How to Apply/Check for RBL Credit Card Status Online

These days’ banks are targeting to offer the easiest and hassle-free solution for those who want to own a credit card. It’s not just a need but also a way to live a better lifestyle and fulfilling the requirement that people usually have. RBL offers the range which is covering every point and also the bank considers every aspect which can help the customer to get these credit cards easily. For owning the credit card you have to apply but before that do your proper research.

Well for applying, you can directly do that but for that, you have visited the online site of RBL. Not just that, any near branch of RBL will help you to apply for your credit cards. For understanding how it works in  both ways here is what you need to know

  • When you are applying online:

It’s the easy, quick and shortest option that can help your work done much sooner. But for that, there are some basics steps that you need to understand as well as follow. The steps include:

  1. Google the online official website of RBL and visit their site.
  2. Find the credit card section. And do the research about what credit do you want. Remember, differ credit cards of RBL hold different benefits and specifications.
  3. When you choose the credit card, you have to click on apply now.
  4. The click will lend you on a different page. Also, you have to fill the information and details like your number, name, date of birth and your official email address. The list of information also includes where you are working and how much you are earning with PAN details.
  5. After finishing the details, you submit your form.
  6. And then, you will receive an OTP on your mentioned phone number for verifying the application
  7. After the step is done, RBl’s executive will contact you for submitting the documents
  8. Submitting all relevant documents and getting an applicant success message, you will  get a reference ID which helps you to track further details about the credit card
  • When you are applying offline:

It’s a hassle-free option especially for those who are not very aware of the online option. Here you have to find the near branch that the RAB bank is having. You have to bring an application for applying offline. Similar to the online process, you will require all details and information with documents. Once your application gets confirmed by the bank, you will get your card delivered to your mentioned address.


RBL Credit Card Status

About RBL Bank Credit Cards:

Considered as one of the oldest banks in India, the main headquarter of the bank is located in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. RBL also stands for Ratnakar bank limited which was officially found in the year 1943. Well, for now, the bank is offering its services to more than 3.5 million people. Not just that, the overall business of the bank is over 64000 INR crores. RBL is covering the huge range of products and services which is categorized into different scales such as commercial banking, retail banking, Corporate as well as institution banking.

Types of RBL Bank Credit Card:

RBL Bank is offering a wide range when it comes to RBL credit cards. All these credit cards have their own benefits and plus points. Not just that, they are specially designed in order to cover up all basic needs and to fulfill the requirement of a person’s daily life.  These benefits include reward schemes, cash-backs, the privilege of members, etc. all credit card of RBL has its own speciation, its recommended to make sure about what you are looking while you hunt for your credit card. Here is the list of types that RBL bank is offering.

1. RBL Platinum maxima card

2. RBL Platinum delight credit card

3. RBL Titanium Delight card

4. classic shopper cards

5. classic platinum cards

6. classic rewards cards

Before you choose your credit card,  do compare what you want and then choose. It will help you in getting the best credit card option where you can most of the benefits.

How to Check RBL Credit Card Status:

Well, the bank is offering its application for their applicants which will help them in quick access to checking the status of the card. However, the applicant should have their reference id and mobile number handy. For checking the stays, they have to put their number and reference ID so they can process the further steps for knowing the status of a credit card.

If not that, then they can also check it online, here is what you have to know:

  • Firstly, Google the site of RBL bank which is officially introduced by them
  • Search the Credit card application through the search bar on the site or they simply locate at page’s bottom side
  • When you click the option, you have to fill the registration number and reference id or acknowledged number that you received from the bank
  • Once the detail is filled and you clicked the okay option, you will get the page where you can check the status of your credit card

Check your status: Use a mobile number or Airway number:

The bank sends a letter once the application got accepted for the credit card. The letter is about the confirmation and shipping details which also include airway shipping number. You can use that number for tracking the location of your credit card. However, for that, visit the site and select the track your credit card option. Fill the necessary details along with airway number and get your credit card location

Another option is using your phone number, you can either use the application which is much similar. If you don’t have that option, then visit the site and enter your verified registered number to the column, once you say process it will send you an OTP which you have to fill for confirming.

Steps to Login into Rbl Credit Card:

There is an easy step that you have to follow so you can log in, it includes:

  1. Visit the website of RBL first
  2. Register yourself as there are some basic questions that you have to fill for that
  3. Get your username ID and password
  4. Now, you just have to fill the log in a forum where your username ID and password is needed

Rbl Credit Card Customer Care Number:

RBL bank also provides the most reliable services for credit card customers. You can contact them if you have any question or confusion regarding credit card or if you want to know anything about credit card application status. The credit card holder can contact via using email or call.

For RBL customer care number, you can dial 1800 121 9050. It’s a toll-free number

For email address, the cardholder can send their quarries on If not that, they can also opt courier option where they need to mention this address:

RBL Bank Ltd.
Mahavir, Shri Shahu Market Yard,
Kolhapur – 416005
Maharashtra State, India
Or they can simply fax on 0231 2657386

How to make RBL Credit Card Online Payment:

With the use of a credit card of RBL, the card owner can do their payment online as well as offline. Same like other banks, Rbl also has the same procedure to follow when it comes to online and offline payment methods. Apart from that here are the options in a payment method that you are getting:

  1. Net Banking: For doing net banking, first you have to visit the site of RBL. Once you land there, get the net banking option and click the credit card tab. Also, select the ‘credit card payment option’ so you can pay your bills using the saving accounts.
  2. ATM funds transfer: It’s easier to pay via atm funds transfer as they are available at almost every single place. The services are available for 24 X 7, no matter when you have to do the payments.
  3. Autopay: in case of busy schedules, you can skip forgetting the payments on time. It will help you to pay the amount that is used for the card.


RBL is working in the banking sector for a very long time, providing their services and fulfilling lots of people’s requirement. Also, the services are easy to understand and helpful. A credit card is one of the important things that people need these days so they can buy services and products. RBL is providing a wide range, covering almost every categories, RBL is allowing their customer to enjoy the benefits and feeling of owning a credit card with simple steps. For checking the status, RBL offers different options which include offline and online options. You can even download their application for easy access.

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