Entertainment Law Isn’t Always About Being a Lawyer

With scandals right around the corner, entertainers rely heavily on entertainment lawyers and not just for legal help. According to John Branca, an entertainment lawyer is only about 10% to 20% being a lawyer; the rest is split between many other roles.

Legal Representative

Of course, an entertainment lawyer represents the entertainer in a legal capacity. They practice many forms of law instead of just one. Most are well versed in criminal law, family law, estate law, and financial law. An entertainment lawyer is a jack of all trades in the law field. They need to know how to keep their client out of trouble in various situations.

Business Advisor

An entertainment and corporate lawyer also acts as a business advisor. They help their client negotiate contracts, gigs, concerts and other business deals. They represent their client’s interests in every aspect of the entertainment business.

Financial Advisor

This type of lawyer often acts as an investment or financial advisor. They help entertainers manage their money, so the entertainer is not broke when a dry spell happens. Although an entertainment lawyer can encourage wise investments, their clients don’t always listen.

Marketing Advisor

An entertainment attorney also acts as a marketing advisor. As a business advisor, they help the singer, actor, or entertainer market themselves to the public. They look over marketing contracts and help identify good marketing opportunities for their clients.

Professional Negotiator

They are also professional negotiators. They help stars and sports figures negotiate their various contracts to get more money or better benefits.

Entertainment lawyers have a huge responsibility to their clients as a go-to person. Entertainers rely on them to keep them out of trouble and, hopefully, on the straight and narrow. To become an entertainment lawyer, you need to be prepared to study various fields and offer many different services.

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