Aether Industries Share Price Target 2024, 2025 to 2030

As of 21st November 2023, Aether Industries is trading at Rs. 873 with a market cap of Rs. 11,570 Crore. Aether shares are down 4.02% in the last 6 months.

Aether Industries Limited is an Indian specialty chemical manufacturer renowned for its advanced intermediates and specialty chemicals, leveraging complex and differentiated chemistry and technology. The company serves diverse sectors including pharmaceuticals, material science, agrochemicals, electronic chemicals, and specialty chemicals, offering both intermediates and active ingredients.

We’ll break down what might happen to Aether’s stock price and make it all as easy to understand as your favorite bedtime story. Also, we will see whether Aether Industries’ share price can cross Rs. 1500.

About Aether Industries Ltd

Aether Industries Limited started its journey back in 2013, and they’re all about making special chemicals that are not your everyday stuff. Think of them as the go-to folks in India for unique chemicals like 4MEP, MMBC, T2E, OTBN, NODG, Delta-Valerolactone, and Bifenthrin Alcohol – things that have some pretty fancy applications.

But here’s the cool part: They don’t just stop at India. Nope, they’re sending their chemical goodies to 21 countries worldwide. So, whether you’re in Italy, Spain, Germany, the US, or somewhere else, chances are you might have encountered their products.

Now, if you’re into numbers, here’s a tidbit: Around 45% of their income in the financial year 2023 came from these exports, and it was 47% in 2022. So, they’re definitely making a name for themselves on the global stage.

When it comes to their customers, they’ve got a diverse bunch. In 2023, their biggest customer accounted for about 14% of their revenue. It’s not putting all their eggs in one basket, which is always a smart move. Plus, their top 10 customers made up around 55% of the revenue, showing they’ve got a wide network of clients.

And get this, they’re kind of a big deal in the chemical world. According to Frost & Sullivan (F&S), they’re not only the biggest global producer of 4MEP by a long shot, but they’re also the only ones in India making it. They’re also the top dogs in India and globally when it comes to HEEP, NODG, and T2E production.

Their first manufacturing site in  Surat, Gujarat is 3,500 square meters with R&D facilities and a Pilot Plant. The second, much larger at 10,500 square meters, produces 6,096 metric tons of chemicals annually, focusing on quality and innovation in specialty chemicals.

Aether Industries share price target

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Recent News Around Aether Industries Ltd

  • Aether Industries Approves Grant of 4,692 Stock Options at Rs 885 Each, Says Company in Exchange Filing (18 Aug)
  • Aether Industries Initiates Rs 750 Crore QIP Offering, Establishes Base Price at Rs 936 per Share. (19 June)

Aether Industries Q2 Results: Key Points and Summary

  1. Significant Profit Increase: Aether Industries reported a remarkable 39% year-on-year increase in profit, reaching Rs 37 crore for the quarter ending in September (Q2FY24).
  2. Revenue and EBITDA Growth: Aether Industries’ revenue saw a 22% year-on-year growth in Q2FY24, largely driven by higher volumes. EBITDA also jumped significantly by 41% to Rs 61 crore.
  3. Industry Context: The specialty chemical industry has faced challenges over the past two quarters due to sluggish overseas demand and competition from China. However, Aether Industries appears to be rebounding strongly.
  4. Demand Recovery in Agrochemicals: Analysts expect a recovery in demand for agrochemical intermediates, a key segment for Aether. The company has strategically stocked up finished goods inventory and is likely to see a reduction in inventories as demand picks up.
  5. Business Focus and Customer Base: Based in Gujarat, Aether Industries specializes in advanced intermediates and specialty chemicals, focusing on complex and differentiated chemistry. Its products are used in various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, material science, and oil and gas. The company boasts a notable customer base, including Divi’s Lab, Dr. Reddy’s, and Aramco.

Q1 FY 2024 Key Points And Summary:

  1. Total Revenue: Aether Industries recorded INR 1,638 million in total revenue for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2024.
  2. EBITDA Margins: The company achieved strong EBITDA margins of 29%, reflecting efficient operational management.
  3. Profit After Tax (PAT): Aether Industries generated a Profit After Tax of INR 302 million, indicating a healthy bottom line.
  4. Debtor Cycle Improvement: Notably, the company has seen a slight improvement in its debtor cycle, and it is actively working on further reducing it to enhance financial stability.
  5. Turnaround Expectation: Aether Industries expresses confidence in its financial performance, anticipating a turnaround in the third and fourth quarters of the fiscal year. This positive outlook underscores its growth trajectory.
  6. New Product Contributions: The introduction of new products at Site 3 is expected to play a significant role in driving future revenue growth.

How to purchase Aether Industries Ltd shares?

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Aether Industries Ltd Share Price Target 2023 To 2030

Aether Industries Ltd Share Price Target 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
November 2023 ₹919.19 ₹826.54
December 2023 ₹932.83 ₹837.12

Aether Industries is up 2.94% year to date.

Aether Industries’ maximum and minimum share price target for November is ₹919.19 and ₹826.54.

The maximum and minimum share price target for 2023 is ₹1209 and ₹810.

Aether Industries Ltd Share Price Target 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹974.31 ₹854.19
February 2024 ₹996.24 ₹853.25
March 2024 ₹1,018.61 ₹872.71
April 2024 ₹1,086.03 ₹944.37
May 2024 ₹1,069.98 ₹930.42
June 2024 ₹1,108.50 ₹963.91
July 2024 ₹1,097.41 ₹954.27
August 2024 ₹1,141.31 ₹992.44
September 2024 ₹1,186.96 ₹1,032.14
October 2024 ₹1,163.69 ₹1,011.90
November 2024 ₹1,198.60 ₹1,042.26
December 2024 ₹1,228.57 ₹1,068.32

So at the beginning of 2024, Aether Industries’ stock is expected to trade in between ₹974.31 and ₹854.19.

The maximum share price Aether Industries can reach in 2024 is ₹1,228.57 in the month of December 2024, while the minimum share price is expected to be ₹853.25.

Overall, 2024 is expected to be bullish.

Aether Industries Ltd Share Price Target 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹1,253.14 ₹963.95
February 2025 ₹1,285.27 ₹988.67
March 2025 ₹1,335.39 ₹1,027.23
April 2025 ₹1,309.21 ₹1,007.08
May 2025 ₹1,271.08 ₹977.75
June 2025 ₹1,328.28 ₹1,021.75
July 2025 ₹1,302.23 ₹1,001.72
August 2025 ₹1,342.51 ₹1,032.70
September 2025 ₹1,389.49 ₹1,068.84
October 2025 ₹1,425.62 ₹1,096.63
November 2025 ₹1,461.26 ₹1,124.05
December 2025 ₹1,497.79 ₹1,152.15

Aether Industries is expected to start low at ₹963.95 in January and go as high as ₹1,497.79 in December 2025.

During April and May 2025, the Aether Industries share prices take a dip, hitting a low of ₹977.75 in May.

However, in June 2025, they are expected to bounce back and reach a high of ₹1,328.28. This upward trend could throughout the year, peaking at ₹1,497.79 in December.

Aether Industries Ltd Share Price Target 2026 To 2030

Year Maximum
Price (₹)
Price (₹)
2026 ₹1,572.68 ₹1,100.88
2027 ₹1,729.95 ₹1,210.97
2028 ₹2,421.93 ₹1,210.97
2029 ₹2,096.91 ₹1,048.46
2030 ₹2,725.98 ₹1,908.19

Over the years, the stock prices have had their share of ups and downs. In 2026, they went from a low of ₹1,100.88 to a high of ₹1,572.68. The following year, 2027, saw a rise, with prices hitting ₹1,729.95 from a starting point of ₹1,210.97.

Then, in 2029, things got a bit wobbly with prices starting at ₹1,048.46 and peaking at ₹2,096.91.

Fast forward to 2030, and we’re off to a promising start, with prices moving between ₹1,908.19 and ₹2,725.98. These roller-coaster price trends remind us that the stock market can be quite the wild ride, making it important for investors to keep a close eye on the historical patterns.

Aether Industries Ltd Financial Condition (Last 5 Years)

Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Sales +
(In Crore INR)
201 302 450 590 651
Expenses +
(In Crore INR)
154 230 338 422 465
Operating Profit
(In Crore INR)
48 72 112 168 186
OPM % 24% 24% 25% 28% 29%
Other Income + (In Crore INR) 2 2 4 7 17
Interest (In Crore INR) 11 9 11 13 5
(In Crore INR)
6 8 11 15 23
Profit before tax (In Crore INR) 33 57 94 146 174
Tax % 28% 29% 24% 26% 25%
Net Profit + 23 40 71 109 130
EPS in Rs 27.27 46.68 70.43 9.67 10.47
Dividend Payout % 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
  • Sales (Revenue): The company’s sales have exhibited steady growth over the years, increasing from ₹201 Crores in March 2019 to ₹651 Crores in March 2023. This demonstrates a consistent upward trajectory in revenue generation.
  • Expenses: While expenses have also risen, they have done so at a slower rate compared to revenue growth. This improvement in expense management is evident in the increasing Operating Profit Margin (OPM).
  • Operating Profit (OPM %): The operating profit has steadily grown from ₹48 Crores in March 2019 to ₹186 Crores in March 2023, with the OPM percentage increasing from 24% to 29%. This indicates enhanced operational efficiency and profitability.
  • Other Income: Other income, which includes earnings from non-core operations, has shown growth from ₹2 Crores in March 2019 to ₹17 Crores in March 2023, contributing positively to overall income.
  • Interest: Interest expenses have fluctuated but have seen a significant reduction from ₹11 Crores in March 2019 to ₹5 Crores in March 2023, reducing financial burdens.
  • Depreciation: Depreciation costs have steadily increased from ₹6 Crores in March 2019 to ₹23 Crores in March 2023, possibly due to higher investments in assets.
  • Profit before Tax: The company’s profit before tax has consistently increased from ₹33 Crores in March 2019 to ₹174 Crores in March 2023, indicating robust financial performance.
  • Tax %: The tax rate has shown fluctuations but has generally remained in the mid-20% range.
  • Net Profit: Net profit has grown from ₹23 Crores in March 2019 to ₹130 Crores in March 2023, showcasing sustained profitability.
  • Earnings Per Share (EPS): The EPS has followed a similar growth pattern, rising from ₹27.27 in March 2019 to ₹10.47 in March 2023. The dip in EPS in March 2022 may be attributed to specific financial events or extraordinary items.
  • Dividend Payout %: The company has not distributed any dividends during the specified years.

Our analysis for Aether Industries suggests consistent growth in revenue, profitability, and operational efficiency. The reduction in interest expenses and stable tax rates are favorable indicators. However, it’s important to consider external market conditions and industry trends when assessing the company’s financial health and future potential.

JM Financial Analyst Recommendations and Price Target

JM Financial upgraded their target price for Aether Industries to Rs 1,130 per share (previously Rs 1,110), maintaining a ‘buy’ call. The brokerage highlighted Aether’s unique chemistry-driven approach and difficult-to-replicate chemistries as key strengths.


What Is The Share Price Target For Aether Industries Ltd By 2024?

Aether Industries’ share price target for 2024 is expected to range between ₹853.25 (the minimum price in January) and ₹1,228.57 (the maximum price in December).

What Is The Share Price Target For Aether Industries Ltd By 2030?

Aether Industries’ share price target for 2030 is expected to range between ₹1,908.19 (the minimum price in February) and ₹2,725.98 (the maximum price in May).

What Is Aether Industries Ltd Stock P/E Ratio?

Aether Industries’ current P/E ratio is 82.5 (November 21, 2023). It is a little below their median P/E ratio of 93.4.

What Is The Return On Equity (ROE)?

The return on equity is 15.9 as of 21st November 2023.

Can Aether Industries Ltd‘s Share Price Reach Rs.1500?

The share price reaching ₹1500 for Aether Industries appears optimistic, given the current valuation and dividend policy, but future performance will depend on various market factors.

Should One Invest In Aether Industries Ltd?

When we’re trying to gauge what might happen to Aether Industries’ stock price down the road, it’s like weighing the pros and cons on a scale.

On the plus side, Aether Industries has been on a mission to slash its debt, and they’ve pretty much achieved that goal, becoming almost debt-free. That’s a big thumbs-up for financial stability and growth potential. Also, they’ve got a solid track record of return on equity (ROE) over the past three years, clocking in at 25.1%.

But there are some concerns too. Aether Industries is trading at a rather high valuation, about 5.68 times its book value. For investors looking for bargain deals, this might raise an eyebrow or two.

Additionally, they’ve been taking longer to collect payments from debtors, with debtor days going up from 111 to 145 days. Plus, they’re holding onto their working capital for longer, with working capital days extending from 191 to 269 days. It’s a sign they might need to be more efficient in managing their cash flow.

So, making predictions about where Aether Industries’ stock price might go in the future involves considering all these factors, along with what’s happening in the broader market and industry trends. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the bigger picture.

In my opinion, Aether Industries is a small-cap company making consistent profit. Though the valuations are on the higher side, I think the company has all the ingredients to grow rapidly in the future, which might lessen the appropriate valuation gap. I personally am holding Aether Industries which I plan to hold for a minimum of 5 years. With the future for electric looking bright in India, Aether Industries will be a huge beneficiary.

Disclaimer: This article on ”Aethere Industries share price target 2024 to 2030” is not financial advise. Please DYOR before investing.

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