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Handling a variety of business tasks is a truly difficult thing for every individual. In order to calculate the business accounts, one must have immense experience in accounting. In the current era, everyone is depending on the digital tools in order to do anything in their job or home purpose. Whether it could be a small business or large-scale business, you require the best software to handle all the accounts of your business. Have you ever heard of QuickBooks Software? If not, you can get to understand more about the best Quickbooks software for handling business accounts.

There are different kinds of businesses that require help in order to handle the finances such as keeping a track on the money that you send, receive or owe. We often explore the internet for an affordable and simple to use accounting tools specifically designed for large scale or small-scale businesses. We often look for the software tools that are cloud-based and available as mobile applications as well. This helps the users to access the data anytime, anyplace irrespective of the time.

You need to ensure that the software offers the best features like saving the time, automated bank feeds, automatic payment reminders and more. You might have already analyzed the popular accounting software online. But, here is excellent software available on the internet at an affordable price range for all the business folks. Here is everything you need to know about QuickBooks business accounting handling tool. We have come up with an in-depth guide that tells you the procedure to download Quickbooks online, features and benefits of Quickbooks tool for every business person. Have a look!

Quickbooks Online

About Quickbooks:

QuickBooks is the best accounting software package available for all the folks on the internet. Intuit Incorporation has designed and developed the QuickBooks software for all the business people. The products offered by this software are beneficial for the small and medium-scale businesses. They deliver on-premises accounting apps alongside the best could-based versions. Some of the best functionalities of QuickBooks include business payments, managing and paying the bills and payroll functions.

QuickBooks is launched into the market in the year 2008. This software program is compatible with both the Windows and Mac platforms. quickbooks.intuit.com is the official website of the QuickBooks software package. Some of the best features of QuickBooks have been included in this post. Intuit has integrated a plethora of beneficial features into QuickBooks web-based accounting software. Some of the best features include the following:

  • Electronic payment function
  • Improved e-mail functionality through Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Mapping features through integration with Google Maps
  • Marketing options through Google
  • Online banking and reconciliation
  • Remote access capabilities
  • Remote payroll assistance and outsourcing

In the further versions of QuickBooks software, the company has added additional features that include the following:

  • Additional Employee Time Tracking Options
  • Import From Excel Spreadsheets
  • New Help Functions
  • Pre-Authorization Of Electronic Funds

How to Download Quickbooks Online?

Follow the simple steps given below that helps the users to download and install QuickBooks software on your Windows PC or Mac OS platforms.

  • First of all, visit the official website of QuickBooks software from your PC or Laptop.
  • https://qbindia.intuit.com is the official website of this software.
  • After tapping the direct link to download the QuickBooks accounting software, you need to begin the downloading process.
  • It might take a few minutes to finish the downloading process of the QuickBooks tool.
  • Once you are done with the downloading process, you can go to the downloads page.
  • Hit the downloaded file and begin the installation process of QuickBooks software.
  • Just follow the on-screen steps to finish the installation of the accounting software.
  • That’s all! This is the easy process to download and install QuickBooks software for Windows or Mac OS.

How to Use Quickbooks Online?

It is quite simple for all the users to access or use QuickBooks software tool online or on desktop devices. It is pretty simple to get started with the software and augment the details to the system. The dashboard of this software offers an intuitive user interface. The side menu helps the users to locate all the essential features with much ease. There is feasibility to access all the account settings right from the gear icon present in the upper right corner of the screen. On the dashboard of QuickBooks software, you can find the snapshot of your financial status. It shows the details that include the overdue, sales, expenses, profits and losses, invoices of all the payments and more.

Key features of Quickbooks:

Here are some of the time-saving features of QuickBooks for all the people. Most of the small-scale business owners wish to have the following features in their accounting software so that they could save a lot of their time. This software tool offers the following exceptional features as listed below:

Integrated Reports:

QuickBooks software helps the users to finish the task of creating financial reports right from scratch. This tool offers the best built-in reports feature to all the users. Through this feature, it is possible to make a trial balance, general ledger and the detailed reports of all transactions. There is a possibility to mark the reports that you need to use whenever required. It is simple to set up this software in an automatic manner and email reports to you. It helps the users to schedule the tasks for a particular time of the day and on a frequent basis such as daily, monthly, weekly or quarterly.

Electronic Invoicing:

QuickBooks offers the best time-saving feature to all the users in the form of electronic invoicing. This feature helps the users to get the payments at a rapid pace. There is a possibility to email invoices to the customers via the system, keep a track on all of them and accept the online payments as well as the electronic signatures. For the mobile devices, the invoice emails are customized so that the customers can access them right from their mobile phone and check them out with much ease. If you make use of Gmail, QuickBooks software offers an app that lets the users generate and send invoices right from your Gmail account. The invoices will be saved to your Gmail and accounting software.

Mobile Apps:

Using mobile apps, users can do anything related to accounting and check the finances of all their businesses. QuickBooks software is available as an Android and iOS apps for both the smartphone and tablets. There is also an online website for this software. One can create, customize, send and keep a track on all the invoices. There is a possibility to capture the photos of receipts and attach them to the expenses. One can view the customer details, add new customers and send messages to the customers directly through the app.

Automatic Backups:

It is another best feature available on QuickBooks software that helps the users to back up their data in an automatic manner. There is no need to worry about the safety of books and up-to-date.


QuickBooks online will make all the tasks quite automated. It takes pretty less time for making all the accounting processes pretty stressless for the business owners. It has the ability to recur the invoices automatically. You can make all the bill payments, payment reminders and more with much ease. The business owners can synchronize the data from the bank and all kinds of credit card transactions. All these things will eliminate the time-consuming and tedious tasks of doing all of it in a manual manner.

What are the Limitations of QuickBooks:

Just like the benefits, there are some limitations of QuickBooks software for the business owners. Some of them are included in this post.

  • If you choose to download the free trial version of QuickBooks software for 30 days then, you need to pay the penalty for 3 months and acquire 50 percent discount.
  • The self-employed plan of this software is not available to upgrade to the small business plans.
  • The number of users who can access this system through this plan are limited.
  • The small businesses may not be able to access the features like mileage tracking.

What are the Benefits of Quickbooks:

There are numerous benefits of accessing the best features of QuickBooks software for all the people. This tool eliminates the learning curve as most of the accountants already started using QuickBooks software. In case, if you make use of an accountant from outside then, you can evade the compatibility problems. This software lets users access the entire system. Even if you take the assistance from the accountants or accessing the tax prep, you can finish all the tasks with much ease using QuickBooks tool.


That’s all! This is everything you need to know about QuickBooks accounting software. We have even included the benefits, features, pros an cons of QuickBooks accounting software for all the small and medium-scale business owners. We hope that this guide has given enough details about QuickBooks software for all the folks. For more doubts and queries, just ask us through the comments section below.

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