5 Key Ways How Artificial Intelligence in Contract Lifecycle Management Brings Value

As we move into 2022, it is evident that contract artificial intelligence, often known as contract AI, is significantly enhancing the practices of contract management software and more general legal operations.

In this article, we will discuss how AI-powered contract management can be helpful in your contract lifecycle.

  1. Smart Contract Authoring

By automatically detecting and organizing contracts in the contract library, artificial intelligence-enabled contract lifecycle management solutions contribute to intelligent contract development. CLM solutions can automatically learn from the history of previous contracts, discover patterns, and offer appropriate contract clauses and pre-defined keywords. This is made possible by Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

An AI-boosted CLM’s context-based analysis is its standout characteristic. This means that the CLM solution can identify the pertinent clauses that should be utilized for specific types of contracts when establishing a contract. When designing a procurement contract, it might advise including a clause about currency fluctuations if the vendor is located abroad and not in the same nation.

  1. Streamlined Work Processes

Effectively managing contractual commitments is one of a company’s most challenging jobs. Determining whether your business is carrying out the terms and conditions of the contract or whether there is a breach of contract can be challenging. Due to unavailable and ambiguous contracts, many businesses sustain huge losses. Even still, the vast majority of businesses underinvest in contract management.

Your CLM system can streamline your compliance duties while lowering the cost of fulfilling contractual commitments thanks to the automated workflows made possible by AI.

  1. Improves Contract Negotiation

Contracting companies typically spend a lot of time negotiating the specifics of a contract. According to recent research, contract negotiations can involve back-and-forth discussions for up to four weeks because of tedious and routine document checks. Nevertheless, depending on the complexity of the deal, integrating AI into the contract management system can reduce the time to days.

This is so that AI can stress clause adjustments and negotiate win-win agreements by leveraging past data and contracting insights. Technically, AI-based contract management systems are capable of characterizing the negotiating thresholds and limitations to make sure they adhere to agreed norms. By using this procedure, you may guard against overlooking and ensure that the AI contract negotiation stays within predetermined bounds.

  1. Reduce Costs

Due to opaque and unavailable contract responsibilities, many businesses typically suffer significant losses. According to data, the price of a typical procurement contract process has increased by 38%. This number is at risk of increasing further, particularly given the current workplace climate where employees and various departments are dispersed among several sites.

This is because teams working remotely run the risk of passing up big chances to negotiate stable economics of sale and pricing. However, firms can save costs by increasing the effectiveness of their procurement strategy with a CLM platform powered by AI. You can lower operating costs and administrative conflicts while enforcing penalty clauses in the case of non-fulfillment by using timely notifications and alerts.

  1. Save Money

Lack of openness by businesses on contract status, performance, and deadlines increases the risk of financial losses and damages resulting from noncompliance and missed delivery dates. With AI-supported contract management software that centralizes and secures your contract data, you can cut expenses and enhance your contract results and ROI instead of paying the fines that occur from non-compliance. With proactive notifications and reminders to boost awareness of impending deadlines and milestones as well as warning users of dangerous items, contract lifecycle management software, and AI improve cost-effectiveness.


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