How Do I Check the Status of My GST Registration Using an ARN?

The government of India launched the GST regulations with the intention of focusing on the online taxation system. It was another step taken to digitise our economy. This is why the process to register for GST and file returns is completely online too. 

Obtaining a GST registration for businesses in India is a must as you or your business can face serious charges like financial fraud if you haven’t obtained GST registration while you have a tax liability. You can also be charged a hefty penalty or asked to pay off the tax evasion amount, whichever scenario is higher in your case. Not registering for GST also restricts your trading limits because you would not be able to generate e-Way Bills. Moreover, you would also miss out on claiming tax credits against your business or trade purchases. Furthermore, if you’re not registered, your business won’t be eligible for various government schemes too.

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GST portal offers many online features. Checking the ARN status (Application Reference Number) of your GST registration is one of them. The GST ARN is a 15-digit number that includes numerals and alphabets, which is generated for every individual who successfully applies for GST registration. It is a very useful piece of information as this number can help you in tracking your application status or coordinating with the government authorities and understanding more about your applications. You must keep your ARN handy until you receive your GST certificate or your GSTIN.

GST Registration Tracking Before Login

If you want to track ARN status of your GST application or registration before logging onto the GST portal, then here’s a quick guide to help you understand the process – 

Step 1: Visit the GST Portal website by clicking on –
Step 2: Once you are on the portal, click on ‘Services’, select the ‘Registration’ option and then select ‘Track Application Status’ to know your GST registration status.
Step 3: In the drop down menu against the module, select ‘Registration’.
Step 4: Now you can enter the SRN (if application was filed on the MCA portal) or ARN (Application Reference Number) that you received on your email ID when you first submitted your application.
Step 5: Then, enter the CAPTCHA as shown on your screen and finally click on ‘Search’.

You will now be able to see the status of your application and the stage it has completed in the process. Current stage of your application would be denoted using green. Following are the statuses i.e., scenarios you could see when you have tracked your Application Reference Number – 

  • Application Approved: When a tax officer has duly checked and approved your GST application, and you have received your Registration ID and password by mail, your application status will have changed to ‘Approved’ on the GST portal.
  • Application Rejected: When a tax officer has rejected your GST application, the status on their portal will show ‘Rejected’.
  • Site Verification Assigned: This status denotes that your GST application has been marked for verification during the site visit and that a Site Verification Officer has been assigned to your application to take it ahead.
  • Site Verification Complete: Once the Site Verification Officer has done their due diligence and submitted their report to the respective Tax officer, your application status will then show ‘Site Verification Completed’.
  • Pending for Processing: If your new GST registration has been submitted successfully but has not been picked up by the Tax officer yet, you will find your application on this stage.
  • Pending for Clarification: If there is some detail in your GST application that is not clear to the Tax officer, then they issue a notice to the applicant requesting for a clarification on the same. That’s when you see a pending clarification status when you track your application.
  • Clarification Filed – Pending Order: When you have successfully managed to file your clarification as requested by the tax officer, within the stipulated time frame, then this stage appears. It denotes that your order is awaiting recheck from the tax officer.
  • Clarification not Filed – Pending Order: If you have failed to file the clarification requested by the tax office in the specific number of days that were allotted, then your order shows ‘Clarification not filed, pending order’.

GST Registration Tracking After Login

Some taxpayers are able to track the status of their GST application, like core amendment, new registration application, cancellation, etc., after logging on to the GST portal. You can use your ARN or the submission period to login and follow the below steps – 

Step 1: Visit the GST Portal by clicking on – and log on to the portal.
Step 2: Once you are on the portal, click on ‘Services’, select ‘Track Application Status’ to know your ARN status.
Step 3: In the drop down menu against the module, select ‘Registration’.
Step 4: You can opt to enter your Application Reference Number, your SRN (if the application was submitted from the MCA portal), or your submission date, to know your application status.
Step 5: Next, click on ‘Download’ hyperlink to get your acknowledgement.

You will now be able to see your application status on the screen, with your basic details and case history as well. Follow these steps to the tee if you want to check the ARN status of your GST registration, and you will be able to track your application in no time.

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