Hitachi Energy India Share Price Target 2023 to 2030: Can Hitachi touch 10,000 INR by 2025?

Hitachi Energy  (NSE: POWERINDIA) has been causing a stir in the energy sector with its cutting-edge approaches and dedication to sustainability. Hitachi Energy has positioned itself as a vital actor in the transition to a cleaner, greener future as more and more nations turn to renewable energy sources.

Investors are naturally interested in the company’s potential for growth and profitability, and many of them wonder whether Hitachi Energy is a suitable stock to buy. The share price target for Hitachi Energy from 2023 to 2030 will be discussed in this article along with potential influences on its trajectory.

Recent events show Hitachi Energy’s commitment to growing its reach and remaining on top of trends, such as the establishment of a new power system factory in Chennai to fulfil the increased demand for electricity. We’ll go into detail about what this means for the company’s financial outlook and what potential investors should consider when thinking about investing in this burgeoning energy company.

The firm reported sales of 1,336.3 Cr in Q4FY23, an increase of 17% YoY from 1,142.1 Cr in Q4FY22. The firm got total orders of 1,262.0 Cr for the quarter that ended in March 2023, up from 1,043.6 Cr during the quarter that ended in January–March 222. The order backlog is INR 7,071 crore as of March 31, 2023. The net profit of Hitachi Energy India for the quarter under review was 50.8 Cr, down 1.7% YoY from 51.7 Cr in the same period last year. However, the net profit is up 1009.4% YoY from 4.6 Cr reported in Q3FY23. For the full year ended March 31, 2023, orders totalled INR 6,817.2 crores, up 84 percent from the prior twelve months, while revenue was INR 4,483.70 crores.

Latest news about Hitachi Energy India

➤Nishi Vasudeva will stop acting as a non-executive Independent Director as of May 24, 2023. Meena Ganesh has been chosen to hold the position of independent non-executive director for the duration of a five-year term commencing on May 24, 2023, and ending on May 23, 2028.

➤The Board of Directors has “Recommended a final Dividend of INR.3.40 (Rupees three and paise forty) per equity share face value of Rs.2/- each which is subject to approval of the Shareholders at the ensuing Fourth Annual General Meeting of the Company,” according to a stock exchange filing by Hitachi Energy India.

➤Pattern Energy has chosen Hitachi Energy, a leader in global technology that is building a sustainable energy future for everybody, to provide its high-voltage direct current (HVDC) and other cutting-edge technologies for the SunZia Transmission Project. It will link the 3,500 MW SunZia Wind Farm in New Mexico to the electricity grids in Arizona and Southern California, making it one of the biggest transmission lines for renewable energy in the whole globe. Huge amounts of wind energy will be seamlessly transferred and integrated into the local power grid across a distance of more than 885 kilometers (550 miles) thanks to Hitachi Energy’s HVDC Light® technology. This would vastly improve the region’s access to renewable energy for residences and commercial buildings.

➤ Recently, the Silicon Carbide e-Mobility manufacturing line was launched, making Lenzburg the centre for e-Mobility power semiconductor module manufacture.

How to purchase Hitachi Energy India shares?

The trading platforms mentioned below provide the option to purchase shares of Hitachi Energy India.:

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➤ Upstox

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➤ AngelOne

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Share Price Prediction of Hitachi Energy India: 2023 to 2030

Share Price Target 2023 of Hitachi Energy India

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
May 2023 ₹3,836.57 ₹2,489.67
June 2023 ₹3,883.88 ₹2,987.60
July 2023 ₹4,660.66 ₹3,585.12
August 2023 ₹5,126.72 ₹3,943.63
September 2023 ₹5,383.06 ₹4,140.81
October 2023 ₹5,126.72 ₹3,943.63
November 2023 ₹5,639.39 ₹4,338.00
December 2023 ₹6,316.12 ₹4,858.55

According to the table representing Hitachi Energy’s share price prediction for 2023, the maximum price for the stock is anticipated to reach ₹6,316.12 by end of 2023, while the minimum price is predicted to be ₹2,489.67 in May 2023. The growth percentage over the course of the year is projected to be significant, with a bullish uptrend expected to continue for the majority of the year.

Investors should take note of the fluctuating nature of the stock price and the potential for both significant gains and losses. It’s important to keep an eye on market trends and factors that may impact the energy sector as a whole, as well as Hitachi Energy’s individual performance.

Overall, the projected share price targets for Hitachi Energy in 2023 suggest that the company is poised for growth and may be a good investment opportunity for those willing to weather the fluctuations in the market. As always, it’s important to conduct thorough research and consult with financial professionals before making any investment decisions. Before investing in the company, an investor must look into data such as the Price-to-Earning ratio(170.89),Price-to-Book ratio(13.21),Earning Per Share(22.16),52-week high(4094.5) and 52-week low(2840.1). 

Share Price Target 2024 of Hitachi Energy India

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹6,648.55 ₹5,114.27
February 2024 ₹7,470.28 ₹6,225.23
March 2024 ₹7,863.45 ₹6,393.05
April 2024 ₹7,148.59 ₹5,498.92
May 2024 ₹5,957.16 ₹4,582.43
June 2024 ₹7,148.59 ₹5,498.92
July 2024 ₹6,076.30 ₹4,710.31
August 2024 ₹6,683.93 ₹5,304.71
September 2024 ₹7,018.13 ₹5,398.56
October 2024 ₹8,256.62 ₹6,351.25
November 2024 ₹8,669.46 ₹6,668.81
December 2024 ₹8,842.84 ₹6,802.19

Looking at the table representing Hitachi Energy’s share price target for 2024, the maximum price for the stock is projected to be ₹8,842.84 in December 2024, while the minimum price is expected to be ₹4,582.43 in 2024. The average target for the year is a bullish ₹7,400.13, indicating a potential upside for investors who purchase the stock at a lower price.

Overall, the share price target for Hitachi Energy in 2024 suggests that the company is expected to continue its growth trajectory. Investors are advised to monitor the stock price and adjust their investment strategy accordingly based on market conditions and analyst recommendations.

Share Price Target 2025 of Hitachi Energy India

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹9,019.70 ₹6,938.23
February 2025 ₹9,494.42 ₹7,303.40
March 2025 ₹9,969.14 ₹7,668.57
April 2025 ₹8,901.02 ₹6,846.94
May 2025 ₹8,091.84 ₹6,224.49
June 2025 ₹8,901.02 ₹6,846.94
July 2025 ₹8,477.16 ₹6,520.89
August 2025 ₹8,830.38 ₹6,792.60
September 2025 ₹9,271.90 ₹7,132.23
October 2025 ₹9,828.21 ₹7,560.16
November 2025 ₹10,516.19 ₹8,089.37
December 2025 ₹10,726.51 ₹8,251.16

Based on the given data, Hitachi Energy’s share price target for 2025 shows an upward trend. The maximum price target for January 2025 is ₹9,019.70, while the minimum price target is ₹6,938.23.

The maximum price target for November 2025 is ₹10,516.19, which is a significant increase from the minimum price target of ₹8,089.37 in the same month. These numbers indicate a positive outlook for Hitachi Energy’s stock, with an expected return on investment.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that there may be occasional dips in the stock price due to market fluctuations, and the company’s performance may be affected by various economic and industry factors. Therefore, investors are advised to do thorough research and analysis before making any investment decisions and seek professional guidance.

Hitachi Energy India Share Price Prediction 2026-2030

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 ₹7,508.56 ₹5,255.99
2027 ₹6,382.27 ₹4,467.59
2028 ₹11,488.09 ₹8,041.66
2029 ₹23,598.32 ₹16,518.82
2030 ₹26,279.95 ₹18,395.96

According to the data provided, Hitachi Energy’s share price target for 2026 to 2030 shows a mix of bullish and bearish trends. In 2026, the maximum price is expected to be ₹7,508.56 and the minimum price is expected to be ₹5,255.99, indicating a potential bearish trend. However, in 2028, the maximum price is expected to be ₹11,488.09 and the minimum price is expected to be ₹8,041.66, showing a bullish trend.

In 2029 and 2030, the maximum prices are expected to be ₹23,598.32 and ₹26,279.95 respectively, indicating significant potential returns. However, the minimum prices in those years are also expected to be high at ₹16,518.82 and ₹18,395.96 respectively, suggesting potential risks for investors.

Overall, the share price target for Hitachi Energy in the coming years shows both potential rewards and risks, and investors should conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

Financial Condition of Hitachi Energy India: Last 5 years

Narration Jan-00 Jan-00 Dec-19 Dec-20 Mar-22
Sales                           –                           –         3,236.06       3,420.44       4,883.96
Expenses                           –                           –         2,898.57       3,151.79       4,560.49
Operating Profit                           –                           –             337.49           268.65           323.47
Other Income                           –                           –             -40.66           -17.65           101.37
Depreciation                           –                           –               48.41             77.17             95.46
Interest                           –                           –               27.77             37.55             52.79
Profit before tax                           –                           –             220.65           136.28           276.59
Tax                           –                           –               55.26             36.48             73.19
Net profit                           –                           –             165.39             99.80           203.40
EPS                           –                           –               39.01             23.54             47.97
Price to earning                      54.92             73.40
Price                           –                           –                           –         1,292.65       3,521.25
Dividend Payout 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 8.50% 6.25%
OPM 0.00% 0.00% 10.43% 7.85% 6.62%

Based on the financial bank statement of Hitachi Energy from January 2000 to March 2022, the company has shown a consistent growth trend. In March 2022, the company’s revenue was at a maximum of ₹4,883.96 crores, showing an impressive percentage growth compared to its revenue of ₹3,236.06 crores in January 2000. The company’s revenue in December 2019 was ₹2,898.57 crores, which increased to ₹3,420.44 crores in December 2020, reflecting a moderate revenue growth.

The company’s profit and loss statement indicates a similar trend with a minimum profit after tax (PAT) of ₹99.80 crores in December 2020 and a maximum PAT of ₹203.40 crores in March 2022. T

Overall, Hitachi Energy’s financial statement demonstrates a steady growth in revenue and profit, but investors should consider the increasing P/E ratio.


Can we expect an increase in the share price of Hitachi Energy India in 2023??

Yes, Hitachi Energy India’s share price is expected to rise to ₹6,316.12 by December 2023.

Write the share price target 2025 of Hitachi Energy India.

The share price target of Hitachi Energy India for 2025 might be around ₹10,726.51.

Is Hitachi Energy’s profit and revenue growth consistent?

Hitachi Energy’s profit and revenue growth has been consistent over the last five years, with revenue growing from ₹3,236.06 crores in January 2020 to ₹4,883.96 crores in March 2022.

Write the share price target 2030 of Hitachi Energy India.

By the end of 2030, the share price of Hitachi Energy India is expected to reach approximately ₹26,280 per share.

What is Hitachi Energy’s dividend payout ratio?

According to the financial statement provided, Hitachi Energy’s dividend payout ratio was 0.00% in 2020 and 6.25% in 2022.

Should I invest in Hitachi Energy shares?

As per the analysis, Hitachi Energy has shown consistent growth in revenue and profit, which makes it a good investment option.

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Taking into account the increase in revenue, profit after tax, revenue growth and profit growth over the past five years, it seems that Hitachi Energy is a promising company to invest in. Hitachi has been consistently growing its revenue and profit, with a revenue growth of 50.74% and a profit growth of 83.36% in the last five years. In terms of PAT, the company has seen a growth of 22.92% in the same period. These numbers indicate a strong financial performance by the company.

Looking at the share price target for the next few years, the maximum price target for 2030 is ₹26,279.95, which is a whopping 646% increase from the current price of ₹3,521.25. Even the minimum price target for 2030, ₹18,395.96, represents a significant growth of 422%.

In light of these elements, shares of Hitachi Energy seem like a solid buy for anyone seeking sustained growth prospects. But like with any investment, it’s crucial to do your homework and make a wise choice based on your unique financial objectives and risk tolerance.


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