D-Street about to witness IPO frenzy in 2023

The IPO pipeline for the year 2023 seems to be strong enough with around 54 companies waiting for approval from SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). These 54 companies are planning to raise around ₹ 84,000 crore post approval. Apart from these companies another 33 companies are awaiting the regulator nod to initiate the process. These companies are planning to raise around ₹57,000 crore.

The overall metrics around these 87 companies witness a massive polarisation. Out of these companies around 8 of them are recently incorporated new age technology companies. These 8 companies are raising around ₹29,000 crore from the market. These statistics point towards the fact that D-Street will witness a strong IPO pipeline for the year 2023.

Market analysts have observed that although the year has a strong IPO pipeline, most of these IPOs are mid-sized in nature. The market will have to wait before it will witness another large sized deal. The reasons attributed to such a dearth of large sized deals is due to a lack of interest from various FPIs.

Apart from this SEBI has allowed users to initiate processes to file confidential papers for IPO. This process allows an individual to file the papers for IPO processes to the regulator for review without declaring it to the public. This allows companies to delay the public filing process until a date which is much nearer to the IPO filing date.

Author: Govind Rawat

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