Top 5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Car, the Vehicle of the Future

Electricity is used as a type of fuel for a pretty long time. The first attempts of making a car move with the help of electric power were made in the early 1800s. Since that time, the interest in electric vehicles has been on the rise. However, gas-powered cars eventually won the market thanks to Henry Ford.

Today, since the level of pollution is high and the world is looking for alternative energy sources, electric vehicles are back on track. We can say that the trend has started with Tesla and spread among other car manufacturers. Such a situation could make you want to acquire an electric car for yourself. However, all this is relatively new, so you may have reasonable doubts. Here is the shortlist of reasons why buying an electric car is a good decision.

1.  Luxurious image

Since the production of electric cars is hyped and the cost of such a vehicle is known to be high, owning one of the top-notch EVs is considered rich. When someone sees a Tesla on the road, it always drags people’s attention and causes a lot of discussions. Also, these cars look fancy from the inside, so you will get all the comfort while driving. For some people, it can be a decisive factor for making a buying decision.

Before buying an EV, you may wonder how you really feel inside such a car and what your thoughts are about receiving the attention. In this case, renting a car for yourself before buying it will be a good idea to eliminate doubts. To make it even more lavish, you can consider renting electric cars in UAE to get the best experience. Rental services in this country are in great demand due to the vast arsenal of rental car models from supercars and SUVs to e-cars and quite reasonable prices for top-notch services. It will allow you to fully understand what it’s like to drive a luxury EV in a luxury country.

2.  Fewer fuel and maintenance costs

Electric and hybrid cars are much cheaper in terms of refueling the vehicle. The math behind it is simple. If we take average numbers, the yearly cost of recharging your electric car will be around $300-500 depending on the model and charging location. At the same time, the constant buying of gas or other common fuel types for your internal combustion engine can cost you from $1,000 to $2,000.

Besides, EVs are way easier to maintain. It’s also easily explainable: Electricity-powered cars have fewer moving parts meaning there is less chance to get into trouble on the road. It may seem that buying an electric car is a waste of money since they cost a lot compared to the gas-powered ones. However, in the long run, this investment pays off.

3.  Positive environmental influence

This is one of the primary reasons why electricity is becoming more popular as an alternative fuel. The greenhouse gas emission of electric cars is literally zero compared to what petroleum-powered vehicles produce. It can be especially helpful for cities where the quality of air is low due to smog and fumes from cars.

4.  Enhanced performance

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Thanks to all the tech stuff these cars are packed with, their overall performance reaches unbelievable heights. Electric vehicles reach maximum torque in no time and can turn off the engine when idle. They can even drive by themselves! Also, don’t forget that EVs are really quiet so it will suit you if you cannot tolerate noise.

5.  High resale value

Since the overwhelming majority of electric cars are extremely high-tech, they barely become outdated over the years. So if you decide to sell your EV after some time, your losses due to depreciation will not be as big as if you’d try to sell a common car.

To sum it up

Electric cars continue to gain popularity around the world. Moreover, they have a chance to eventually overpower gas-based cars and become just as common. Now is your best time to hop on the trend and buy an EV for yourself.

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