How to check HDFC Debit Card EMI Eligibility

HDFC is the largest commercial bank of India and serves millions of people across the country. With such a high tag comes responsibility as well, to serve its customers well and provide them with utmost facilities. HDFC provides such customer friendly facilities to attract more and more customers.

In this article we will discuss one such facility i.e. HDFC debit card EMI facility and its eligibility.

What is HDFC debit card EMI feature?

Now, many of the readers must be wondering, what is this facility to be exact? HDFC debit card EMI facility allows its customers to purchase products at EMI through their HDFC debit card itself. It is also known as EasyEMI. Here are the following steps to avail this facility:

  • If you are shopping online, add the item of your choice to the cart and select the EMI option.
  • In case you are shopping from an offline retail store, ask the person at the billing counter that you choose to avail the EMI option.
  • One you have chosen the option, you now have to choose a time period between 3 months to 1 year by when you are comfortable to repay the loan.
  • After choosing that you now have to give other necessary details of your HDFC debit card such as CVV, expiry date, etc.
  • Now the transaction needs to be authenticated with an OTP sent on the registered mobile number.

That’s how you can avail the HDFC debit card EMI option for buying products of your choice.

HDFC Bank Features and Benefits

Other than the fact that it provides ease in purchasing our favourite products at our convenient time period, there are several benefits of this facility as well. Here are several other benefits of this facility:

  • Money is not blocked in the account.
  • You can complete your purchase by just paying Rs. 1 and the rest can be paid later with EasyEMI.
  • A processing fee or convenience fee of maximum Rs. 299 + GST or less is charged on every purchase.
  • Flexibility in time of repayment- the customer can choose a time period from 3 months to one year for repayment of the whole price at their convenience.
  • There is no waiting period for such loans, they are approved instantly.
  • No documentation is required for these. The customer only needs their Debit card in hand to avail the EasyEMI facility.
  • No down payment is necessary for purchase. The complete price of the commodity is financed by the bank in EMI.

These were some of the most important benefits and features of the EasyEMI facility.

How to check for EMI on your HDFC Debit Card?

There is a certain eligibility criteria to avail the HDFC EasyEMI facility.

To check the same for your HDFC debit card, here are the 4 ways to do so.

  • Whatsapp service
  • EVA chatbot service
  • SMS service
  • Missed call service

Let’s take a deeper look on how each of these methods work.

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Ways to check eligibility of HDFC EasyEMI

Here is the elaborative approach for the 4 methods that can be used to check the eligibility to avail the HDFC EasyEMI facility:

Eligibility check through Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a very handy app in today’s time. Usually when a person buys a new mobile phone, whatsapp happens to be one the first app that gets downloaded on that mobile phone. But every passing time technology is advancing itself, and today whatsapp is not just a mere mode of communication but it is used for several other purposes and includes various banking services as well. To check your HDFC EasyEMI facility eligibility through whatsapp, here is what you need to do:

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  • Send DC EMI offer to 7070022222 on whatsapp through your registered mobile number.

That’s how you can know your eligibility status for HDFC EasyEMI.

Eligibility check through EVA chatbot

In the current times of technology automated chatbots serving as customer care service is not a new thing. Just like that HDFC has its chatbot called EVA that serves the same purpose as well. Customers can go to the official website of HDFC bank and well on the chatbot icon on the right bottom corner. You can check the eligibility criteria for your access to HDFC EasyEMI facility with a fair interaction be it a bot. Here are the steps your need to follow to verify your eligibility:

  • Send DCEMI to the EVA chatbot and wait for it to respond in a few seconds.
  • Select the check the eligibility option from the 2 mentioned options.
  • Enter your registered mobile number.

The bot will communicate your status of eligibility to you.

Eligibility check through SMS service

SMS is undoubtedly the most widely known and used form to access banking services from home. But before everything you have to get SMS service enabled on your registered mobile number from the home branch. Once you are done with that, here are the steps you need to follow to check your eligibility for HDFC EasyEMI service:

  • Send an SMS “MYHDFC” to 5676712.
  • Follow the further told instructions, to check the eligibility.

Eligibility check through missed call service

Another simple yet one of the most efficient ways of availing any banking service is by giving a missed call through your registered mobile number. The service works on an automated call for which you just need to give a call and you will receive an SMS in return that would get the required service. Here are the steps you need to follow to check the eligibility status for HDFC debit card EMI facility:

  • Give a missed call at 9643222222 from your registered mobile number.

These were the ways to check the eligibility to access the HDFC debit card EMI facility, the benefits of the same are also given above. In case any HDFC customer wishes to make a purchase in EMI form may use any of the above methods to check his/her eligibility and carry on with the process.

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