Make Payments Easier with Online Payment Links: A Comprehensive Guide

It is a popular saying in the business industry that “Customer service should not merely be a department; it should be the entire company”.  

As an online merchant, you are constantly working in a cut-throat environment, wherein every business is bettering itself every passing minute. In 1991, what started as the concept of “Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization” has taken many great leaps in recent years. In fact, after the pandemic hit the world, payment methods were also shifted to online mode. This is because it eliminated the hassle of withdrawing cash or coming in close contact with anyone.

Today, it has become a necessity for all kinds of businesses, be it product-centered or service-centered, online or offline, big or small, to provide an option to their customers to make online payments. Therefore, it’s high time to give attention to improving your customer experience with the help of a seamless payment experience.  

In our opinion, one of the best online payment methods is creating online payment links. This is because online payment links help you accept payments even if your business does not have a website or mobile application.  

In this blog, we will learn how online payment links make it easier to accept payments from your customers. But before jumping into learning the benefits, let’s start with understanding what payment links are.   

What is an Online Payment Link?

As the name suggests, an online payment link is a link through which you can seamlessly collect online payments. That is to say, your customer would click on this link and get access of a checkout page wherein they can proceed with their payment. 

This shareable URL would have a pre-set amount that your customer can pay with a payment option of their choice, such as credit/debit cards, e-wallet, net banking, etc. These links can be sent via WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc., and can be used across various apps, social media platforms, messaging tools, etc.  

Moreover, an online payment link can be used for both single transactions like customer invoices and multiple transactions such as buy now buttons.    

Benefits of an Online Payment Link

  • Easy to Use 

You can easily create an online payment link with negligible technical work. These links can further work as perfect substitutes for cash on delivery and point-of-sale methods, reducing the load of handling cash or dealing with a POS system. Consequently, they can save your business a lot of valuable man-hours.  

  • Security 

Online payment links are created through a secured payment gateway. That is to say, all top-notch payment gateway providers make sure that their payment solution adheres to the government guidelines concerning data security for your customers.  

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  • Cost Effective 

If you are collecting money with the help of an online payment link, you would not require any third-party applications or a POS device. This not only saves you time but also saves you the installation, maintenance, and training costs.  

  • Customized Messages 

Since payment links can easily be shared on almost all social media and messaging platforms, merchants can also attach a customized message to connect with their customers while also promoting their products or services.  

  • No Additional Application 

Your customers would not require installing an additional application to their smartphones in order to make payments. This is again because these payment URLs are shareable through all kinds of messaging platforms.  

  • Multiple Payment Options 

The good quality payment link service providers usually offer various payment modes. Consequently, your customers get the flexibility to choose the payment mode they are most comfortable with.  

  • Collect Payments Anytime, Anywhere

The best part about opting for online payment links is that your customer can make payment at any time with just a few clicks. So, whether they are sitting in the comfort of their homes, office, or even on vacation, they just have to take out a few seconds to make the payment.  

Collect Instant Payments with Razorpay Payment Links

Now that you are aware of all the benefits provided by online payment links, you must be wondering which payment gateway would be the best for your business. Well, Razorpay payment links easily integrate into your payment ecosystem, providing an amazing experience for your business. No matter how specific your requirements are, Razorpay can help. 

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