Top 7 Free Business Name Generator Tools

When starting a business, there are many steps to follow, with each step being important for specific reasons. One of the hardest tasks is choosing a business name because it’s a brand and concept that will be associated with you and the products or services you intend to offer. Here are seven business name generators to help you find the best name for your business.


1. Shopify’s business name generator

Shopify allows you to search for business names with available domains. You can choose the domain name that best suits your personality and business. After you have selected your business name, the site gives you the opportunity of launching your online store using their eCommerce backend.

2. Namelix

Namelix is a branding tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate short and brandable names. It also allows you to filter the results you will get using negative and positive keywords, domain name availability and short names preference.

3. Business Name Generator

This tool is designed to simplify the process of searching for a business name. You just input keywords and the tool generates a list of business name ideas. Business Name Generator also identifies the availability of domain names for each business name.

  1. NameMesh

This tool helps you find a business name, product or app with a simple search. When using NameMesh NameMesh, it gives you suggestions for keywords to help you find the right domain name. After you have typed the keywords, the page will be divided into several categories, helping you find the domain name that suits your needs. The tool provides thousands of different names, which will be divided according to the categories.

  1. Naming.Net

This business name generator is designed to give you name ideas after you enter specific criteria. It then generates a list of 24 to 816 possible business names for each search. With this tool, you can specify the number of syllables you want, letter and a root word. You could also add rhymes, Greek or Latin roots, and other words you prefer for variations. Additionally, Naming.Net gives you naming tips to read.

  1. Anadea

Designed to help businesses and app developers, Anadea is a tool that allows users to generate business names based on the keyword they provide. It offers a range of catchy, relevant names. You can create business name ideas according to industry category, giving you various options such as tech, travel, software and healthcare. If you are looking for a brand name and a custom web design, this tool allows you to do this. Anadea also allows you to create app and website names.

  1. Wordoid

Wordoid gives you a creative way to find a business name. Using this too is also easy: Add a keyword under Pattern and click the tab ‘Create wordoids’. On the right side, you will see domain name ideas. The tool also lets you alter the filter options, allowing you to get more precise results. You can adjust the results that you will get based on any quality, length, pattern, language and your domain name preferences.

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