Paytm (One97) Share Price Target 2023-2030: Should you buy it?

One97 Communications Limited is a mobile Internet firm based in India. Paytm, a digital products and mobile commerce platform, is operated by this company. Payment, Commerce, Cloud, and Other are among the business categories of the company.

Paytm continued to witness strong revenue momentum across businesses, The net loss of Paytm Q4 results was Rs 168.04 crores . Paytm’s operational revenue increased by 13.2% from 2,062.2 crore and by 51.5% from 1,540.9 crore in Q4FY22 to reach 2,334.5 crore in Q4FY23. The contribution profit was Rs 1,048 Cr in the quarter, with margins consistently improving from 31% in Q3 FY 2022 to 51% in Q3 FY 2023 on account of improved profitability of the payments business and growth of high-margin businesses such as loan distribution. It also achieved a EBITDA before ESOP growth by Rs 602 crore Year on Year.The company’s revenue increase for the entire fiscal year FY23 was 61% YoY to Rs. 7,990 crore, driven by the monetization of payments and the expansion of our loan distribution business.Due to increased payments profitability and expansion in the high margin loan distribution industry, the company’s contribution margin increased from 30% in FY 2022 to 49% in FY 2023.From 2,396.4 crore in FY22 to 1,776.5 crore in FY23, net loss decreased.Net payments margin grew to Rs 459 Cr (up 120% YoY and 4% QoQ) on the back of improved profitability in the payments business. Do you think you should invest in Paytm or not?

Read on to learn more about the Paytm Share Price Target from 2023 to 2030.


  • With the addition of 4G connection, a fresh look, and additional languages, Paytm Soundbox is improved.
  • Paytm appoints new statutory auditor.
  • Goldman Sachs said Paytm’s current share prices make it India’s leading and fastest-growing financial platform.\
  • Yes Securities updated Paytm price target to Rs.700.


The following platforms can be used to buy Paytm shares:

  • Zerodha
  • Upstox
  • Groww
  • AngelOne
  • ICICIDirect


The cumulative gain in Paytm share price target throughout this period demonstrates stability, ensuring a solid return for its investors. Paytm stock market focus for the current fiscal quarter is to attain Rs. 525.

Furthermore, Paytm’s share price target 2030 indicates that they are anticipated to reach Rs. 2,886.83 by that time.

One97 Price (Paytm) Target 2023

One97 Price Target 2023 Maximum Price Minimum Price
May 2023 ₹672.53 ₹373.49
June 2023 ₹700.64 ₹328.19
July 2023 ₹511.97 ₹393.82
August 2023 ₹563.17 ₹433.20
September 2023 ₹591.32 ₹454.86
October 2023 ₹563.17 ₹433.20
November 2023 ₹629.48 ₹476.52
December 2023 ₹705.82 ₹533.71

Paytm share price target for 2023 shows the estimated maximum price and minimum price of the One97 Price (Paytm) for each month in 2023.

The predictions for Paytm appear to be bearish, with the maximum price declining from March to June, before seeing some growth in the latter half of the year

The highest maximum price of ₹705.82 is predicted for December 2023, while the lowest minimum price of ₹428.19 is predicted for April 2023. These predictions are just estimates and actual prices may vary.

PAYTM Share Price Target 2024 is 971.38INR

One97 Price Target 2024 Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹730.34 ₹561.80
February 2024 ₹820.60 ₹683.84
March 2024 ₹863.79 ₹702.27
April 2024 ₹785.27 ₹604.05
May 2024 ₹654.39 ₹503.38
June 2024 ₹785.27 ₹604.05
July 2024 ₹667.48 ₹517.42
August 2024 ₹734.22 ₹582.72
September 2024 ₹770.93 ₹593.03
October 2024 ₹906.98 ₹697.68
November 2024 ₹952.33 ₹732.56
December 2024 ₹971.38 ₹747.21

Paytm stock price forecasts for 2024 show a positive return for investors throughout the year. The year begins with a high value of Rs. 730.34 and the lowest value of Rs. 561.80. There will be a sustained increase, and the Paytm share price target will reach a maximum of Rs. 971.38 in December.

PAYTM Share Price Target 2025: 1178.30INR

PAYTM Share Price Target 2025 Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹990.81 ₹762.16
February 2025 ₹1,042.95 ₹802.27
March 2025 ₹1,095.10 ₹842.39
April 2025 ₹977.77 ₹752.13
May 2025 ₹888.88 ₹683.75
June 2025 ₹977.77 ₹752.13
July 2025 ₹931.21 ₹716.31
August 2025 ₹970.01 ₹746.16
September 2025 ₹1,018.51 ₹783.47
October 2025 ₹1,079.62 ₹830.48
November 2025 ₹1,155.19 ₹888.61
December 2025 ₹1,178.30 ₹906.38

Paytm share price target 2025 is certainly fairly optimistic. The year begins with a high price of Rs. 990.81 and a minimum price of Rs. 762.16. The stock price rises steadily during the year. By December, the price is expected to reach Rs. 1178.30.

Furthermore, our expert believes that if owners stick to these stocks for a little longer, it would be advantageous, since the Paytm Share price target 2030 is Rs. 906.38. 

PAYTM Share Price Target 2023-2030

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2023 ₹693.82 ₹273.49
2024 ₹971.38 ₹561.80
2025 ₹1,178.30 ₹752.13
2026 ₹824.81 ₹577.37
2027 ₹701.09 ₹490.76
2028 ₹1,261.96 ₹883.37
2029 ₹2,592.25 ₹1,814.58
2030 ₹2,886.83 ₹2,020.78


What is the current price of a share of Paytm?

As of 10th May 2023, the current Paytm share price is 726.5INR.

What was the highest price that a share of Paytm reached in the last 52 weeks?

Over the course of the past year and a half, the price of a share of PayTM has ranged from Rs 844.00 to Rs 438.

What are some fast ways I can evaluate Paytm stock market target?

There are a variety of measures that may be used to do a quick analysis of Paytm’s market share. The PE of the stock is -24.93, and the price-to-book ratio of Paytm shares is 7.01.  

What is Paytm’s current market capitalization?

A publicly listed company’s outstanding shares are given a market value that is referred to as market capitalization, or market cap, for short. Paytm, One97 Communications Ltd, has a market valuation of 44855 Cr as of right now.

What is PayTM share price target 2025?

PayTM share price target of 2025 is expected to trade in between ₹752.13 to ₹1,178.30.

What is PayTM share price target 2030?

PayTM share price target of 2030 is expected to trade in between ₹2,020.78 to ₹2,886.83.

Paytm Share Expert Advice

Paytm Share Target by Goldman Sachs

Paytm stock value target is set at Rs 1,070, set by Goldman Sachs, representing a 100%+ increase from current levels.

According to Goldman Sachs, Paytm’s January-March quarter results demonstrated another quarter of robust and improving monetization of the payments vertical.

Paytm share price prediction is expected to expand by 90% year on year in the April-June quarter, with a 38% FY22-25E revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR). CLSA commenced coverage on Paytm last week with a ‘SELL’ rating.

Paytm has a high-cost structure and insufficient revenue potential in its core payments business to justify that cost, according to CLSA.

While Paytm was well-positioned to capitalize on digital payments trends, even assuming a 19% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) till FY40, core PAT margins will rise just modestly. CLSA has set a price objective of Rs 500 for the stock.

Paytm Share Target by ICICI Securities

ICICI Securities have given a bullish call of Rs. 1285. According to the firm, investors can start to invest in Paytm from now on. Before revising the price target, ICICI Securities said, PayTM could reach Rs.1352 in the long term.

Paytm Share Target by CITI

CITI recently upgraded its share price target for Paytm after analyzing the Q4 results of the company, from Rs 1103 to Rs 1144, keeping the rating at buy.

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Paytm Shares: Is it a Good Investment in India?

Paytm’s persistent strong topline growth and solid opex control give us additional confidence in the company’s potential to be profitable in FY24, which we see as one of the stock’s main catalysts. Paytm’s share price has rebounded from its 52-week low. The stock recovered well, and it appears that Paytm share market targets are rather optimistic. The stock looks like it is close to bottoming out, and long term it should give great return.

Their quick lending sector expansion resulted in an enhanced profitability profile. Overall, it appears to be a smart investment for the time being.

However, I have not taken any position in Paytm. The only reason I have not taken it is profitability of the company. The company is yet to post profitable result since its inception. The company would need to be burning more money every quarter, and this is why I think PayTM is not in my bucket list as of now.

Even if I buy some PayTM shares in the future, it will be not represent more than 0.5% of my entire portfolio. This would be buy and forget approach with this stock. The minimum timeline would be 10 years.

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