2 New Marketing Moves in 2020

If you’re a business owner, you know much you’ve had to adopt new practices, reevaluate how and where your employees work and how you reach customers when your storefront may have been shut down for months because of pandemic-related lockdowns. Eyal Gutentag, an established and results-driven performance marketing leader, knows your struggle and has studied and analyzed just how different business, marketing and sales will be from now on. As a business owner or marketing professional, don’t let these unknown variables scare you. Instead, staying active and up to date on what’s trending in marketing will help you stay afloat and ahead of shifting business models. Here are two marketing moves you should know about.

1. If Your Customers Have Questions, a Bot Should Be There To Help

Online platforms are wonderful because they allow your customers to learn all about what you offer without having to venture inside a store or pick up the phone and call. Chatbot technology is becoming more prevalent than ever, answering any questions customers have. AI technology will be very beneficial to employ in your business because you don’t have to pay someone overtime to sit there and answer questions, and bots are available 24/7. You can literally be there for your customers whenever they want.

2. You Need To Use Video More Often

People are spending less time in person with co-workers, friends and consumers, so videos are a great way to bring someone in and keep them connected even if they haven’t been to your business in a long time. Videos are essential for engagement online and can be a great way to sell and advertise products. While recorded videos are great, see why live streaming is more popular on social media now than ever before.

Technology is always adapting, and trends shift to maintain relevancy. As a business owner, keeping your business on trend will help you stay connected with customers and in business for years to come.


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