SUI Ecosystem: What Projects are getting Built on SUI?

The Sui Network stands as an innovative Layer 1 blockchain, breaking new ground by offering a permissionless platform designed to empower creators and developers in tailoring experiences for the emerging wave of web3 users. This pioneering blockchain is dedicated to providing instantaneous settlement and high throughput for cutting-edge, latency-sensitive decentralized applications (dApps) that define the next generation of digital experiences.

Projects on SUI

Inspired by the fluidity of water, the Sui Network embraces adaptability and versatility at its core, propelling the web3 movement forward. Powered by Sui Move, a smart contract programming language derived from the core Move language, the Sui platform seeks to address the limitations faced by developers using Ethereum’s Solidity. With its high throughput and efficiency, Sui positions itself as a formidable contender against Ethereum and other perceived “Ethereum killers,” offering developers a robust solution for building dApps across diverse blockchain networks. The native token, SUI, plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem, serving for gas fees and staking as validators to contribute to block production on the Sui blockchain.

Exciting Ventures in the Sui Ecosystem Worth Keeping an Eye On

In the dynamic world of the Sui blockchain, even during its testnet phase, there’s a remarkable buzz among BUIDLers. The Sui ecosystem is already buzzing with a variety of native and cross-chain decentralized applications (dApps) spanning DeFi, gaming, infrastructure, and social sectors.

Here’s a sneak peek into some standout projects gaining momentum within the Sui network:

1.OmniBTC – Bridging Financial Horizons

Discover OmniBTC, a decentralized omnichain financial hub designed for the dynamic web3 ecosystem. This innovative platform empowers users to effortlessly swap assets and lend BTC seamlessly across diverse blockchain networks. Operating on the robust DOLA protocol, OmniBTC introduces a groundbreaking feature, allowing users to borrow stablecoins with BTC on any chain and execute asset swaps between two chains with just a single click, all within an eco-friendly, low-consumption environment.

OmniBTC surpasses traditional norms by consolidating Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) on Sui. This breakthrough unlocks cross-chain functionalities, allowing Sui users to seamlessly exchange tokens within diverse multi-VM ecosystems, including EVM and Move-VM. This not only elevates the trading experience but also enables Sui users to actively participate in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities such as lending, borrowing, and depositing crypto assets across various networks. OmniBTC serves as a symbol of the decentralized finance evolution, delivering a smooth and adaptable financial experience in the web3 era.

2.Cetus Protocol – Unleashing Liquidity Dynamics

Embark on a journey with Cetus Protocol, an avant-garde decentralized exchange (DEX) and concentrated liquidity protocol seamlessly navigating the realms of both the Sui and Aptos blockchains. At the heart of its operation lies a dynamic and adaptable liquidity network, a beacon of accessibility for traders across all levels and assets. Cetus Protocol is on a mission to redefine the trading experience for the decentralized finance (DeFi) community, focusing on delivering unmatched liquidity efficiency through its innovative concentrated liquidity protocol and a suite of interoperable functional modules.

A distinctive feature that sets Cetus apart is its concentrated liquidity protocol, granting users entry to highly concentrated liquidity pools that facilitate asset trading with minimal slippage. Complementing this, the platform’s affiliate interoperable functional modules play a pivotal role in enhancing user experience, offering an array of advanced trading tools and features. Anchored by a double-token model featuring CETUS and xCETUS, the CETUS token offers users diverse utilities, including the unique ability to boost farming rewards from specific pools, providing an avenue for users to optimize their yield in the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance. Cetus Protocol emerges as a beacon of innovation, setting a new standard for decentralized exchanges and liquidity protocols.

3.Umi Protocol – Navigating DeFi Terrain with Versatility

Meet Umi, Sui’s inaugural decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator, paving the way for a seamless DeFi experience. Umi stands out by merging various Automated Market Makers (AMMs), order books, and liquidity protocols, ensuring DeFi enthusiasts access profound liquidity, optimal swap routes, and competitive exchange rates for their token trades. Umi Protocol takes advantage of a graph search algorithm to identify the most advantageous swap routes for DeFi traders, complemented by a user-friendly API that promises a fluid and swift interface.

Initially developed on the Aptos blockchain, Umi Protocol has swiftly captivated the attention of DeFi users since its inception in 2021. Offering developers and professional traders an enhanced trading experience, Umi’s Software Development Kit (SDK) and API elevate trading efficiency and provide increased versatility in navigating the decentralized financial landscape.

4.Magic Egg – GameFi Adventures Unleashed

Step into the enchanting world of the Magic Egg NFT collection, showcasing 5,000 adorable doe-eyed eggs. Dive into the magical realm by minting these charming eggs within the confines of the Magic Academy, an immersive GameFi experience designed for players to unlock mystical spells and connect with a vibrant community. Once the game launches, NFT holders can elevate their experience by staking their precious Magic Eggs in the Meditation Room, reaping magic shards as a delightful reward.

These magic shards serve as the key to unlocking a realm of opportunities within the GameFi space through the Legend Portal. Brace yourself for thrilling challenges as players can engage in friendly competitions, embark on quests to earn rewards, and level up within this captivating gaming universe. The Magic Egg collection not only promises visual delight but also opens doors to a rewarding and interactive gaming experience.

5.Supra Oracle – Bridging Traditional and Web3 Sectors

Meet Supra, a leading decentralized oracle network in the cryptocurrency industry, committed to bridging the gap between traditional capital markets and the flourishing web3 sector. Supra sets itself apart with its innovative consensus mechanism, robust cross-chain interoperability features, and an impressive transaction finality time of less than five seconds. This unique combination enables Sui’s decentralized applications (dApps) to efficiently access real-world data on-chain.

Supra Oracle is on a mission to tackle the complex quadrilemma of decentralization, scalability, security, and finality— a challenge that many existing blockchain oracle solutions struggle to navigate successfully. The Supra Oracle testnet is already making waves across 33 blockchains, offering support for Solidity/EVM-based blockchains and Move-based networks like Sui and Aptos. With its cutting-edge technology, Supra is poised to redefine how dApps seamlessly integrate real-world information into the blockchain space.

6.SuiPad – Empowering Crypto Projects

SuiPad stands as a decentralized launchpad at the heart of the Sui ecosystem, developed in collaboration with Mysten Labs, the driving force behind the Sui blockchain. This launchpad takes a community-centric approach, ushering in a new era for promising crypto projects on the Sui network through Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs). It goes beyond the norm, providing a meticulously curated and personalized token launch experience designed to cater to both projects and investors.

Within the SuiPad platform, users gain access to early-stage token sales for carefully vetted Tier-1 projects, all facilitated through its flagship product. The native token, SUIP, serves as the lifeblood of the SuiPad ecosystem, allowing users to actively participate in IDOs by staking their SUIP tokens.

7.YouSUI – Bridging Dreams and Funding for Game Developers

YouSUI emerges as a launchpad within the Sui Network, offering a unique opportunity for independent game developers and projects to secure funds through the sale of in-game tokens and NFTs. Beyond fundraising, YouSUI’s NFT Marketplace simplifies trading activities by enabling users to seamlessly trade NFTs acquired through INO (Initial NFT Offerings) without navigating to external marketplaces.

The project’s vision extends beyond the confines of the Sui blockchain, with plans to expand cross-chain, welcoming diverse projects. Additionally, YouSUI is committed to providing incubation services and technical assistance to existing blockchain and gaming ventures seeking a migration to the vibrant Sui ecosystem.

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8.SuiPunks – Pioneering NFT Collection on Sui

SuiPunks, the pioneering NFT collection on the Sui blockchain, has been in the works since August 2022. Comprising 3993 unique SuiPunks PFPs (Profile Picture Frames), this collection offers a distinctive opportunity for its holders to solidify their position as early supporters of the Sui network.

Throughout its development journey, the project has orchestrated various engaging events to connect with its community. These include a testnet Initial DEX Offering (IDO), the introduction of OAT (Official Avatar Testnet), memorial NFT minting on Sui Testnet Wave2, devnet NFT minting, and launchpad minting on BlueMove during Testnet Wave1. Being a holder of SuiPunks NFTs comes with the distinct privilege of being acknowledged as robust contributors and partners within the vibrant Sui ecosystem.

9.Sui Wallet – Your Gateway to Sui’s Web3 Realm

Meet Sui Wallet, the endorsed web3 wallet designed exclusively for the Sui blockchain community. This non-custodial gem comes in the form of a browser extension, providing users with a secure space to store and oversee their SUI tokens along with other tokens and NFTs on the network.

Sui Wallet doesn’t just stop at storage; it seamlessly links up with Sui-based decentralized applications (dApps) and allows users to explore their transaction history through Sui Explorer. Excitingly, the Sui Wallet goes a step further by enabling users to stake their SUI tokens, unlocking a pathway to earning enticing rewards. It’s not just a wallet; it’s your gateway to a seamless and rewarding experience within the Sui ecosystem.

10.BrandFace – Elevating Engagement in the Web3 Space

Enter BrandFace, a prominent player in the web2 realm, facilitating brands in connecting with their audience through crowdsourced and collaboratively crafted video content. Now, this innovative business is venturing into the web3 domain, revamping its video platform with the robust support of Sui’s advanced infrastructure.

BrandFace aspires to evolve into the ultimate API for Creativity. In its vision, the platform will provide brands with a dynamic marketplace, serving as a centralized hub where they can efficiently oversee, consistently gather, and access precisely tailored content that resonates with their brand personas. As BrandFace steps into the web3 space, it aims to redefine the landscape of creative interaction between brands and consumers.

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In the vibrant tapestry of the SUI ecosystem, a diverse array of cutting-edge projects is taking shape, each contributing to the dynamic evolution of the web3 landscape.
As these projects unfold, they not only solidify SUI’s position as a technological
leader but also beckon a promising future for decentralized innovation.

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