GAIL India, officially known as Gas Authority of India Ltd, is India’s largest natural gas processing and distribution company, playing a pivotal role in the country’s natural gas market by selling about 51% of the total gas, primarily to the power and fertilizer sectors. As a central public sector enterprise, it operates under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India, significantly contributing to the development of India’s natural gas infrastructure.

In this post, we are going to see if investing in GAIL India is a good choice for investors. We will also be predicting GAIL INDIA share price target from 2024 to 2030. We will examine its financials in this article, namely its revenue growth, profit growth, and PAT.

Let’s examine GAIL India Ltd.’s share price goal in more detail to see if it can hit 1000 INR by 2025.

How to purchase GAIL (India) Ltd shares?

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GAIL (India) Share Price Prediction: 2023 To 2030

GAIL (India) Share Price Target 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
November 2023 ₹130.41 ₹117.65
December 2023 ₹133.68 ₹121.53

As of November 21, 2023, Gail India is trading at Rs. 125 with a market cap of Rs. 82,160 Crore. GAIL’s share price is 29.30% year to date.

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In November, GAIL is expected to trade in the range of ₹117.65 to ₹130.41, and in December 2023, it could move between ₹121.53 and ₹133.68.

The maximum share price target for GAIL India in 2023 is ₹133.68 (December 2023).

GAIL (India) Share Price Target 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹136.41 ₹118.62
February 2024 ₹139.19 ₹121.04
March 2024 ₹142.04 ₹123.51
April 2024 ₹137.90 ₹119.91
May 2024 ₹135.86 ₹118.14
June 2024 ₹140.75 ₹122.39
July 2024 ₹139.34 ₹121.17
August 2024 ₹144.92 ₹126.02
September 2024 ₹150.71 ₹131.06
October 2024 ₹147.76 ₹128.49
November 2024 ₹152.19 ₹132.34
December 2024 ₹156.00 ₹135.65

After a successful year i.e. 2023, GAIL (India) anticipates a bullish trajectory in its share prices in 2024.

The year commenced with January and February witnessing the stock range from ₹118.62 to ₹139.19. March continued the upward trend with a low of ₹123.51 and a high of ₹142.04. Throughout the year, the GAIL INDIA stock exhibited resilience, consistently trending upwards. It maintained a healthy range during the months of April through September, with prices fluctuating between ₹119.91 and ₹150.71.

The year concludes with optimistic projections for November and December, where the share price is expected to reach highs of ₹152.19 and ₹156.00. These positive trends reflect a promising outlook for GAIL (India) in 2024.

GAIL (India) Share Price Target 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹159.12 ₹122.40
February 2025 ₹163.20 ₹125.54
March 2025 ₹169.56 ₹130.43
April 2025 ₹166.24 ₹127.87
May 2025 ₹161.39 ₹124.15
June 2025 ₹168.66 ₹129.74
July 2025 ₹165.35 ₹127.19
August 2025 ₹170.46 ₹131.13
September 2025 ₹176.43 ₹135.72
October 2025 ₹181.02 ₹139.24
November 2025 ₹185.54 ₹142.73
December 2025 ₹190.18 ₹146.29

In 2025, GAIL (India) shareholders can anticipate a year marked by substantial upward momentum in the company’s share prices. With a market capitalization of ₹78,737 Crores, the year began on a promising note in January, with the stock ranging from a minimum of ₹122.40 to a maximum of ₹159.12. This bullish trend persisted through the following months, with February showing a range of ₹125.54 to ₹163.20, and March marking a high of ₹169.56 and a low of ₹130.43.

As the year progresses, GAIL India share prices are expected to reach a maximum of ₹190.18 by the end of 2024.

The stock is expected to maintail its resilience with ranges in April (₹127.87 to ₹166.24), May (₹124.15 to ₹161.39), and June (₹129.74 to ₹168.66). This positive trajectory extended through July, August, and September, with share prices fluctuating between ₹127.19 and ₹176.43, ₹131.13 and ₹170.46, and ₹135.72 and ₹176.43, respectively.

The year culminated with a robust outlook for GAIL (India), as November and December’s price targets surged to ₹185.54 and ₹142.73 and ₹190.18 and ₹146.29, respectively. These encouraging price projections, combined with a market capitalization of ₹78,737 Crores, indicate a highly optimistic outlook for GAIL (India) in 2025, making it an attractive prospect for investors and stakeholders.

GAIL (India) Share Price Target 2026 – 2030

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 ₹199.69 ₹139.78
2027 ₹219.66 ₹153.76
2028 ₹307.52 ₹153.76
2029 ₹266.25 ₹133.13
2030 ₹346.13 ₹242.29

The forecast for GAIL (India) from 2026 to 2030 reveals a potentially prosperous period for the company’s shareholders. The share prices are projected to experience substantial growth during this span. In 2026, the stock is expected to range from a minimum of ₹139.78 to a maximum of ₹199.69, indicating robust gains. The upward trajectory continues in 2027, with a range of ₹153.76 to ₹219.66. 2028 appears particularly promising, with the stock projected to reach a maximum of ₹307.52. 2029 maintains a favorable range of ₹133.13 to ₹266.25, and by 2030, GAIL (India) anticipates its shares to reach a high of ₹346.13, potentially offering substantial returns for investors over this five-year period.

Financial Condition of GAIL (India) Ltd: Last 5 years

2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Sales (Rs. Crores) 76,190 72,518 57,372 92,770 145,668
Expenses (Rs. Crores) 66,252 63,495 50,127 77,608 138,166
Operating Profit (Rs. Crores) 9,938 9,022 7,245 15,161 7,502
OPM % 13% 12% 13% 16% 5%
Other Income (Rs. Crores) 1,719 3,796 2,833 2,925 2,822
Interest (Rs. Crores) 159 309 179 202 367
Depreciation (Rs. Crores) 1,667 2,080 2,174 2,420 2,702
Profit before tax (Rs. Crores) 9,831 10,429 7,725 15,464 7,256
Tax % 33% 9% 20% 20% 23%
Net Profit (Rs. Crores) 6,553 9,515 6,143 12,304 5,596
EPS (Rs.) 9.68 13.93 9.21 18.40 8.54
Dividend Payout % 25% 31% 36% 36% 59%

Over the last five years, GAIL (India) Ltd has demonstrated a fluctuating financial condition. Sales figures have exhibited a roller-coaster ride, starting at ₹76,190 Crores in 2019, dipping to ₹57,372 Crores in 2021, and then rebounding significantly to ₹145,668 Crores in 2023. Operating profit margins (OPM %) have experienced variance, with a low of 5% in 2023 and a high of 16% in 2022. The company’s ability to generate other income and control expenses has also shown fluctuations. While net profits grew from ₹6,553 Crores in 2019 to ₹12,304 Crores in 2022, the dividend payout percentage increased substantially to 59% in 2023, reflecting the evolving financial dynamics and decision-making within the company.

GAIL (India) Ltd share price target by Experts

Sharekhan on GAIL (India) Ltd share price target

Sharekhan has given a buy call on GAIL (India) Ltd. According to him, you can continue buying GAIL (India) Ltd shares with a target price of Rs 150.

Motilal Oswal on GAIL (India) Ltd share price target

Motilal Oswal has given a buy call on GAIL (India) Ltd. According to him, you can continue buying GAIL (India) Ltd shares with a target price of Rs115.


What is the current share price of GAIL India Ltd?

As of November 21st, 2023, the share price of GAIL India is around 126 INR.

What are the factors that can influence the share price of GAIL India Ltd in the coming years?

Factors such as changes in government policies, global energy prices, competition in the market, and demand for natural gas can influence the share price of GAIL India Ltd in the coming years.

What is the share price target for GAIL India Ltd in 2023?

As per the analysis, the share price target for GAIL India Ltd for 2023 is ₹133.68 INR.

Can GAIL India Ltd reach a share price of 1000 INR by 2025?

Although it is difficult to predict with certainty, it is unlikely that GAIL India Ltd will reach a share price of ₹304.07 INR by 2025.

What is the historical performance of GAIL India Ltd in terms of revenue and profits?

Over the past five years, GAIL India Ltd has shown consistent revenue and profit growth, with a CAGR of 7.87% and 24.15% respectively.

What is the dividend payout ratio of GAIL India Ltd?

GAIL India Ltd has a consistent dividend payout ratio of around 30-36%, which indicates the company’s commitment to providing returns to shareholders.

What are the growth prospects of GAIL India Ltd?

GAIL India Ltd is expected to continue its growth trajectory in the coming years, driven by demand for natural gas and government initiatives to promote the use of cleaner energy.

What are the risks associated with investing in GAIL India Ltd?

Risks such as regulatory changes, competition in the market, and volatility in energy prices can affect the share price of GAIL India Ltd.

Is investing in GAIL India Ltd a good option for long-term investors?

Investing in GAIL India Ltd can be a good option for long-term investors who believe in the growth prospects of the company and the potential of the natural gas industry in India. However, it is important to do thorough research and analysis before making any investment decisions.



Gail India Ltd. has demonstrated a consistent increase in both sales and profit over the last five years, according to a review of the company’s financial documents. Revenue for the company went from 54,496.35 crore in March 2018 to 145,668 crore in March 2023. Profit after tax (PAT) also increased from 4805 crore in March 2018 to 5,276 crore on March 23.

GAIL India Corporation also pays out a steady dividend to its stockholders, with a dividend payout ratio of above 30%. Shares of Gail India Ltd. are a desirable investment choice because the estimated share price target ranges from 2023 to 2030 suggesting an upside potential of more than 100%.

For investors seeking long-term growth, Gail India Ltd.’s shares appear to be a decent buy overall based on its financial record and future growth possibilities.

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