CAMS INDIA SHARE PRICE TARGET 2023, 2024, 2025 TO 2030

If you’re always on the lookout for promising investment opportunities, you might find Computer Age Management Services Limited (CAMS) intriguing. CAMS is a mutual fund transfer agency that caters to Indian asset management companies. Established in 1988 and headquartered in Chennai, the company has a solid track record in the financial industry. Notably, CAMS became publicly listed in October 2020 after conducting an initial public offering (IPO), facilitated by its existing shareholders. In this article, we will delve into CAMS’s background, explore its operations as a mutual fund transfer agency, and discuss its journey as a publicly listed company. This information will provide you with valuable insights to help you evaluate CAMS as a potential investment opportunity.

CAMS share price target

CAMS Q2 2023 Financial Highlights: Record Profits, Growing Investor Base, and Milestone Achievements

  • Net Profit: CAMS reported a 17.1% increase in net profit for Q2, reaching Rs 84.51 crore, compared to Rs 72.14 crore in the same period last year.
  • Revenue Growth: Revenues for July-September 2023 rose by 13.5% to Rs 275.08 crore, up from Rs 242.37 crore in the corresponding period the previous year.
  • Record Investor Base: The company added a record 16 lakh investors during Q2, reaching a total of 2.83 crore unique investors.
  • Assets Under Service: CAMS achieved a lifetime high of Rs 32.6 lakh crore in overall assets under service during the second quarter, maintaining a steady market share of 68.5%.
  • Financial Year Performance: For the half-year ended September 30, CAMS recorded a PAT of Rs 160.85 crore, reflecting a 17.5% YoY growth. The revenue for April-September 2023 grew by 12% YoY to Rs 536.38 crore.
  • Dividend Recommendation: The board of directors recommended an interim dividend of Rs 10 per equity share.
  • Business Profile: CAMS, known as Computer Age Management Services, operates as a technology-driven financial infrastructure and services provider to mutual funds and other financial institutions, boasting over two decades of experience.



When Maximum Price Minimum Price
November 2023 ₹3,069.36 ₹2,669.01
December 2023 ₹3,170.65 ₹2,757.09

As of November 2023, CAMS projects a share price target with a maximum of ₹3,069.36 and a minimum of ₹2,669.01. Looking ahead to December 2023, the forecast indicates a range between ₹3,170.65 and ₹2,757.09.

The current market capitalization for CAMS stands at ₹13,960 crore, with the share’s present value recorded at ₹2,842 as of November 16th, 2023. These projections suggest a potential increase in share value, reflecting optimism in the market for CAMS’ performance and prospects. Investors will be keenly observing whether the company can maintain its positive momentum and meet the forecasted targets.


When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹3,235.36 ₹2,813.35
February 2024 ₹3,301.38 ₹2,870.77
March 2024 ₹3,368.76 ₹2,929.36
April 2024 ₹3,270.64 ₹2,844.03
May 2024 ₹3,222.31 ₹2,802.00
June 2024 ₹3,338.31 ₹2,902.88
July 2024 ₹3,304.92 ₹2,873.85
August 2024 ₹3,437.12 ₹2,988.80
September 2024 ₹3,574.61 ₹3,108.35
October 2024 ₹3,504.52 ₹3,047.41
November 2024 ₹3,609.65 ₹3,138.83
December 2024 ₹3,699.89 ₹3,217.30

In 2024, CAMS (Computer Age Management Services) envisions a dynamic trajectory for its share prices. The projections indicate a steady upward trend, with the share price expected to reach a maximum of ₹3,699.89 and a minimum of ₹3,217.30 by December 2024. The year unfolds with an optimistic start in January, where the share price is estimated to range between ₹3,235.36 and ₹2,813.35.

As the months progress, the forecast remains consistently positive, culminating in a peak in December. These projections not only suggest confidence in CAMS’ financial performance and market standing but also indicate the potential for significant returns for investors. It will be interesting to observe how CAMS navigates market dynamics and capitalizes on opportunities, as reflected in these ambitious share price targets for 2024. Investors are likely to closely monitor the company’s strategic moves and financial results throughout the year.


When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹3,773.89 ₹2,902.99
February 2025 ₹3,870.66 ₹2,977.43
March 2025 ₹4,021.61 ₹3,093.55
April 2025 ₹3,942.76 ₹3,032.89
May 2025 ₹3,827.92 ₹2,944.55
June 2025 ₹4,000.18 ₹3,077.06
July 2025 ₹3,921.74 ₹3,016.72
August 2025 ₹4,043.03 ₹3,110.03
September 2025 ₹4,184.54 ₹3,218.88
October 2025 ₹4,293.34 ₹3,302.57
November 2025 ₹4,400.67 ₹3,385.13
December 2025 ₹4,510.69 ₹3,469.76

In 2025, CAMS (Computer Age Management Services) anticipates a robust performance in its share prices, showcasing a bullish trend throughout the year. The projections reveal an ascending trajectory, with the share price expected to reach a maximum of ₹4,510.69 and a minimum of ₹3,469.76 by December 2025.

The year kicks off with a positive start in January, projecting a price range between ₹3,773.89 and ₹2,902.99. As the months progress, the upward momentum continues, peaking in December. These optimistic forecasts not only underscore the market’s confidence in CAMS but also suggest significant potential returns for investors. The projections for 2025 indicate a favourable outlook, and stakeholders will closely monitor CAMS’ strategic decisions and financial results as the company navigates the dynamic landscape of the financial services industry.


Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 ₹4,736.22 ₹3,315.36
2027 ₹5,209.84 ₹3,646.89
2028 ₹7,293.78 ₹3,646.89
2029 ₹6,314.96 ₹3,157.48
2030 ₹8,209.45 ₹5,746.62

The projected share prices for CAMS (Computer Age Management Services) from 2026 to 2030 indicate a sustained upward trajectory, reflecting an optimistic outlook for the company’s performance. In 2026, the share price is estimated to range between ₹4,736.22 and ₹3,315.36, demonstrating a steady increase. The positive trend continues into 2027, with projected prices between ₹5,209.84 and ₹3,646.89. Notably, 2028 anticipates a significant surge, with the share price expected to reach a maximum of ₹7,293.78 and a minimum of ₹3,646.89.

Subsequent years maintain favourable projections, with 2029 estimating prices between ₹6,314.96 and ₹3,157.48, and 2030 forecasting a broader range of ₹8,209.45 to ₹5,746.62. These projections indicate sustained confidence in CAMS’ market standing and prospects, attracting the attention of investors looking for potential long-term growth in the financial services sector. As always, market dynamics and company performance will play crucial roles in determining whether these projections come to fruition.

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CAMS financials 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Sales 711 700 706 910 972
Expenses 450 413 409 486 551
Operating Profit 261 287 296 424 421
OPM % 37% 41% 42% 47% 43%
Other Income 1 21 30 17 27
Interest 10 10 8 7 8
Depreciation 50 51 43 52 60
Profit before tax 201 247 274 383 380
Tax % 35% 30% 25% 25% 25%
Net Profit 131 172 205 287 285
EPS in Rs 26.75 35.24 42.08 58.68 58.22
Dividend Payout % 84% 35% 150% 66% 85%

Over the past five years, CAMS has maintained a healthy financial condition, showcasing consistent growth and efficient management. The company’s sales figures have remained steady, ranging from 700 to 972. CAMS has demonstrated effective expense management, with expenses gradually increasing from 413 to 551. This prudent approach has resulted in a positive operating profit, rising from 261 to 421. The company has consistently maintained a healthy operating profit margin (OPM %) of 37% to 43%, highlighting its strong operational performance. CAMS has also generated additional income from various sources, including interest and other income. With a commendable dividend payout percentage of 100%, CAMS prioritizes rewarding its shareholders. These impressive financials, combined with a market capitalization of ₹11,221 Cr., underscore CAMS’s robust financial position and make it an enticing investment opportunity.

Motilal Oswal on CAMS share price target

Motilal Oswal has expressed a positive outlook on CAMS, giving the stock a buy rating in its research report dated November 9, 2023. The research firm recommends a target price of Rs 2,950 for the stock.


What is the current share price of CAMS?

The current share price of CAMS stands at ₹2,842 as of 16th November 2023.

What is the share price target of CAMS for the year 2023 – 2030?

The projected share price target for CAMS during 2023-2030, based on market analysis and expert opinions, is estimated to range between ₹2,669.01 and ₹8,209.45.

Can CAMS’ share price reach 5000 INR by 2025?

Based on prevailing market trends and historical data, it is probable that CAMS’ share price will attain a level of 5000 INR by the year 2025, although the precise value remains uncertain.

What factors can impact the share price of CAMS?

The share price of CAMS can be influenced by various factors such as the company’s financial performance, market competition, government policies, global economic conditions, and consumer demand.

Is CAMS a good stock to buy?

With a robust presence across multiple sectors and a consistent track record of financial growth, CAMS is regarded as an attractive long-term investment option, acknowledging the inherent risks associated with any stock.

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In conclusion, CAMS emerges as a promising investment opportunity considering its strong presence in multiple sectors and steady financial growth. The company’s track record, along with favourable market analysis and expert opinions, indicates the potential for future share price appreciation. Additionally, CAMS’ status as an almost debt-free company adds to its appeal as a reliable investment option.

Furthermore, CAMS Repository Services Ltd (CAMSRep) holds an insurance repository services license from IRDA, highlighting its diversified portfolio of offerings. Investors can consider CAMS as a long-term investment option, taking into account its robust financial performance, market prospects, and reputation in the industry.

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