SBI DD Charges, Latest DD Charges in SBI 2021

You must come across this article looking for the latest information about ‘SBI DD Charges.’ To be honest, you are in the right place. There is no doubt. The State Bank of India is growing rapidly. This bank is one of the largest government-owned banks in India. For instance, the State Bank of India has more bank branches, ATM’s than any other bank in India.

However, this article is all about providing information on the latest charges for opening demand draft in the SBI bank account. Here, we have added complete information about the same. 

SBI DD Charges

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What is Demand Draft or DD?

The demand draft (DD) is a negotiable instrument issued by the bank to its clients. The person who is requesting a demand draft from the bank is known as a drawer, and the person whose name is issued in the DD is known as drawee.

You need to understand the meaning of the demand draft and its charges before requesting it from the bank. 

Latest SBI DD Charges

There is a different rate for requesting DD from any bank. For instance, every public and private sector bank has different rates for requesting demand drafts. The DD fee depends on the amount of DD. 

For example,

  • The charge of issuing demand drafts of up to Rs 5,000 is INR 25 Rs.
  • The charge of issuing demand drafts from Rs. 5,000 to Rs, 10,000 is INR 50 Rs.
  • The charge of issuing demand drafts from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 lakh is Rs.5 per Rs.1000
  • The charge of issuing demand drafts of Rs 1 Lac or more is INR 4 Rs per lac. The minimum amount should be 600, and the maximum amount can be up to Rs 2,000.

SBI DD Charges

All the SBI DD charges mentioned above are the latest inclusive of GST. You do not have to pay anything extra for requesting a demand draft from SBI. Furthermore, you can look for the latest updates on its official website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions are always asked of us. The reason we are adding this section is to answer every common question. Let’s have a look.

How to open SBI Demand Draft?

You can quickly open the SBI demand draft by visiting the bank near your location. However, this can be also done online using the internet banking service.

Can we open SBI DD online?

Yes, it is possible to open SBI DD online.

What are the SBI DD charges for opening through internet banking?

The charges are the same as mentioned in this article for opening SBI DD online through the State Bank of India internet banking.

Bottom Line

Here we come at the end. This article was all related to providing detailed information about SBI latest demand draft charges in 2021. For instance, the charges we have mentioned above are the latest. You can also confirm the same by visiting the bank.

If there is anything else to ask? You can come to us using the contact page or comments section.

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