Is There Any Insurance for Bricklayers? What More Should You Know

Insurance backing for any kind of job is important. This is something known by every tradesman in the business game for a long time. In terms of accidents from their end, the insurance can protect their bank balance from hefty compensation.

If you are a tradesman in the building industry, then the requirement for insurance increases. Whether it is because of the number of accidents inevitable on a construction site or if it damages someone else’s property or causes physical injury towards others.

Accidents can happen, and if you can’t control these, then at least the insurance can protect you and your workers from quite the financial loss.

In this excerpt below, we will discuss the different insurance for bricklayers. Since they consist of the people who do most of the hard labour, as a tradesman, it is your duty to protect them as well.

This is how you are going to do so!


Insurance For Bricklayers

Bricklayers insurance covers a few mishaps which can happen during the job and for which the work itself might require medical attention or damage reparation. These include:

  • Injury of the bricklayer during the job.
  • Any form of physical injury caused to other bystanders by the construction worker. This is when the other injured party might file a personal injury case towards the company, vis a vis the bricklayer.
  • The bricklayers caused other property damage during the work.

Different Bricklayer’s Insurance As Provided By Some Top Insurance Providers

Here are the different customised insurances which could make dealing with accidents and legal cases much easier. We suggest you call the best experts in the field to help you navigate the insurance process.

A good bricklayers insurance provider is an attorney who can form the policy from their legal knowledge.

Coming back to the different insurances:

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  • The insurance covers can range from £70 to 1 million. These are approximate numbers since it clearly depends on your chosen insurance provider.
  • It covers a special bricklaying task at a depth of 2 metres.
  • Also covers any accident happening through bricklaying or building work at a height of 15 metres.
  • You can claim ₹500 minimum upon every claim.
  • Since the nature of these accidents is unpredictable, a good insurance provider will provide you with a no-interest monthly payment option for your insurance account to be ready in times of emergency.
  • Some insurances will also cover employee liability insurance as an add-on.

This employee liability insurance is for the tradesman to protect their business. Employee liability is a legal claim that every employee can make on the ground of any injury in the field of work. Especially if they are bedridden and their main source of income is gone.

This will help the company to offer this compensation without having to spend too much time on legal matters and ruining the relationship with the worker in the process.

How To Look For A Good Bricklayer Insurance Provider

Now that you know the different types of builder’s insurance out there and why it is mandatory for every construction business tradesman, then here is how you can scout for the best one in the market.

  • They will provide a variety of insurance depending on the type of case and won’t ask you to get one that serves all insurance policies.
  • There will be no hidden or admin fee upon signing in to the insurance program.
  • They provide a good interest rate for your investment, something preferably better than their competitors. This is why you should do some research beforehand.
  • The signing-in process to avail of the insurance service should be easy and provide both offline and online mediums.
  • Documentation is almost instant and less complicated when you go to claim insurance.
  • A minimum amount is provided for every claim.
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