Why Sales Organizations Should Switch to VoIP Systems

Digital VoIP systems are increasingly gaining ground as the preferred phone system for many companies. The switch to softphones is especially useful in the sales industries for the following reasons.

Facilitate Follow-up

VOIP SystemWith so many choices available to consumers, and companies vying for their business, timely follow-up and response can decide who wins a customer’s allegiance. Unlike traditional analog phone systems that send a caller to voicemail if the recipient is away from a desk, softphone VoIP systems enable users to maintain communication with customers by allowing them to receive calls and messages on a choice of portable devices.


Share Documents and Files 

VOIP SystemWhen timely follow-up makes a difference between closing or losing a sale, VoIP systems make it convenient for sales and service professionals to promptly communicate pictures, documents, and invoices to clients without anything more complicated than a phone.




Forward Calls to Text of Email

VOIP SystemOften voice messages are not immediately apparent and can go unanswered. VoIP systems can transcribe voice messages to text or email, making them easier to see and track when a salesperson is unable to speak.




Location No Longer Matters

VOIP SystemSales representatives often provide multiple phone numbers to ensure that their clients can reach them. Dialing multiple numbers before reaching a salesperson can be inconvenient for potential customers. A VoIP system takes the guesswork away customers can use the same number to reach salespeople at their desks, on the road, or anywhere.




Integrates with CRM

VOIP SystemWith VoIP systems, salespeople don’t need to stay confined to a desk or wait until they return to it to access information in a Client Retention Management (CRM) system. VoIP systems that integrate with CRM mean that salespeople can continue to sell from anywhere in the world.

A switch to softphones from desk phones is a practical way to increase sales and customer satisfaction for sales organizations.


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