Business and Banking: Technology You Need to be Using in Today’s World

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, pouring all of your hard-earned cash into a startup, or if you’re looking to invest in silver, there is a universal camaraderie between banking and business.

The business of banking is not much different than any business venture in any industry. Though you may have a different goal each quarter, some of the fundamentals of running a business also apply when conducting your affairs in the financial space.

You need to be smart, both in the financial sector and in the modern business world. And being smart means taking advantage of available technology that can make your life (and your business) much easier.

Since we have such a vast array of technical tools to choose from, the variety of these tools can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. Here, we’ll explore a few tools that anyone in the banking and business profession should be using.


It should go without saying that if you’re in business, or in banking, that you need to have a means of bookkeeping. Not only will your budget be completely out of order if you don’t have a bookkeeping strategy, you’re bound to lose track of money spent and earned.

While bookkeeping, in the traditional frame, usually meant hiring someone to keep up with “the books,” today, this is made much simpler with bookkeeping software. That’s not saying hiring an accountant isn’t beneficial, because it is, but doing so will also cost you an added expense of paying an employee.

Depending on the nature of your business, or your financial obligations, choosing a bookkeeping method that handles everything you need will take much of the headache out of keeping up with those books.

Employee Tracking

Today, and with the recent onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and banking institutions have had to go remote. Though not all employees are in remote status, many critical employees are. And, keeping up with every employee while they work from home (or wherever) can be a difficult task.

Employee tracking software is a critical tool to have if you have remote employees. With tools like these, you can keep your staff on track, all at the touch of an app.

You can also keep up with employees’ progress on specific tasks, and even remote access a company laptop with some tracking services. This has proven an effective strategy when dealing with employees on a remote basis.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Let’s face it, there’s a lot going on in both the banking and business worlds. In fact, there’s not even a second that goes by where data isn’t being transmitted or recorded in some way in most industries.

In order to keep up with everything, a business or banking leader has to have eyes and ears in every corner of their enterprise. In the past, this was often accomplished by hiring a management team that kept all facets of the business in check. But, that strategy also came with a price, literally.

Managers are experienced workers, and they want to be paid for what they’re worth. Most often, hiring an experienced management team can take a nice chunk out of payroll expenses.

Instead of hiring more personnel that you have to pay more, Enterprise Resource Planning software can take the cost out of the equation and lower business expenses. This software gives a business the means to be successful by having every tool built into a comprehensive suite, with features such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, compliance, and many others.

In fact, JD Edwards ERP software is a great resource to check into for all the above business needs, as it’s a complete suite design to handle all areas of business operations.

No matter if you’re in the sweater business, or if you trade gold for millions of dollars per day, using technology that makes your workload easier will also make your life easier.

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