Furnished vs. Unfurnished Apartment – Which Is Better?

When you decide to purchase an apartment, there are many choices to make such as right location, affordable interior, suitable environment. etc. Similarly, you might need to decide if you want a furnished or an unfurnished apartment, which could be a tricky job.

Furnished vs. Unfurnished Apartment

Here are the pros and cons for both, to help you make the right pick/decide a better option

Furnished Apartments

There are no set parameters of what a furnished apartment contains. It could contain only a bed, wardrobe and few cabinets and still be called furnished. Or, it can additionally have furnishing products like electrical appliances, cooking stove and gas cylinders, mattresses, etc.

Pros of Purchasing a Furnished Apartment

  • No hassle of furnishing

If you think finding the right house is difficult, wait until you start furnishing it. Furnishing your apartment can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. From finding the best furniture to buying decor items matching the walls, it can take days to furnish the whole house under a budget. When you purchase a furnished apartment, you need not worry about anything.

  • No shifting troubles

Shifting your furniture every time you move can be costly. Moreover, there is always a risk of your favourite things getting broken or lost. When you move into a furnished apartment, there is no need for shifting your old stuff.

  • Easy to adjust

Furnishing your house and settling down in a new home can take days or even weeks. Until then, you might find it difficult to go on with your daily routine efficiently. However, with a furnished apartment, you need not spend hours trying to fit in things in the house. All you need to do is to move in with your personal belongings.


  • It’s expensive

Furnished apartments are priced higher due to their additional amenities and comfort. The cost of the house includes every piece of furnishing done in the house, whether it is the modular kitchen, electric appliances or fittings.

  • Few chances of changing decor

You rarely have any chance to change the decor or revamp your house in a furnished apartment as everything is in its right place already. So, if you like to design your house your way, you would not have enough scope for it.

Pros of Purchasing Unfurnished Apartments

  • Design the house as you want

You are free to design and decorate your house as you wish. You can customise your house with your favourite colour, patterns and style.

  • Cost-effective

An unfurnished house is affordable as compared to a furnished house. Moreover, in an unfurnished house, you can also move your old furniture and save money on new purchases.


  • It is time-consuming and tiring

It could be tiring to look for each piece of furnishing for your house. It is not only time consuming but also expensive, especially if you are moving cities. Also, if you plan to shift your old furniture, it would be another task to pack, shift, and unpack them in the new house.

Whether you plan to purchase an apartment from your savings or through a home loan, you must carefully consider all factors like your budget and future goals before making the decision. If you plan to move cities, it would be better to opt for a furnished house rather than purchasing all the furniture for an uncertain time. However, if looking for a permanent house, you can opt for an unfurnished house and furnish it as per your wish.


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