Orient Green Power (GREENPOWER) Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025 to 2030

Orient Green Power (GREENPOWER) generates and sells power utilizing sustainable energy sources such as wind energy. Its primary goal is to build, own, and operate a portfolio of wind energy generating stations. Orient Green generates sustainable energy. It has installed an operating capacity of around 25 megawatts (MW) of wind assets scattered over the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Karnataka.

In addition, it owns and runs a 10.5 MW wind farm in Croatia, Europe. It is concerned with the development and maintenance of renewable energy infrastructure in India. While enterprises that provide renewable energy have great potential, looking at facts and data before investing is arguably more important.

This article will present you with all of the pertinent information on the Orient Green Share price target. Our analysts examined the firm’s previous financials and produced a comprehensive report. Continue reading to find out how profitable the Orient Green share price target 2025 is.


  • Due to rising expenditures, Orient Green Power Company reported a combined net loss of Rs 18.97 crore for the quarter ending in March. According to a BSE filing, the company’s combined net loss for the prior fiscal year was Rs 32.35 crore. The company’s overall revenue for the quarter was Rs 46.45 crore, compared to Rs 40.20 crore a year before. In the reviewed period, the company’s total expenses increased to Rs 71.99 crore from Rs 70.88 crore in the same period of the prior year. The combined net loss decreased from Rs 35.78 crore in the previous fiscal year to Rs 33.33 crore in 2022–23.
  • The EBITDA comparable for the year is marginally lower by Rs 86 lakh.
  • “With a decline in generation, the current fiscal is a mild one for wind availability. This is anticipated to be recovered from an early start to the wind season the following year, according to T Shivaraman, managing director and CEO. REC (renewable energy certificates) trade resumed in the previous year, resulting in a one-time gain of Rs 2,465 lakh, he claimed.


Orient Green is available as GREENPOWER on NSE.

The following platforms can be used to buy GREENPOWER shares:

  • Zerodha
  • Upstox
  • Groww
  • AngelOne
  • ICICIDirect

Orient Green Power Share Price Target 2023-2030

Orient Green Power Stock Price Target 2023

Orient Green Power
Share Price
Maximum Price (INR) Minimum Price (INR)
May 2023 10.05 9.10
June 2023 11.85 10.00
July 2023 11.77149235 10.70135668
August 2023 12.94864158 11.77149235
September 2023 13.59607366 12.36006696
October 2023 12.94864158 11.77149235
November 2023 14.24350574 12.94864158
December 2023 14.52837585 13.20761441

The second quarter of 2023 may see a little upside for investors in the given Orient Green Shares price estimates, at the end of the year, the price goal for Orient Green stock is expected to be 14.52INR.

Orient Green Power Share Price Target 2024

When Maximum Price (INR) Minimum Price (INR)
January 2024 14.67512713 13.34102466
February 2024 15.12899704 13.75363367
March 2024 15.35938785 13.96307987
April 2024 13.96307987 12.69370897
May 2024 11.63589989 10.57809081
June 2024 13.96307987 12.69370897
July 2024 14.66123386 13.32839442
August 2024 16.12735725 14.66123386
September 2024 16.93372511 15.39429555
October 2024 16.12735725 14.66123386
November 2024 16.61117796 15.10107088
December 2024 16.94340152 15.40309229

The most current forecasts say that 2024 will have both highs and lows, but it is expected that investors in the Orient Green stock value predictions will still earn money despite the market’s ups and downs.

The maximum price for the month of December is anticipated to be Rs. 16.94, making it the month with the highest value of the maximum price for this year. The minimum price for the month of December is anticipated to be Rs. 13.34.

Orient Green Power Stock Price Prediction 2025

Orient Green Power Share Price Prediction Maximum Price (INR) Minimum Price (INR)
January 2025 16.09623145 14.63293768
February 2025 15.29141988 13.9012908
March 2025 16.05599087 14.59635534
April 2025 14.33570613 13.03246012
May 2025 15.58228928 14.16571752
June 2025 17.1405182 15.58228928
July 2025 16.32430305 14.8402755
August 2025 14.8402755 13.49115955
September 2025 15.58228928 14.16571752
October 2025 14.8402755 13.49115955
November 2025 15.58228928 14.16571752
December 2025 16.67304952 15.15731775

Stockholders might expect a minimal loss for Orient Green share price target 2025. The anticipated graph for Orient Green stock value predictions illustrates that the year has witnessed substantial variation while remaining reasonably stable. The June share market price of Rs. 17.14 is the highest in comparison to the other months this year.

Orient Green Share Price Target 2026-2030

Orient Green Share Price Maximum Price (INR) Minimum Price (INR)
2026 19.67419844 17.7067786
2027 23.80578011 21.4252021
2028 28.56693613 25.71024252
2029 33.70898464 30.33808617
2030 36.40570341 32.76513307


How much money does Orient Green now have in its market capitalization?

The current valuation of Orient Green on the stock market is INR 671 crore.

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What was the highest price for an Orient Green share during the past year and a half?

The share price of Orient Green reached a 52-week high of Rs 13.25 and a 52-week low of Rs Rs.6.8 during this period.

How can I do a quick analysis of Orient Green Stock?

Orient Green Share may be easily assessed on these important metrics: the stock’s PE is 20.34, the price-to-book ratio is 1.31, and the EPS is 0.44. The Orient Green shares price target 2030 is Rs. 36.40.

What is Orient Green Share Price Target of 2025?

Orient Green Share Price Target 2025: Rs. 16.67

What is Orient Green Share Price Target of 2030?

Orient Green Share Price Target 2030: Rs.36.40570341

Can Orient Green Share Price Reach Rs.50?

I think Orient Green Share Price can reach Rs.50 by 2040.

Can Orient Green Share Price Reach Rs.100?

I think Orient Green Share Price can reach Rs.50 by 2050.


According to the Economic Times, Orient Green Stock returned 253.19% during a three-year period, which is much more than the Nifty Smallcap 100’s return of 62.49%.

Furthermore, the stock had a return of 253.19% when compared to the S&P BSE Power index, which generated a return of 143.46% over a three-year period.

Despite their debt, it is feasible that they may be able to turn things around in the next years. The Orient Green Share price target 2030 is predicted to reach Rs. 16.67.

For Future Reading:

Should You Invest in Orient Green Power Shares in 2023?

Promoter holdings in Orient Green are approx 32.53%. The promoter’s interests are committed in large part. Whereas general public holds 56.67% of the company.

For the past three months, foreign institutional ownership of the company has remained essentially steady. The company’s overall outlook might not seem profitable right now, but our experts think it will become better over time.

Considering long-term Orient stock price estimates, it could finally make sense to purchase and hold Orient Green Power shares in 2023 given that the current price is reasonable and investors can purchase a sizable number of shares right away and buyers can make huge gains at this time as the price is not as expensive as it is going to be in the near future.

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