How to Increase Venture Capital Deal Flow: 5 Strategies

Venture capital deal flow is an important part of the investment process. It helps investors identify and analyze investments that have the potential to generate returns. It also provides investors with insights into the market, enabling them to make informed decisions.

By understanding venture capital deal flow, investors can assess the risk associated with a particular investment as well as identify opportunities for growth and expansion.

According to the Harvard Business Review, for every deal a venture capital firm closes, it evaluates an average of 101 options, resulting in a closing rate of less than 1%. For venture capital firms to be successful, they must have an effective and well-orchestrated deal flow process that allows them to source and evaluate hundreds of deals every year.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the same track record. Experienced venture capitalists who have a long history of success are at an advantage over small emerging funds managed by managers with less experience.

In this article, we share some effective strategies for less experienced investors to improve their network and increase deal flow.

Increase Venture Capital Deal Flow

Invest in Deal Flow Management Tools

Having and using the right resources and tools can make the difference between success and failure. To increase venture capital deal flows, you’ll need a reliable deal flow management solution, such as Edda, to help you amplify your reach and improve your workflow. 

Software of this type comes with features that include managing deal flow, supporting portfolio companies, and monitoring performance in real time. The software also shows the impact and value of the investments in real time. It’s a design-led system combining deal flow, portfolio, LPs, and business community management into one product.

Some of its main benefits include:

  • Organization and centralization. These software tools allow you to organize and store all information related to a deal in a single location. It’s easier to manage and access data, reducing the chance of data loss and ensuring that everyone has the same information.  
  • Efficiency. Tools for managing deal flow can automate many tasks related to sourcing, evaluation, and execution. This will save time, reduce mistakes, and allow the team to concentrate on more valuable activities.
  • Transparency. This software allows for visibility into the deal pipeline. It makes it easy to track each deal’s status and identify bottlenecks and delays.
  • Due diligence. These tools are useful for due diligence by providing a framework that allows you to evaluate deals and store all pertinent information.

Get Referrals From Investors in Your Network

Prioritizing referrals is always a great idea, especially when it comes to riskier investments like pre-seed, seed, and early-stage investments. A stamp of approval from a trusted network member increases the chances that an investment is worth your time.

Increasing deal flow is dependent on sourcing new deals through your network. The value of these referrals depends on the relationship between you and your contacts. A peer you have a stronger connection with is more likely to be able to understand your investment strategy, your investment thesis, and your main objectives.

As a result, their recommendations will be tailored to you and your team. These qualitative insights are crucial for early-stage investments when data is scarce or simply not available.

Create Your Inbound Marketing Engine

Working on your online presence is essential to your networking efforts. It’s not possible to increase venture capital deal flow and expand your network overnight by growing a following on the internet, but over time it can pay off.

Create a loyal following online to compete with established venture capital firms. You’ll see entrepreneurs reaching out to you for mentorship and advice if you build a large enough community. You can also increase your influence by being invited to events, podcasts, and interviews.

Stand Out by Getting Personal

Whether your VC firm is communicating with deals that are sourced directly or indirectly, it’s crucial to find ways to distinguish it from your competitors. One way to achieve this is by using data to personalize communications with your top targets. 

Personalization is a great way to show that you’re paying attention. You can do this by either emailing a founder to let them know you regret not seeing them at the latest conference or by simply congratulating them on their new executive hire over lunch.

Boost Your Online Engagement

To increase your venture capital deal flow, consider publishing blog posts or LinkedIn articles to showcase your expertise.

Sharing your content with others isn’t the only way to boost engagement. To captivate readers and draw them into your deal flow process, you can also subscribe to newsletters and follow other investors to build authority and presence in your important circles. 

By staying active online and sharing your insights about your investment process with others, you can grow your network over time.

Final Thoughts

Venture capital deal flow is the way in which a company evaluates potential startups and how quickly it approves or rejects investing in them. With these strategies, you can achieve a quality deal flow that will ensure more investment opportunities, more structured data, better-informed decisions, and more potential gains.


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