IEX Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025 to 2030: Can IEX Stock price Reach Rs. 500?

Welcome to the world of Indian Energy Exchange (IEX), India’s premier energy marketplace and a pioneer in the power trading industry. With a state-of-the-art, intuitive and customer-centric technology, IEX provides a nationwide automated trading platform for the physical delivery of electricity, renewables, and certificates. Over the years, IEX has evolved and expanded its operations, now venturing into cross-border electricity trade to create an integrated South Asian Power Market.

Regulated and approved by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, IEX boasts a robust ecosystem with over 7,300 participants across 29 States and 5 Union Territories, including distribution utilities, conventional and renewable energy generators, obligated entities, and a diverse base of commercial and industrial consumers from various sectors.

Since its inception in 2008, IEX has grown exponentially and has become a publicly listed company on the NSE and BSE since October 2017. The Exchange holds ISO certifications for quality management, information security management, and environmental management, reflecting its commitment to excellence in its operations.

As we move forward, let’s explore the promising growth and potential of IEX, including its share price predictions and its significant contributions to India’s energy landscape and the broader South Asian region.


  • Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) posted a 9.6 percent YoY rise in its consolidated net profit to Rs 75.8 crore for Q1 FY2024, up from Rs 69.12 crore in the year-ago period.
  • The company’s revenue from operations rose 5.7 percent YoY to Rs 104 crore, but shares fell over 4 percent post announcement, continuing its downtrend over the past year.
  • The company’s Ebitda rose marginally to Rs 82 crore, and operating margin came in at 78.6 percent, slightly lower than 82.1 percent in the year-ago period.
  • The possibility of market coupling initiated by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, making prices uniform across exchanges, could be responsible for the recent steep fall in IEX shares.
  • Mutual funds, FII/FPI, and institutional investors have reduced their holdings in IEX in the June 2023 quarter, potentially contributing to the bearish sentiment on the stock.
  • IEX sells 4.93% of its ownership interest in the gas exchange platform to Indian Oil.

Stats related to IEX

📉 Mutual Fund stakes in IEX fell from 16.59% to 15.68% in Q2 2023.

🔢 Mutual Fund schemes active in IEX saw a decrease from 22 to 20 during the same period.

🌐 Foreign Institutional Investors (FII)/Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) reduced their stakes from 17.88% to 17.28% in Q2 2023.

🏦 The count of FII/FPI investors participating in IEX dropped from 243 to 219 in the same quarter.

🏢 Institutional Investors sliced their holdings from 39.42% to 38.40% in Q2 2023.


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IEX Share Price Predictions 2023-2030

After a thorough analysis, we have forecasted IEX share price between 2023 and 2030.

IEX Share Price Target 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
September 2023 ₹145.97 ₹123.61
October 2023 ₹143.30 ₹121.18
November 2023 ₹139.90 ₹124.46
December 2023 ₹146.01 ₹128.19

As of 24th September 2023, the current share price of IEX stands at ₹131.

In September, the IEX stock price is expected to show further growth, reaching ₹145.97 at its peak and ₹123.61 at its lowest. October is expected to see a slight dip with a maximum of ₹143.30 and a minimum of ₹121.18.

However, in November, the stock price is expected to hit ₹139.90 at the highest and ₹124.46 at the lowest. By December 2023, it is predicted that the share price may surge to ₹146.01 at the maximum and ₹128.19 at the minimum.

These predictions indicate a potential upward trend for the stock in the latter part of the year, with investors keeping a close eye on UBS’s projected 58% upside in the stock.

IEX Share Price Forecast 2024 

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹148.43 ₹129.07
February 2024 ₹153.02 ₹133.06
March 2024 ₹154.57 ₹134.41
April 2024 ₹140.51 ₹122.19
May 2024 ₹131.94 ₹114.73
June 2024 ₹158.33 ₹137.67
July 2024 ₹150.41 ₹130.79
August 2024 ₹165.45 ₹143.87
September 2024 ₹173.72 ₹151.06
October 2024 ₹167.04 ₹145.25
November 2024 ₹175.39 ₹152.52
December 2024 ₹178.90 ₹155.57

The share price of IEX is anticipated to experience fluctuations in the coming months based on predicted maximum and minimum prices. January 2024 could see the stock reach a maximum of ₹148.43 and a minimum of ₹129.07, while February might bring a potential increase with a maximum of ₹153.02 and a minimum of ₹133.06. March seems to continue this trend, with projections ranging between ₹154.57 (maximum) and ₹134.41 (minimum). However, April may witness turbulence, projecting a maximum price of ₹140.51 and a minimum of ₹122.19. Stability is expected in May, with a range of ₹131.94 (maximum) to ₹114.73 (minimum). The stock may experience significant growth in June, with the maximum price predicted at ₹158.33 and the minimum at ₹137.67.

The trend continues throughout the year, providing potential opportunities for investors to monitor and capitalize on potential gains.

IEX Share Price Target 2025 

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹182.48 ₹140.37
February 2025 ₹192.08 ₹147.76
March 2025 ₹201.69 ₹155.14
April 2025 ₹180.08 ₹138.52
May 2025 ₹163.71 ₹125.93
June 2025 ₹180.08 ₹138.52
July 2025 ₹171.50 ₹131.93
August 2025 ₹178.65 ₹137.42
September 2025 ₹187.58 ₹144.29
October 2025 ₹198.84 ₹152.95
November 2025 ₹212.76 ₹163.66
December 2025 ₹217.01 ₹166.93

In 2025, the share price of IEX is expected to showcase a dynamic and fluctuating trend, offering potential opportunities for investors. The year begins with a wide range in January, with the stock projected to reach a maximum of ₹182.48 and a minimum of ₹140.37. As the months progress, an upward trajectory is evident, with February reaching a maximum of ₹192.08 and a minimum of ₹147.76, and March projecting a maximum of ₹201.69 and a minimum of ₹155.14.

April might witness a temporary decline, with the stock’s price ranging from ₹180.08 (maximum) to ₹138.52 (minimum), while May showcases signs of recovery with a projected range of ₹163.71 (maximum) to ₹125.93 (minimum). June’s predicted range mirrors that of April, reaching a maximum of ₹180.08 and a minimum of ₹138.52.

Throughout the year, the stock is anticipated to experience gradual growth, offering potential opportunities for investors. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and conduct thorough market analysis, as share prices are subject to market volatility and external factors. Monitoring market conditions closely can help investors make well-informed decisions and potentially capitalize on favorable share price movements of IEX in 2025.


Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 ₹227.86 ₹159.50
2027 ₹250.65 ₹175.45
2028 ₹350.91 ₹175.45
2029 ₹303.81 ₹151.91
2030 ₹394.96 ₹276.47

In the coming years, the share price of IEX is projected to experience significant fluctuations. In 2026, the stock is anticipated to have a maximum price of ₹227.86 and a minimum of ₹159.50. Moving into 2027, the trend shows an upward trajectory with a projected maximum of ₹250.65 and a minimum of ₹175.45. The year 2028 might see substantial growth, with the stock projected to reach a maximum of ₹350.91 and maintaining the same minimum as the previous year at ₹175.45.

However, 2029 may see a dip in prices, with a maximum of ₹303.81 and a minimum of ₹151.91. By 2030, the stock is expected to experience a surge, with a projected maximum of ₹394.96 and a minimum of ₹276.47.

These forecasts indicate potential opportunities for investors, but it is essential to remember that the stock market can be influenced by various factors. Prudent analysis, staying abreast of market conditions, and risk management are crucial when making investment decisions based on the projected share prices of IEX in the coming years.


Narration Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Sales 254 Cr 257 Cr 317 Cr 426 Cr 401 Cr
Expenses 51 Cr 53 Cr 58 Cr 60 Cr 64 Cr
Operating Profit 203 Cr 204 Cr 259 Cr 366 Cr 336 Cr
OPM % 80% 80% 82% 86% 84%
Other Income 40 Cr 40 Cr 40 Cr 52 Cr 73 Cr
Net Profit 165 Cr 178 Cr 213 Cr 303 Cr 293 Cr
EPS in Rs 1.81 1.98 2.38 3.37 3.28
Dividend Payout % 0% 42% 56% 59% 30%

The financial data provided represents the performance of the company over the past five years from March 2019 to March 2023. The company has shown consistent growth in its sales, increasing from 254 Crores in March 2019 to 401 Crores in March 2023. This demonstrates the company’s ability to expand its market presence and generate higher revenue over time. Moreover, the operating profit has also witnessed a steady rise, reaching 336 Crores in March 2023 from 203 Crores in March 2019. The Operating Profit Margin (OPM %) has remained relatively stable, indicating efficient cost management and sustainable profitability.

Furthermore, the company has managed to enhance its profitability by leveraging other income sources, which have increased from 40 Crores to 73 Crores during the same period. The net profit has seen substantial growth, from 165 Crores to 293 Crores, indicating the company’s ability to convert revenue into actual earnings for shareholders.

Additionally, the growth in earnings per share (EPS) from 1.81 to 3.28 signifies that the company has been able to create value for its shareholders by distributing higher earnings per outstanding share. Moreover, the company has shown a consistent dividend payout, which is a positive sign for investors as it reflects the management’s commitment to returning value to shareholders.

Overall, the financial data reveals a positive and steady growth trend for the company over the years, reflecting its strong financial performance, efficient operations, and prudent financial management. These factors indicate a promising outlook for the company’s future and inspire confidence among investors in its potential for sustained growth and profitability.


What is IEX Share Price Target 2025 and 2030?

IEX works in a rapidly growing market and has achieved substantial top-line growth over the previous five years. The stock is likely to provide significant returns due to its solid fundamentals and excellent margins. In addition, the IEX share price target 2025 is ₹217.01 and the IEX share price target 2030 is ₹394.96

Is IEX going to give bonus shares?

The board of directors of the Indian Energy Exchange issued IEX bonus shares with a ratio of 2:1, which means that share holders got two bonus shares for each share that they already own. But this was in 2021 December. There has been no new bonus share allotment this year.

Can IEX reach 500INR?

It’s quite difficult to reach ₹500 anytime sooner

What is the current share price of IEX?

As of 28th July 2023, the share price of IEX is ₹122.5

IEX share price target by Experts

IEX share price target by Ajit Mishra

According to Ajit Mishra, on the Stock Radar, there is a recommendation to purchase IEX with a potential target of Rs 178 within a period of 1-2 months.

IEX share price target by Antique

Antique predicts a share price target of Rs 105 for IEX, indicating a potential decrease of 10% beyond that level.

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Why is IEX falling in July 2023?

IEX in my opinion is a great company to have in one’s portfolio. However, the IEX stock price is continuously on a downtrend. There does not seem to be fundamentally any problem with the stock. There could be 4 reasons why IEX is still falling.

Firstly, IEX went up by by more than 400%  in 2021. P/E ratio went up from 36.9 to more than 90 within 14 months, making the stock highly overvalued. The stock was due correction, and entire 2022, and till July 2023, IEX has been on a downtrend.

IEX PE ratio

IEX PE ratio

Secondly, from the IEX Q1 FY2024 earnings report, we can see despite the YoY rise in profits and revenue, the stock fell by more than 4%. Investors appear to be concerned about the slight dip in operating margins.

Third and one important reason could be the potential introduction of market coupling by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, aimed at making prices uniform across exchanges. This could be unsettling investors as it may increase competition and impact profit margins.

Lastly, a decrease in holdings by mutual funds, FII/FPI, and institutional investors indicates a bearish sentiment towards the stock, which could be influencing other investors to sell their holdings.

Should you be worried? For short term, there may be pain. However, I am not personally worried as I am a long term investor in IEX. The earnings are growing, and it holds a major marker share. I am sure it is just a matter of time IEX will rebound.

Is IEX Share a Good Buy Today in September and October 2023?

As of 24th September 2023, the decision to buy IEX shares depends on various factors, including an individual’s investment strategy, risk tolerance, and market outlook. Analyzing the financial data provided for the past years, IEX has demonstrated consistent growth in its sales and operating profits, with a steady increase in net profit and earnings per share.

This indicates a positive trajectory for the company, showcasing its ability to generate higher revenue and profitability over time. Furthermore, the company’s efficient cost management, stable Operating Profit Margin (OPM %), and consistent dividend payout percentage reflect sound financial management and a commitment to shareholder value.

However, investors should also consider recent market events, such as the recent 9.49% decline in share price over last 6 months, before making a decision. Conducting thorough research and seeking professional financial advice can help investors make informed choices, considering both the company’s growth potential and current market conditions..

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