FDC SHARE PRICE TARGET 2023, 2024, 2025 to 2030

Due to its last share buyback, FDC share price skyrocketed, and because of it, the renowned pharmaceutical business FDC Ltd has been making news in the stock market. The company’s share price objective for the upcoming years, particularly 2023 to 2030, is currently keenly anticipated by investors. Many people are unsure whether FDC Ltd is a smart company to buy despite its encouraging history of revenue growth and profit margins.

In order to analyze the potential of the company’s stock price and determine whether it will be able to reach the target of 1000 INR by 2025, we will delve into the financial data and market trends of FDC Ltd in this article.

Come along on this journey as we learn about the share price possibilities for FDC Ltd.

FDC Share price

What is FDC?

FDC Limited is a research-focused pharmaceutical company with a comprehensive approach to manufacturing and marketing Formulations (Finished Dosage Forms) and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Over the years, FDC has made significant strides in developing products tailored for global markets, especially in the regulated regions of the US and Europe.

With a rich history dating back to its inception as Fairdeal Corporation in 1936, the company has grown into a prominent player in the pharmaceutical sector, expanding its presence both domestically and internationally. FDC’s commitment to innovation is evident in its diverse product portfolio, including well-known brands like Electral, Enerzal, Zifi, and Zocon, which highlight the company’s dedication to promoting health and well-being.

How to purchase FDC Ltd shares?

Below are the trading platforms that you can use to purchase FDC Ltd shares:

➤ Zerodha

➤ Upstox

➤ Groww

Finances rule

➤ AngelOne

➤ ICICIDirect

FDC Ltd Share Price Prediction: 2023 to 2025

FDC Share Price Prediction 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
November 2023 ₹394.35 ₹326.42
December 2023 ₹385.27 ₹365.59

FDC share price target in November 2023 range from a minimum of ₹326.42 in March to a maximum of ₹394.35.

The pharma company, that sells antibiotics, Electrolyte drinks, vitamins, minerals and many more is expected to see an overall uptrend in the year, with a growth percentage of around 40 to 50%.

December 2023, however could be bearish for FDC share holders.

FDC Ltd Share Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹400.28 ₹384.83
February 2024 ₹382.12 ₹268.43
March 2024 ₹361.70 ₹281.06
April 2024 ₹347.91 ₹213.78
May 2024 ₹348.26 ₹244.81
June 2024 ₹337.91 ₹213.78
July 2024 ₹327.22 ₹254.44
August 2024 ₹312.95 ₹259.16
September 2024 ₹298.09 ₹206.23
October 2024 ₹331.29 ₹277.91
November 2024 ₹352.35 ₹301.81
December 2024 ₹365.40 ₹311.84

FDC Share Price Target for 2024 suggest FDC could be trading between ₹400.28 and ₹206.23.

FDC Ltd Share Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹400.28 ₹324.83
February 2025 ₹422.12 ₹368.43
March 2025 ₹441.70 ₹381.06
April 2025 ₹487.91 ₹413.78
May 2025 ₹498.26 ₹344.81
June 2025 ₹537.91 ₹413.78
July 2025 ₹497.22 ₹354.44
August 2025 ₹502.95 ₹399.16
September 2025 ₹528.09 ₹406.23
October 2025 ₹621.29 ₹477.91
November 2025 ₹652.35 ₹501.81
December 2025 ₹665.40 ₹511.84

This pharma company is expected to see an overall positive trend throughout the year with an expected return on investment of around 50%.

However, the month of May is predicted to be bearish for the company, with the minimum price dropping significantly. The overall trend appears to be positive, with a steady increase in share prices from August to November.

This indicates a potentially profitable investment opportunity for those interested in FDC Ltd shares, although caution is advised during the bearish period in May.

The maximum and minimum FDC share price target for 2025 is is expected to be ₹665.40 in December, while the minimum price is predicted to be ₹344.81 in May 2025.

FDC Ltd Share Price Prediction 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 ₹678.70 ₹522.08
February 2026 ₹714.43 ₹549.56
March 2026 ₹750.15 ₹577.04
April 2026 ₹669.77 ₹515.21
May 2026 ₹608.89 ₹468.37
June 2026 ₹669.77 ₹515.21
July 2026 ₹637.88 ₹490.68
August 2026 ₹664.46 ₹511.12
September 2026 ₹697.68 ₹536.68
October 2026 ₹739.54 ₹568.88
November 2026 ₹791.31 ₹608.70
December 2026 ₹807.14 ₹620.87

The FDC Ltd share price target for 2026 is expected to see a range of prices with a maximum of ₹807.14 and a minimum of ₹468.37. The average target price for 2026 seems to be around ₹669.10. With the maximum price predicted to be in December 2026, investors could see an upside potential of around 55% from the minimum price.

FDC Share Price Prediction 2027-2030

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2027 ₹680.25 ₹536.17
2028 ₹864.44 ₹605.11
2029 ₹1,475.70 ₹1,242.99
2030 ₹1,977.49 ₹1,384.24

The FDC Ltd share price target for the period of 2026 to 2030 is expected to see a fluctuation in prices with a maximum of ₹1,977.49 in 2030 and a minimum of ₹336.17 in 2027. The company is expected to see a peak in prices in 2029, with the maximum price predicted to be ₹1,775.70.

However, in 2026, the maximum price is expected to drop to ₹565.00, while the minimum price is predicted to be ₹395.50. Despite the fluctuations in prices, the overall trend appears to be positive, indicating a potentially profitable investment opportunity for those interested in FDC Ltd shares in the long run.

Financial Condition of FDC Ltd: Last 5 years

FD Ltd

(Crore Rs.)

308 371 313 341 435
(Crore Rs.)
205 266 262 322 386
Operating Profit
(Crore Rs.)
104 106 52 19 49
OPM % 34% 28% 16% 6% 11%
Other Income
(Crore Rs.)
28 19 13 10 7
(Crore Rs.)
1 1 1 1 1
(Crore Rs.)
9 10 10 9 10
Profit before tax
(Crore Rs.)
121 114 54 19 45
Tax % 24% 23% 13% 45% 32%
Net Profit
(Crore Rs.)
92 88 47 10 31
EPS in Rs 5.36 5.15 2.78 0.62 1.85

FDC Ltd is a small-cap pharmaceutical company with compounded sales growth for the last 3 years of 10%, and compounded profit growth for the last 5 years of just 2%.


What has been the performance of FDC Ltd in the past five years?

FDC Ltd has shown steady growth in revenue and profit, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% and 10%, respectively, over the past five years.

What is the current share price of FDC Ltd?

As of 13th August 2023, the current share price of FDC Ltd is INR 407.95.

What is the FDC Ltd share price target for 2030?

Based on analyst estimates and historical trends, the FDC Ltd share price target for 2030 ranges from ₹1,977.49 and ₹1,384.24

Can FDC Ltd reach a share price of INR 1000 by 2025?

It is unlikely for FDC Ltd to reach a share price of INR 1000 by 2025, as it would require a significant increase in its current growth rate. As per our analysis, the best FDC can reach by 2025 is ₹807.14.

Is FDC Ltd a good investment option for long-term growth?

FDC Ltd could be a good investment for long term, however, the entry point is important. The best entry point would be in between Rs. 250 to Rs. 280. At the current price, I would not be buying FDC shares for long term.

What is the dividend payout ratio of FDC Ltd?

FDC Ltd has does not pay dividends.

What is the OPM of FDC Ltd?

FDC Ltd has an OPM (Operating Profit Margin) of 23% as of June 2023 (Q1 Fy2024), quarter results.

What is the EPS (Earnings per share) of FDC Ltd?

The (TTM) EPS of FDC Ltd is INR 14.05 as of 13th August, 2023.


Conclusion: Should you buy FDC shares in 2023?

FDC Ltd. is a small-cap growing pharma company with a market cap of Rs. 6,300 Crore.

It is trading close to its ATH, and I can’t suggest taking an entry at this point for a long-term holding. However, you can definitely keep a close eye on FDC share price, and once it corrects by 30% or more, one can take an entry. FDC share price has been ranging between Rs. 275 and Rs. 400 for a very long time, reaching its high and low multiple times.

The current increase in FDC share price is because of the share buyback news, and with multiple companies, we have seen in the past that this growth is not sustainable for the long term. I will wait patiently for FDC to drop before taking any entry.

FDC is one stock that trades in a range, that makes it a good stock to invest for swing trading. For the rest few months, I am expecting FDC shares to be bearish. Long term, I am bullish.

Please note: This article on ‘FDC Share Price Target 2024 to 2030‘ is my personal opinion, and in no way a financial advise. Please consult a financial advisor and DYOR before investing in FDC shares.

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