Cardano Ecosystem: What Projects are getting Built on Cardano?

Cardano is distinguished as an exceptionally innovative and captivating blockchain venture in the industry. Often referred to as a “Third-Generation” blockchain network, it receives acclaim for its advanced cryptography and superior functionality when compared to older, slower, and less efficient blockchains like Ethereum.

Projects on Cardano

Amidst the dynamic landscape of Web3 and the expanding blockchain sector, alternative networks such as Solana, Avalanche, NEAR, and Cardano are experiencing significant popularity. These projects are acknowledged for their cutting-edge features, with numerous leading projects and decentralized applications (DApps) emerging within their ecosystems. Today, we are exploring the top 7 DApps and projects on the Cardano platform.

It’s important to note that this list of 7 Cardano projects is not exhaustive. The Cardano network is currently fostering thousands of projects, each contributing to its growth. These selected 7 projects are merely a glimpse into the vibrant developments on the Cardano network, ones that I believe are particularly noteworthy and worth keeping an eye on.

What is Cardano?

Cardano stands as an open-source Proof-of-Stake public blockchain platform, distinguishing itself as the first network rooted in peer-reviewed research and constructed through evidence-based methodologies.

Integrating cutting-edge technologies, Cardano ensures the highest level of security achievable in the blockchain realm. It prides itself on maintaining sustainable decentralization, eco-friendliness, and aims to bring benefits to applications, systems, and societies. The platform asserts its ability to address challenges faced by other blockchain networks and addresses industry needs related to scalability, interoperability, and regulation.

Established in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of Ethereum, the project is managed by the Cardano Foundation in Zug, Switzerland. The research and development aspects are handled by IOG (previously IOHK), a blockchain engineering company also founded by Hoskinson.

Top 7 Cardano Projects 

1.MinSwap (MIN)

MinSwap (MIN) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Cardano blockchain, akin to Uniswap on Ethereum or PancakeSwap on Binance. DEXs play a vital role in blockchain ecosystems, enabling users to trade digital assets seamlessly. In Cardano, MinSwap has outperformed its predecessor SundaeSwap, dominating in Total Value Locked (TVL). With over 52% dominance, MinSwap stands as a cornerstone in Cardano’s competitive DEX landscape. It incorporates innovative features like a multi-function liquidity pool and the Babel fee mechanism, allowing users to pay transaction fees in different tokens. MinSwap also offers diverse DeFi products, including fair distribution, yield farming, launchpad support, and governance. The platform’s MIN token, launched fairly without private or VC rounds, further enhances community involvement and benefits. MinSwap’s success positions it as a robust and user-friendly DEX in the Cardano ecosystem.

2.Indigo (INDY)

Indigo (INDY) operates as a decentralized synthetic assets protocol on the Cardano blockchain. It empowers users to create synthetic assets, called iAssets, using smart contracts. Unlike wrapped assets tied to deposits on another chain, iAssets, like iBTC (synthetic Bitcoin), derive their values from monitored real-world assets via a price Oracle. This approach ensures accuracy in mimicking the price movements of external assets within the Cardano ecosystem. With a focus on Real World Assets (RWAs), Indigo Protocol is strategically positioned to leverage blockchain’s transformative potential on Cardano. Notably, it has achieved substantial growth, boasting a Total Value Locked (TVL) exceeding $99 million.


MELD (MELD) emerged as a significant player in Cardano’s early DeFi scene, gaining attention with robust marketing, a strong team, and notable partnerships. Despite dropping from the top ten DApps on Cardano, MELD remains the 22nd largest project with over 600 million ADA staked. It pioneered a complete banking stack on Cardano, resembling Aave but with fiat support. MELD offers decentralized, borderless, and secure services, allowing users to borrow, earn yield, retain asset ownership, and stake. While some features are in Beta, MELD’s ambitious roadmap includes a groundbreaking debit card, aligning with its goal to decentralize financial services, making it stand out in the DeFi landscape.

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4.Cornucopias (COPI)

Cornucopias (COPI) stands out as a noteworthy gaming project on Cardano, offering a blockchain-based platform called “The Island.” In this Play-to-Earn, Build-to-Earn, and Learn-to-Earn metaverse, players can be rewarded with crypto, own virtual land, craft NFTs for sale, and even earn while learning. Themed zones like “Wild West” and “Farm Life” provide diverse gameplay, including mini-games and creative item design. Cornucopias innovatively combines gaming with real-world commerce, attracting entrepreneurs, builders, and gamers worldwide. Unlike many blockchain games, Cornucopias aims to be a Triple-A game on Cardano, utilizing the advanced Unreal 5 gaming engine for high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay. The project holds great potential for reshaping the blockchain gaming landscape.

5.Empowa (EMP)

Empowa (EMP) stands out as a meaningful project, reminding us that cryptocurrency goes beyond flashy gains. Originating from the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, crypto emerged as a needed alternative to a flawed financial system. Empowa, the first RealFi property platform on Cardano, integrates technology, sustainable building, and decentralized finance for inclusive progress. With a focus on Africa, Empowa aims to offer affordable housing and banking services, tackling systemic challenges hindering economic and property growth. Using Cardano’s blockchain and DeFi, Empowa creates opportunities for sustainable community development, allowing individuals to participate through the EMP utility token and showcase their contributions with Empowa NFTs.

6.Djed (DJED)

Djed (DJED) stands out as an algorithmic stablecoin, backed by SHEN and ADA. Unlike Luna’s past issues, Djed on Cardano is unique, offering a stablecoin with a different approach. To grasp Djed, it’s crucial to understand COTI (Currency of The Internet), a payment solution with efficient transaction processing using a directed acyclic graph (DAG), akin to IOTA. Djed’s stablecoin is distinguished by its formal verification for price stability, regarded by some as the most advanced in the crypto stablecoin realm. Aligned with Cardano’s meticulous ethos, Djed operates like an autonomous bank, ensuring precise and mathematically proven stability claims – a testament to Cardano’s commitment to excellence.

7.Revuto (REVU)

Revuto (REVU) presents one of the simplest yet ingenious real-world use cases in the crypto realm. This Cardano DApp tackles the common hassle of managing numerous subscriptions. Think of it like those old infomercials – Revuto acts as a central account, simplifying subscription payments while giving users full control. Paying in Revuto’s native token brings added perks like subscription discounts and cashback rewards. The brilliance extends further – these Revuto tokens can be used for staking, letting users save on subscriptions and earn passive APY over time. It’s a win-win, offering convenience and financial benefits to users.

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The Cardano ecosystem has witnessed remarkable innovation, particularly after the successful deployment of Alonzo, ushering in smart contract functionality. The rapid growth and development on Cardano now position it as a formidable Ethereum alternative. Despite initial delays, the network has gained momentum, showcasing admirable growth even in bearish market conditions. Cardano’s trajectory toward improvement is evident, with ongoing scaling solutions and upgrades. The network’s future appears promising, poised for significant advancement in the next bull market, fueled by rising interest from both retail and institutional players. Notably, Cardano’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the emphasis on community development projects make it a standout choice in the blockchain space.

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