Xcel Energy Bill Pay: How to Make Xcel Energy Bill Payment?

Xcel Energy Limited is a public electricity and gas supplier. This company is working since 1919. Most of the popular entities run to this company for getting electricity and gas supplies. You must have landed on this article, looking for ways to make Xcel Energy Bill payment.

You are in the right place, luckily. In this article, we have added all the information that one needs to know for making an Xcel energy bill payment. To be an instance, we have added different methods for Xcel Energy Bill Pay.

Xcel Energy Bill Payment

Let’s have a look.

How to make Xcel Energy Bill Payment?

There are three methods from which you can clear your bill. These three methods are official, and everyone can use them for making electricity or gas bill payments. 

Let’s have a look.

Pay online – 1

Before coming to the steps, let me share some important details. You can pay your bill online with two available options.

  • Bank Pay (Using my account section.)
  • Third-Party Pay (Using VISA or my account cards.)

To be an instance, there will be no charge if you choose bank pay as a payment option. Alternatively, if you choose a third-party as a payment option then you are required to pay convenience fees which are 2.95$ for the personal card, and 29.5$ for the commercial card.


  • First, one needs to visit my account section on the official website.
  • After that, one needs to login into the portal using the email id and password.

Xcel Energy Bill Payment

  • From the account section, one needs to select the board and make the payment using available payment options.
  • I prefer making payments through the bank website. It is because there are no fees for making online payments through a bank.
  • That’s it.

Pay by phone – 2

You can complete your Xcel Energy bill payment by calling the customer service executive. However, one needs to keep the below things ready before making a call and payment.

  • Your Xcel Energy account number.
  • Your savings or checkings account route number. (You will find this in your cheque slip.

After that, one can call on the official customer service number 800-895-4999 for making a payment by phone.

In-person – 3

Last, one can make bill payments in-person to the pay station. You only have to find the nearest Xcel Pay station. You can find the nearest pay station from here.

Do not forget to bring your account number and cash. You can also pay the bill using a money order. You will be charged 1.50$ for each transaction.

If you have more than one bill payment, then you can add it collectively in a single money order.

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Here we come at the end. We know that Xcel is one of the popular public energy providers. However, this article is all related to making the Xcel Energy Bill payment. Here we have added a complete process to pay your bill. We hope it helps. 

Apart from this, if there is anything? You can ask us in the comments section.

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