Target Red Card Services: Toll-Free Calling Number

You must have come across this article looking for a toll-free number for the customer executive of “Target Red Card.” Fortunately, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about “Target Red Card Customer Service.” We will be adding a complete process to contact the service executives.

You must be thinking that there is a toll-free number? Then, why the need for the article? Let me answer. You cannot directly talk to the human officer. Therefore, we have added a complete process to talk with a human officer of Target Red Card.

Before that, let’s have a complete look at “Target Red Card.”

What is Target Red Card?

Target Red Card is a credit card from the Target company. It offers an instant 5% discount on various purchases at Target. However, this card does not offer any traditional rewards program. (Likewise, the spender gets the point for their spends)

But, to be an instance. It could be a most direct savings credit card compared to the traditional credit cards. It directly offers instant savings on each purchase.

Target Red Card Services

Moreover, the card members can get an extra 10% discount on their purchases once a year. (It is only for the customers who have opted for this option on their email.)

The only disadvantage of having this credit card is the high-interest rate. Therefore, it is advised to pay off the bill each month before the due date to avoid any charges.

How to Contact a Real Agent from the Target?

There is a process from which you can directly talk to the customer service executive of Target. You can mention any query or issues to them. 

For calling a real agent, one can follow the steps given below.

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  • Open the smartphone and dial 1-800-591-3869 or 800-394-1829 or 1 800 394 1829.
  • You can press “1.” (If talking about new order) or You can press “2.” (If talking about the existing order)
  • After that, press “2.”
  • Last, press “6.”

Primary voice menus from Target:

  • Press “1.” if you want to place a new order or reset the password.
  • Press “2.” if you want to ask a question about any recent order.
  • Press “3.” if you want to know any information about item price, adjustments, or promotions. 

Current order menu:

  • Press “1.” if you want to check the status of the current order.
  • Press “2.” for larger product delivery.
  • Press “3.” if you want to replace or return any product. 
  • Press “4.” if you have any questions about billing.
  • Press “5.” for order pickup.
  • Press “6.” for any other services.

How to connect with a real person at Red Card? (Target Red Card Services)

  • Open the smartphone and dial 1 800 424 6888.
  • Just speak “Customer Service.” and then press 0. 
  • After that, the call will get connected to the live available executive from the Target Red Card Services)

Representative Hours?

Target Red Card Services Support is available 24/7 to help its customers.


There is no doubt. Target Red Card is one of the best rewardable credit cards than any other traditional credit cards. However, the interest rates are generally higher than the usual credit cards. It can cover up the discounts if you get failed to pay the due amount within the date.

Furthermore, one can always reach Target Red Card Services by dialing their toll-free number. Also, do let us know in the comments section if there is anything you want to ask.

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