1% CAGR profit growth over the past five years, and a significant debt reduction. The diversified revenue mix, encompassing brokerage and commission fees as well as interest income, adds further stability to its prospects.

With an expanding product portfolio that includes stock broking, mutual and direct funds, robo advisory, and research-based offerings, 5Paisa Capital presents an enticing proposition for investors seeking a promising avenue to grow their investments.

In my opinion, 5Paisa is a buy-in for every dip.

To me, 5Paisa is one of the best small-cap stocks I hold in my portfolio for the long term. The market cap is extremely small and with the experience the promoters have, I am expecting a serious 10x on my investment.

Disclaimer: None of what is mentioned in this article: ‘5paisa capital share price target 2023 to 2030’ is financial advice. Please reach out to a SEBI-registered financial advisor before investing. We are not registered with SEBI.

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