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At the time of establishing a store, one must ensure that they focus on the major essentials. Some include selecting a precise theme and acquiring the first version of the brand set up. After successfully setting up a store, you can check out the preview of the store. You can augment personality to your store based on the theme and the visual brightness of it. Have you ever heard of Dollar Shave Club?

If not, you can check out the complete guide about this organization in this post. It is a popular shaving and grooming products supply organization that offers various services to all the people across the United States. Here is everything you need to know about Dollar Shave Club, its successful path and how the organization dominated the world in the field of eCommerce. Have a look!

Dollar Shave Club

About Dollar Shave Club:

Dollar Shave Club is the most popular American company situated in Venice, California. It is a popular subsidiary organization that delivers razors and various personal grooming products to all the customers through the mail. Dollar Shave Club has its headquarters in California. Michael Dubin and Mark Levine have founded this subsidiary company in the United States. It serves various locations that include Canada, US, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Unilever is the parent organization of this company. is the official website of the Dollar Shave Club. It delivers razor blades to all the customers every month and provides extra grooming products directly to the residence of the customers via home delivery.

The founders originally met a party and discussed regarding the expensive cost of razor blades. They have started operating the services in the year 2011 through their own money and investments with the name of the start-up as Science Incorporation. They have launched the website in the month of April in the same year. Venture Capitalists have backed up the Dollar Shave Club. It has announced that it will be expanding the product line to the men’s with the best products in the year 2014. Unilever acquired Dollar Shave Club in the year 2016 for a total of $1 billion in cash. Dollar Shave Club provides three membership plans for all the customers. One can upgrade or downgrade the plans any time based on their choice. They have launched the first service through YouTube video in the year 2012.

Dollar Shave Club provides a total of 3 different plans for all the customers. The plans include ‘The Humble Twin’, ‘The 4X’ and ‘The Executive’. The first plan includes two blades per razor, five razors per each month. The second plan includes 4 blades, 4 razors, and the third plan include 6 blades and 4 razors for a specific price range. Each and every subscription comes with a supported handle. Dollar Shave Club doesn’t manufacture the razor blades and handles. However, they are re-sold Dorco products. The organization sells the accessories that include wet wipes, shave butter and moisturizer. In the year 2012, the company released its program in the countries Australia and Canada.

What can we learn from Dubin’s billion-dollar shave club?

Here are some of the essential things that are necessary for every business person to understand and learn from Dubin’s Billion Dollar Shave Club.

  1. Content is the Leader: It is truly necessary to brand success. In the case of the Dollar Shave Club, the content has brought several changes to the sales in the business.
  2. The business reaches the Customers via eCommerce: If you begin selling the products online it will definitely diminish the necessity for Reliance on the intermediary parties. It also provides permission for all the businesses of all sizes to associate with customers in a direct manner.
  3. Select the Precise Suppliers: Dollar Shave Club sells the products at a cheap price range from the vendors in South Korea and China. It lets the vendors sell the products at reasonable changes to the consumers. In addition, they increase the gross margin in a healthy manner.
  4. Subscription Services Serve Similar to Customers & Owners: With the help of the subscription services, both the customers as well as the business owners will get benefits. They provide several services to the customers in order to provide comfort to the consumers. They help us in making the demands stable.
  5. Efficient Sales Tool: Through the subscription service, the Dollar Shave Club makes use of the inventory kitting so as to wrap up the products and support their position.

How Does Dollar Shave Club dominate the cutthroat world of eCommerce:

Dollar Shave Club has started dominating the world in the field of eCommerce through their well-designed website, its functionalities and more. The major element is that the Dollar Shave Club has caught the pulse of the target audience. This website speaks to the customers in a cool voice. When speaking about the men’s grooming products, it shows something that actually didn’t exist before. The company has expanded all its services and products to different parts of the country in a less span of time with much ease. It has included some other hair care products that include Boogies. Some of them include hair gel, hair cream, hair paste, hair clay, and fiber.

In recent times, the company launched its products in the United Kingdom. As time is passing, the company is spreading all its services to different countries across the world. The company executives understood the trick and started emphasizing on the value proportion. They focused a lot on the landing pages to the videos and grabbed the attention of the customers. It utilized the media in the form of Television for implementing their marketing strategies. By generating unique video content, it has promoted its products through popular social media websites.

The three major factors behind the success of the company are that they ship the products for free of cost. They provide utmost satisfaction to the customers after purchasing the products at Dollar Shave Club. There is a possibility to cancel the ordered products anytime. Moreover, it offers exclusive discounts and deals on all the products offered at Dollar Shave Club website. In order to unlock the huge savings, you can add two or more products to your kit. The fundamental success behind the Dollar Shave Club is that it provides original content instead of using duplicate content.

Smart eCommerce backed by brand personality:

Dubin offers a chance to handle the razor by creating a subscription-based grooming brand with its personality through which men could get their identity. After beginning the startup company, they have received more than 12000 orders in about two days. The enhancing brand personality is a major factor in the success of Dollar Shave Club. Dubin and Levine have launched the direct-to-consumer business model. Through the model, it gave them the freedom to deliver razor blades at the lowest price range.

For delivering the razor blades, it charges 1 dollar per month and 2-dollar shipping and handling charges. This brand offers customers with the comfort of new razors reaching at the doorstep every month. Dollar Shave Club Razor and Blades company eliminates the hurdles to all the subscription trials through the low-cost model of the business. It offers the cancellation policy anytime without incurring any extra charges. The fundamental retail summons for companies such as Procter & Gamble is supportive to all the customers in order to alter the razor blades on a frequent basis.

By providing an automatic monthly supply of 4 Dollar Shave Club blades, people are forced to alter the blades on a weekly basis. Moreover, it enhances the quality of the blades. For Dollar Shave Club, eCommerce is an immense competitive benefit in a market that is available in the physical stores in a primary manner. The supply model of the Dollar Shave Club is truly cost-effective. The company offers several blades and other grooming products from South Korea and China. It handles the inventory through a single distribution center.

FAQs on Dollar Shave Club Products, Services:

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about Dollar Shave Club products and the services:

  1. Are they any canceling fees or initiation fees?

No, there is no such fee levied on the customers.

  1. What is Handsome Discount?

The company aims to make everyone look better through its products. It sells the products at lower prices.

  1. Why can’t I purchase these products at the store?

By purchasing the products online, you can get fresh blades that are necessary for shaving.

  1. Will I get the best stuff every time in the box?

Yes, the box will come in the same size with similar stuff all the time.


That’s all! With the wide range of products available on Dollar Shave Club, you can get ready faster and look handsome. This is everything you need to know about Dollar Shave Club eCommerce company. We have even included the branding offered by this organization for all the customers across different parts of the country United States. We presume that this guide has given enough information about Dollar Shave Club products. For more doubts and queries, just ask us through the comments section provided below.

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