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TJSB Bank also known as Thane Janata Sahakari Bank is a very well- known supportive bank which is started in 1972. It is a customer-friendly bank. Now, it has more than 135 branches which dedicated towards customer needs and service. It has CBS explanation which can help in centralization of the records. It has 130 ATMs along with 136 offices. Surprisingly, this bank has a deposit machine of cheque which processes them for customers. Besides this the device can also gives the personalized cheque books to the customers. Fund transfer online has become easy with TJSB net banking on your device.

Some Steps To Activate  Or Register The TJSB Net Banking :

TJSB Internet Banking

  • First, you have to go to the bank and fill up the application to relate for net banking.
  • Fill up all the required information which the application for.
  • You have to verify those information after filling up your application and then submit if after checking.
  • Then the bank will activate your net banking entry.
  • You will get a PIN, then you need to activate it with this pin number. You can also change the pin after activate.

Some Steps To get TJSB Bank ID With Password:    

  • To start these steps, you have to visit in the website of TJSB, and the link is
  • Then you will get net banking option, click on it, and then click on the login.
  • Then you have entered your ID and the login password.
  • Then you have to get on the login page and your first login; then it will ask you to change your ID with password.
  • Then change your login and then transaction passwords for banking process.

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Here You Will Know How To Alter Your Password Or Forgot Your Password:    

Sometimes people would like to change their password or wish to recover their passwords.

Changing Password: It’s possible to modify the password, and the procedure is quite simple. You have to log in to the account and then visit your profile. Then you get the choice for changing password.

Forget Password: Some people forget their password, then you have to visit login page, then click on forget password. Then you can change password newly.

How To Deactivate the TJSB Internet Banking:

Every process can’t be done by yourself. Deactivating your net banking account only can done by bank. You have to visit the bank to request the deactivation. To start the procedure, you have write an application to the bank manager. Or if you see something unusual is happening then you have to call on their customer care number for instant deactivation of your service.

They Have TJSB App Or Net Banking:

In this app, you can register your mobile number, and you can use TSJB net banking services like balance check, Payments, money transfer, etc.

Some Features Of This App:

  • You can enquire your bank account.
  • You can quickly transfer your money to another account in India.
  • You can also transfer fund, no fees are charged.
  • You can pay your credit card bills of any bank of India.
  • You can also recharge your mobile phones and other utility bills.
  • You can check your entire transaction history.

Mobile Banking:

TJSB has the mobile banking system through immediate payment services, and this service helps to transfer money from one bank to the other.

Here are some of the advantages of Immediate payment services to customers:

  1. It has excellent convenience for the customer.
  2. Always available on holidays.
  3. You will get this all over in India.
  4. It is user-friendly.

Some DO’s And Don’t Of Net Banking:


  • Changing password from time to time helps to secure account.
  • Always type your address of the bank website.
  • Always install anti-virus on your pc.


  • Never share your password.
  • You should avoid internet banking on pc.
  • Don’t respond to fake emails and messages.

How To Send Money By Net Banking:

  • Register your account for mobile banking.
  • Make your 7-digit mobile identifier from the bank.
  • After that get your register pin.
  • Send money to the to his her account.

Terms And Condition Of Net Banking:

  1. The facility will be run smoothly if he/she will have a satisfactory running saving/current account.
  2. The daily transaction limit will be up to Rs.50,000.
  3. If you enter the wrong pin thrice then your account will be blocked.
  4. Any changes in the bank system will be updated websites.
  5. Customer can also request for the termination of the facility by applying a new form.
  6. If somehow the facility has not to be accessed for six months, then the registration of the customer will be canceled.

Responsibilities Of The Customers:

  1. Any transaction if made by the customers who turn into fraudulent or erroneous transaction then he/she will be responsible for the fault.
  2. The customer should keep their ID and password confidential.
  3. Customer should be updated towards information given by the bank on the websites. So that any changes made by the bank can know the customer quickly.
  4. Customer should be liable for all losses.
  5. If any of the customers directly or indirectly made losses incurred by the customer for the lapse or failure in the service beyond the manage of bank.
  6. The bank will not be responsible if the customer mobile banking is not compatible to work on the mobile.

Net banking helps the person to transfer the money from anywhere and anytime. It helps to check your balance, and can also recharge your bills. You can download your mini statement. It is helpful for online shopping. This TJSB is EV-SSL certified. Net banking is significant for today’s world as it makes your life easier. It is secure and easy to use. It helps to travel cash-free. TJSB also launches TJSB RuPay JCB global card. TJSB has their bank all over India.

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