Why you should consider portable wash bays for your business

As we delve into the benefits of having a portable wash bay, let us first understand what a wash bay is and why it is required?

Transportation is the backbone of any economy and the fleet used to make transportation successful are put through a lot of dust and dirt depending on the industry they are used in. industries such as the mining, construction expose their fleet of trucks and bulldozers to different contaminants which need to be cleaned on a regular basis. These humongous machines, however, cannot be washed manually. It would be time-consuming, so an efficient system is used to ensure that the cleaning is thorough and efficient. This system is known as the wash bay.

What is a portable wash bay?

Wash bay is an industrial system designed to clean heavy-duty vehicles. It is a relocatable, self-contained station with the main objective being to wash the mode of travelling. Wash bay also retains the wash-water before it enters the sewage system.  

Why should you have a portable system?

Now, consider the fact that these vehicles are usually at locations that are far-flung away from civilization. If you own a business that caters to such clientele, then you know that you can’t transport the wash bay to these locations as they are fixed. It is why you need a portable wash bay that can be carried to different places as per the need.  

Why should you consider one that is portable as opposed to the one orthodox? 

  1. Typically, it takes weeks to have a wash bay installed, from contacting the designer to having the concrete poured and then waiting for it to dry so that you can continue rest of the process in setting one up. However, portable wash bays can be set-up within a couple of days at max, saving your time and labour cost.
  2. If it has to be moved it can be done in a single load and set up elsewhere within the same amount of time. Everything including the recycler can be transported to any location in one go, unlike the case with a typical wash bay.
  3. You do not have to dispose-off materials like the concrete one you are moving out of a location upon completion of the lease.
  4. The same unit can be used over and over for different projects and make the projects more efficient.
  5. The carbon footprint that a single unit leaves behind in the set-up and deconstruction of a wash bay is much lesser in the case of a portable wash bay.
  6. Can be installed anywhere and customized according to the ongoing projects it is being used for/at.
  7. The dimensions and the design can be customized according to the location and the availability of real estate.
  8. Setting-up the collection tank be easier in the case of a portable wash bay. The dimensions can be customized easily; it is easy to change the dimensions and scale them according to the equipment and vehicles.

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