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With everything getting digitalized, from education to economy this new app called the BHIM App has been developed by NPCI for online transaction through our smartphones. The BHIM, Bharat Interface for Money has made online transaction more easy and secure. It was officially launched by Narendra Modi. The BHIM app is named after the father of our constitution, B.R Ambedkar. It benefits the customers with e-payments directly through their banks. This was launched as a by-product of 2016 Indian banknote demonetization. This initiates Indian citizens to go cashless and digital transactions, through a safe and secure process.

This app supports all the Banks in India that uses UPI. This can be used in every smartphone. This app lets its user make any transaction using the UPI address. This is the only app that allows transfer money from one bank to the other. Other mobile wallets do not let its users transact money from a bank to the other. This app does not need any biometric verification if only the Aadhaar number is given as the payment ID. It is best for the merchant-seller-buyer money transactions.


Steps to Download the BHIM App

The BHIM app is the most used wallet across the country. It has gradually gained its fame and trust among its users. The users are satisfied with its service. But for those who still have not used this app for money transactions and looking for a more detailed manual to download this app, then here is a more detailed steps to how download this app :-

  1. The BHIM app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
  2. You can open the Google Play Store on your phone
  3. Search ‘BHIM’ in the search bar
  4. Click on the search icon to initiate the searching
  5. The BHIM app will appear on the screen
  6. Click on it
  7. Then start the installation of the app by clicking on the Install button.

Steps to Register on the BHIM app

After the installation process is finished, then comes the process of registration on the app with your identity and bank details. The registration process is thoroughly described below ;-

  1. Click on the BHIM app downloaded on your device.
  2. The first thing that appears is a dialogue box asking you to create a Passcode. This passcode is an important part. It may only work as an access code but keeps away any other individual other than the user himself/herself from accessing it accidentally.
  3. After this step, comes the part where you have to choose the name of the bank from which you are availing the service. You have to then link your bank account with the BHIM app.
  4. After this, you will be asked to create a UPI PIN. This PIN is required to avail the account balance, transferring and receiving money from any other bank or any individual. The PIN can be set by getting back to the Home Page, main-menu after that Accounts-Set and then set your UPI PIN, and clicking on Bank Accounts.
  5. You will be later asked to enter your Debit/ATM card’s last 6 digits with the mentioned expiry date on the card.
  6. You will receive an One-time Password (OTP), you have to enter this and then you will be able to create your UPI PIN. A new and fresh PIN must be created to utilize the BHIM account. The MPIN that has been provided to you by your bank for mobile banking.
  7. After completing all this steps you are now ready to use the BHIM app for transactions.

Some important notes:-

Some important notes to keep in mind before you try to open an account in the BHIM app

  1. You should have an account in Indian bank to open an account in the BHIM app.
  2. There are a lot of fake BHIM app available on the play store but the genuine one is of just 2mb.
  3. The BHIM app is currently on its 4.1.1 version and also above.
  4. The BHIM app only allows to link one bank account at a moment. But you can switch accounts if you have two bank accounts. As soon as you switch the page shows the last four digits of your bank account with its IFSC code. This is the only way you can be sure that your account is linked correctly.
  5. The maximum transactions that can be made by the BHIM app is 10. If the transaction limit is reached the user has to wait another 24hrs from the last transaction made to create any further transactions.
  6. This app is built over IMPS, Immediate Payment Service.
  7. 30 plus banks across India are availing and offering this service.

Features of the BHIM app

Some quality features of the BHIM app are:-

  1. It allows its users to transact money from a bank to other. This facility is not given by any mobile wallets available in the market.
  2. You can even send money to the accounts which are not based on UPI, by scanning the QR code and IFSC code with the bank account.
  3. It allows to check the current account balance.
  4. You can use multiple accounts by switching from one to the other.
  5. You can even use phone numbers from the phone book of your phone to send or even receive money.
  6. You can check the transaction history.
  7. If you are using your account for business related transaction, you can then create a QR code for all your transactions.
  8. No charges are applied on transactions made between INR 1 to INR 100,000.
  9. The BHIM app currently supports 13 languages. But this is expected to be extended to 22 Languages.
  10. This app can be used on any device.


Of all the mobile wallets that are available in the market this is the most used one. BHIM app is also completely secure for any kind of transaction. Moreover, this is a government oriented mobile wallet which directly makes it more dependable.

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