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Whenever we purchase a product from the shop, we can find a barcode displayed on the top of the packet. But, most of the people may not notice the barcode that displays on each and every barcode on the package. Despite not placing much importance on the barcodes, it plays a vital role in the crucial functioning of the economy. Whether it is a small-scale industry or a large-scale conglomerate, the barcode present on the item plays a vital role in the operation of the respective company.

People who are seeking to run a business in an efficient manner need to have barcodes. They offer a method to keep a track on the products as well as the storage of the product details. It keeps a track on a wide range of items that range between single-piece items to the huge collection of products. Barcodes play a significant role and offer the benefits compared to the manual mode of storing the information.

With the help of barcodes, one can evade errors, track massive inventory of goods, save the costs and it’s quite beneficial through the usage of a barcode tracking system. In any retail operation, barcodes are an integral part of a company in order to handle the business. In order to generate barcodes, we need the best barcode generator. Here is everything you need to know about the Barcode Generator, its benefits, types of barcodes and the simple ways to access online barcode maker. Have a look!

Barcode Generator


About Barcode Generator?

One can easily understand the procedure of how a barcode works in building the business economy with much ease. In technical terms, it is a simple mode to transfer strings of characters without any difficulty. Usually, the barcodes are considered as a license plate which is actually linked to the data files. Such strings of characters have the possibility to mark out different types of information. Instead of writing and copying the data in a manual manner, one can access the barcode.

A barcode is actually generated through the barcode languages that in turn helps rapid transfer via a scanner to the PC. The symbology makes use of an algorithm in order to standardize the encoding and storage of the characters. The barcode symbologies alter in various qualities that include capacity as well as the linearity. It offers the best benefits to the users for a specific purpose and the company. A barcode generator helps the people to generate different types of barcodes with much ease by adding a variety of codes, numbers, and alphabets in it.

What are the Types of Barcodes?

On a frequent basis, barcode technology takes an advancement in its development. For example, the sudden increase in the development of 2D barcoding shows that it allows the users to scan the code right from the smartphone for a great amount of data. There are different types of barcodes available in the market. Let’s understand the advantages offered by each type of barcode available for all the businesses. Check it out below!

  1. Code 39:

It is one of the oldest types of barcodes available in the market for all the business folks. It is a standard symbology which we can witness in the streams of healthcare, government as well as the electronics fields. Code 39 is a type of barcode which is 1D, linear and alphanumeric code. It has the ability to add the complete 128 ASCII character set and widens to any length. The size of the label is just constrained. In case, if space is regard, Code 128 might be a better option for the users.

  1. Code 128:

This barcode is obtained from the ASCII 128 character set. The complete set of characters include special characters, 0 to 9 numbers and A to Z alphabets. Most of the people make use of the compact barcode on the shipping apps as well as the packaged items across the world. Automatic Switching setting is one of the best features of Code 128 barcode that enables the users to optimize the code for the length of it.

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  1. Interleaved 2 of 5:

We can generally find this type of code in the manufacturing, warehouse and the distribution. The codes 2 of 5 in this barcode is considered as a numeric-only barcode utilized to encrypt different pairs of numbers. Each and every couple of digits are paired in order to generate a symbol. The total number of digits used in this barcode must be in even number. Only then, this type of format barcode will work in the manufacturing business. At the end of each odd set of numbers, a zero will be added in order to make it even.

  1. Universal Product Codes (UPC):

We can find this type of barcode on each and every retail product available in the market. Such barcodes are usually generated for the grocery outlets in order to give away the receipt printer without any delay. It keeps the inventory tracking with much ease. By protecting the UPC number, the maker will get a unique company number to blend it with the individual product numbers.

  1. Quick Response Code:

In short, people refer Quick Response Code as a QR Code. It has gained immense popularity among the people especially in the field of marketing. It is the best marketing tool that helps in linking the product to the web-based information. It is the latest trend in barcoding. This code may not be as solid as the data matrix type of barcode but, you can find this code on the advertising material and in front of the stores. They help in linking the products with special promotions or other crucial details regarding a specific product.

  1. Data Matrix:

It is another popular type of barcode which is considered as a common 2D barcode. It is present in a square-shaped code and it can be encoded into a large one. One can store huge data in a tiny amount of available space. The Data Matrix code has become quite popular among the people in the field of healthcare, manufacturing, and electronics. For the 2D codes, the highly advanced scanners like smartphones and essential. They help in capturing the picture and translate the whole image at once. Most of the organizations require immense barcode storage capacity wherein the 2D barcodes exercise the purpose against the 1D duplicates.

  1. International Article Number (EAN):

It is another type of Barcode utilized exclusively by the booksellers, libraries, wholesale sellers of books and universities. In this code, we can find 13 digits that are generated from the International Standard Book Numbers [ISBN]. This barcode is actually used in order to track a specific book with much ease. Just like the UPCs, there are standards for the unique identification of the publishers of the books.

  1. PDF417:

It is a linear 2D barcode that can be witnessed in different types of IDs such as driver license, identity card and more. The USPS and the Department of Homeland Security have made it a standard barcode for the driving license and other identification purposes.

Easy Steps to Use Online Barcode Maker:

There is feasibility to generate custom barcodes with the help of online barcode generator tools for free of charge. One can select from the standard linear barcode symbologies that include Code 128, EAN, Code 39 and UPC. Follow the simple steps given below that helps the users to access online barcode maker:

Barcode Generator

  • At first, you need to choose a barcode symbology or the type.
  • By default, Code 128 is the most commonly used type of barcode.
  • You need to type the text inside the given field that you want to encode into a barcode.
  • Enter your email id and choose the option ‘Generate’.
  • You will then get an email using your high-resolution barcode.

How to Choose a Barcode Symbology:

One can select a barcode symbology after understanding the types of barcode symbology as given below:

Code 3 of 9: Used to store alphanumeric characters, upper and lower case letters, numbers from 0 to 9 and punctuation.

Code 3 of 9: Commonly used barcode comprising capital letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Code 128: Simple to read a barcode that comprises alphanumeric characters.

Interleave 2 of 5: Comprises numeric data and used for industrial purpose

Codabar: Used in blood banks and libraries

Code 93: Quite identical to Code 39 and lets you store several characters per inch.

MSI Plessey: Ability to store numeric data which is utilized in warehousing and inventory control

UPC-A: 12-digit length barcode utilized in retail product labeling.

UPC-E: 6-digit length barcode used in small packages and magazines

EAN/JAN-13: Ability to store 12, 14 and 17 characters. Identical to UPC-A and lets you add 1st two digits of the country code

EAN/JAN-8: Needs 7, 9 and 12 characters

US Postal Code: Also referred to as POSTNET which is used by the US Postal service for mail delivery.


That’s all! This is everything you need to understand about Online Barcode Generator, its benefits and more. In this post, we have included the procedure to use Online Barcode maker, the procedure to select a barcode symbology and more. If you still have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask us through the comments section below.

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