HDFC Bank Poised for Robust Growth Across Segments, Chairman Atanu Chakraborty Asserts

In a groundbreaking move set to redefine India’s financial landscape, HDFC Bank, the nation’s largest private sector bank, expects a prosperous future with vigorous expansion across diverse sectors in the next 5 to 6 years. The merger between HDFC Bank and HDFC Ltd., India’s oldest and most prominent mortgage lending firm, officially took effect on July 1, propelling the combined entity to new heights.


In an exclusive interview with CNBC-TV18, Chairman Atanu Chakraborty revealed that the bank is geared up for a steady growth trajectory in the housing, micro small and medium enterprises (MSME), corporate, retail, and priority sector lending segments. The merger empowers the bank to offer customers of HDFC Ltd. access to a gamut of financial products, including insurance and personal loans, at highly competitive rates through its expansive network.

With the backing of a wider branch network, totaling an impressive 8,344 branches as of March 2023, Chakraborty emphasizes that the amalgamated entity is poised to deliver healthy net interest margins (NIMs), fortifying its position as a leading financial institution. As the bank embraces digital transformation, the goal is to create a seamless customer journey and expand its presence both physically and digitally.

Managing Director and CEO, Sashidar Jagdishan, echoes this sentiment, expressing optimism about the future and envisioning an ambitious growth rate that could potentially spawn a new HDFC Bank every four years. The bank’s unwavering commitment to providing competitive rates to home buyers and entrepreneurs further solidifies its stance as a market leader.

Amidst an environment of declining inflation, which reached a 25-month low of 4.25 percent in May 2023, Chakraborty advocates for vigilance against stagnant core inflation and a lack of growth on a global scale. However, he remains bullish on India’s mortgage market, highlighting its current modest share of only 11 percent of the country’s GDP compared to higher figures in other Asian economies like China.

The much-anticipated merger, conceived in April 2022 and finally realized on July 1, brings together HDFC Bank and HDFC Ltd., with the latter acquiring a 41 percent stake in the bank. Eminent figures from HDFC Ltd., Keki Mistry, and Renu Karnad, are set to join the HDFC Bank board, ushering in a new era of synergistic collaboration.

For shareholders, the long-awaited merger offers promising prospects, as HDFC Bank will now be entirely owned by the public, with existing HDFC shareholders holding a significant 41 percent stake in the banking powerhouse. This transformative union positions the combined entity as an indomitable force in India’s banking industry, ready to propel the nation’s economic growth and meet the surging demands of the dynamic market.

In conclusion, with the amalgamation of HDFC Bank and HDFC Ltd., readers can anticipate a financial juggernaut ready to embrace innovation, seize opportunities, and set new benchmarks in the ever-evolving landscape of India’s financial sector. The road ahead promises growth, prosperity, and an unparalleled customer experience, cementing HDFC Bank’s position as the harbinger of change in the nation’s banking realm.

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Author: Sneha Saha

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