SBI Complaint Status – How to Make and Know with Easy Process?

State Bank of India is one of the largest banks in India not only considering the number of account holders but also for the number of branches. Often it is compared to be the subsidiary of the Reserve Bank. It has nearly 24000 domestic and 37 overseas offices. Being the most significant public sector bank providing multiple services, it is natural that some mismanagement may happen at times. However, SBI has taken all the measures for customer complaint redressal and solve the problems. It is turning its image to be a customer friendly bank and taking the necessary steps to minimize and resolve the errors. Apart from the customer care help lines, SBI had started accepting online complaint through their portal. And also, here is the guide on how to check SBI complaint status online.

Making the Complaints:

how to check sbi complaint status

If one has any complaint regarding any transactions or overcharging or any fraud, one can visit the online portal of the SBI and click  and lodge them. After visiting the site, one can raise complain, and a complain number is given to them. Apart from the online method, one can raise the issues downloading the complain form, filling it up and submitting it online or dropping it to any SBI drop box. One can also phone at numbers 1800 425 3800 or 1800 11 2211. If you do not get any solution to your complaint visiting the bank, or through online mode, you can write an email to their nodal officers. One can also write to the principal nodal officer. Even if the complaint stays pending for 30 days, one can write to the banking ombudsman for resolving and settle the matter.

The Process of Making Online Complaint of SBI:

As soon as one types  on the browser, a page will open up prompting to fill up some details. The steps are quite simple.

  • Customer type – It is the first row that is on the page. One has to select the customer type from the drop down menu. One can be an existing SBI customer or a prepaid card holder or a metro card holder. The last two options are for the persons who are not a current customer of SBI. After selecting the right choice, one should move to the next row.
  • Providing the account number – If you are an existing customer of SBI, you need to give the account number to begin the process else; it is not necessary.
  • Providing the mobile number and email id – One need to give the mobile number and the email id where the correspondence from SBI will communicate. SBI is very cooperative in this regard, and they regularly correspond with the complaint raiser regarding the issue.
  • One has to select the category of complaint from the drop down list. It may be any problem of using the ATM card at the POS, general banking problems, remittances, NRI services, home loan interest rates, and many more. One should select the right category and then move on to the next field, selecting the product and services. Here again, one needs to choose the relation of the complaint.
  • After the above fields are filled, one can put the debit card number, if it is any complaint regarding card transactions. Else select your respective complaint nature like delay in disbursement of the loan amount, wrong calculation of interest, transfer of accounts, the closing of accounts, and many others. Selecting the right option will prompt the next field where one can write down a brief description of the nature of the complaint within 500 characters.
  • After filling up all the fields, one needs to enter the visible captcha, in the specified box and click the submit button. A complaint ticket number will be generated.

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Knowing the SBI Complaint Status:

One can wait for ten days to see the state of the complaint. It is quite easy to track the status. One again needs to visit the page and click on the “Click here to check the Complaint Status” icon box that can be seen on the top left-hand corner.

  • As soon as the Complaint status icon has clicked a page will open up, and one needs to insert the “Complaint ticket Number” that was generated during submission of the complaint. One also needs to provide the mobile number that was used while complaining online. Again, there would be a string or a captcha, and one needs to write it in the proper filed and press the submit button. The string or the captcha is used to verify the authenticity of the complainant.
  • A page will be displayed with all the details and the status of the complaint at that moment.
  • If you are not satisfied with the status or the resolution of your complaint, then it is best to visit the page Select the option prompting” click here to write to the network nodal officer.” On clicking the link, a page will open up giving the details of the General Manager of the circle. One can get all the details of the General Managers of the circle like address, telephone number, fax number, and email id. Select your mode of redressal and do the needful.
  • The nodal network officer is going to look into the matter with due diligence and give the decision. However, again if you are not satisfied with the resolution, it is time to download a form from the link provided above and write to the principal nodal officer. Give all the details that are mentioned in the form and send an email attaching the form. The principal nodal officer will try to expedite for resolution of your complaint.
  • If nothing happens within 30 days after proceeding with your complaint to all the above departments, one should write to the banking ombudsman of SBI for a solution. The banking ombudsman will go through the charge, the steps taken and direct the bank to do the needful and sometimes penalize the bank for not taking proper action within the time frame.


Thus we see that making and following up the complaint status is almost effortless in SBI and get a solution. The largest bank of the country is ready to serve the customer in a better way. One can complain online or offline for any grievances and get the solution.

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