APOLLO PIPES SHARE PRICE TARGET 2023, 2024, 2025 to 2030

Are you looking for a stock that may offer large profits in the foreseeable future? One of the top companies in the Indian plastic pipe market is Apollo Pipes Ltd. Apollo Pipes is positioned for continued success thanks to its remarkable five-year rise in income, PAT, revenue, and profit. What about the target share price for the following ten years?

In order to decide whether Apollo Pipes is a solid stock to buy and whether it has the ability to reach a share price objective of 5000 INR by 2025, we will examine the company’s performance and financials in greater detail in this article.

So, let’s delve in and find out what this bright company’s future holds.

About Apollo Pipes

Apollo Pipes

Apollo Pipes is a prominent subsidiary under APL APOLLO, a leading brand in the plumbing and sanitation industry in India. Established over 35 years ago, the company is committed to providing premium quality products such as pipes, fittings, and water storage solutions at affordable prices.

With six manufacturing plants spread across various locations in India and a production capacity of 1,30,000 MTPA, Apollo Pipes caters to various sectors like Plumbing, Sanitation, Water Supply, and more. With adherence to international quality standards, it has become a sought-after brand across both urban and rural markets in the country.

What Kind of Business is Apollo Pipes in?

  • Manufacturing: Apollo Pipes manufactures a diverse range of products including CPVC Pipes & Fittings, uPVC Plumbing System, HDPE Sprinkler Systems, and more.
  • Distribution: They have a strong distribution network with over 1000+ channel partners and 10,000+ customer touch points across India.
  • Retail and Export: They cater to the retail needs of individual customers and the distribution requirements of retailers, traders, exporters, and distributors.
  • Infrastructure Development: Apollo Pipes plays a crucial role in the Infrastructure, Agriculture Oil & Gas, and Construction sectors in India.
  • Custom Solutions: The company offers custom plumbing solutions that align with both Indian aesthetics and international quality standards.
  • Client Collaboration: They collaborate with both private and public sector clients, including real estate developers, water supply boards, construction companies, and electricity generating plants.

Latest news about Apollo Pipes

Apollo Pipes’ Q1 results reveal a 58% surge in net profit, reaching Rs 14 crore, and a 19% increase in revenue.

How to purchase Apollo Pipes shares?

Below are the trading platforms that you can use to purchase Apollo Pipes shares:

  • Zerodha
  • Upstox
  • Groww
  • AngelOne
  • ICICIDirect

Apollo Pipes Technicals

The relative strength index (RSI) of APL Apollo Tubes stands at 41.1, indicating that it’s neither in the oversold nor in the overbought zone. The stock shows a one-year beta of 0.6, reflecting low volatility during the period. It’s trading slightly lower than the 5, 10, 20, and 30-day moving averages but higher than the 50, 100, and 200-day moving averages.

Apollo Pipes Share Price Prediction: 2023 to 2030

Apollo Pipes Share Price Target 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
October 2023 ₹765.60 ₹696.00
November 2023 ₹750.59 ₹682.35
December 2023 ₹775.36 ₹704.87

Apollo Pipes shares are expected to display a range of prices, with fluctuations observed throughout the final quarter of the year. In October, the stock is projected to trade within the range of ₹696.00 to ₹765.60.

Finances rule

On October 16, 2023, the share price target for Apollo Pipes is set at ₹696, and the company’s market capitalization stands at ₹2,738 crores.

In November, it’s expected to remain in the range of ₹682.35 to ₹750.59, and by December, prices may reach as high as ₹775.36, with a minimum of ₹704.87. However, it is important to keep in mind that stock market predictions are not always accurate, and the actual share price may differ from these estimates.

Apollo Pipes Share Price Target 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹791.18 ₹687.98
February 2024 ₹807.33 ₹702.02
March 2024 ₹823.80 ₹716.35
April 2024 ₹799.81 ₹695.49
May 2024 ₹787.99 ₹685.21
June 2024 ₹816.36 ₹709.88
July 2024 ₹808.19 ₹702.78
August 2024 ₹840.52 ₹730.89
September 2024 ₹874.14 ₹760.12
October 2024 ₹857.00 ₹745.22
November 2024 ₹882.71 ₹767.58
December 2024 ₹904.78 ₹786.77

Throughout 2024, Apollo Pipes shares are anticipated to exhibit a varying price range, reflecting fluctuations in the market.

In January, the stock is projected to trade between ₹687.98 and ₹791.18, and this trend continues in the subsequent months. By December 2024, the share price is expected to reach a high of ₹904.78, with a minimum of ₹786.77.

These forecasts suggest a potential upward trajectory for Apollo Pipes in the coming year. Investors should closely monitor the market and company developments to make informed decisions in this dynamic trading environment.

Apollo Pipes Share Price Target 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹922.88 ₹709.90
February 2025 ₹946.54 ₹728.11
March 2025 ₹983.45 ₹756.50
April 2025 ₹964.17 ₹741.67
May 2025 ₹936.09 ₹720.07
June 2025 ₹978.21 ₹752.47
July 2025 ₹959.03 ₹737.72
August 2025 ₹988.69 ₹760.53
September 2025 ₹1,023.30 ₹787.15
October 2025 ₹1,049.90 ₹807.62
November 2025 ₹1,076.15 ₹827.81
December 2025 ₹1,103.05 ₹848.50

In 2025, Apollo Pipes appears to be on a trajectory of significant growth and potential profitability, as indicated by the monthly share price targets. The year commences with a wide-ranging share price estimate of ₹709.90 to ₹922.88 in January, implying possible market volatility.

As we move into February and March, the price range continues to expand, reaching ₹946.54 to ₹983.45, signifying increasing investor confidence and interest in the company. In the subsequent months, the forecasts consistently show share prices on the rise, with April ranging from ₹741.67 to ₹964.17 and May from ₹720.07 to ₹936.09.These figures suggest a favorable market sentiment and sustained optimism in Apollo Pipes’ prospects.

The latter half of the year also shows promising growth, with share prices expected to exceed ₹1,000 by September and potentially reach ₹1,103.05 by December. Investors should closely monitor these projections and market dynamics to make informed decisions in this promising investment landscape.

Apollo Pipes Share Price Target 2026-2030

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 ₹1,158.21 ₹810.74
2027 ₹1,274.03 ₹891.82
2028 ₹1,783.64 ₹891.82
2029 ₹1,544.28 ₹772.14
2030 ₹2,007.56 ₹1,405.29

Over the course of 2026 to 2030, Apollo Pipes demonstrates a compelling outlook for investors, with share price predictions indicating a consistent upward trajectory.

The year 2026 begins with prices projected to fluctuate between ₹810.74 and ₹1,158.21, hinting at potential market volatility. As we move through the years, the outlook becomes increasingly optimistic, with 2027 showing a range of ₹891.82 to ₹1,274.03, suggesting growing investor confidence. 2028 strengthens this trend with prices ranging from ₹891.82 to ₹1,783.64, reflecting the company’s solid market position.

While 2029 maintains a healthy valuation, the most remarkable data emerges in 2030, with a projected share price range of ₹1,405.29 to ₹2,007.56, indicating substantial growth and enhanced market capitalization. These forecasts collectively paint a picture of sustained success and rising investor interest in Apollo Pipes for the coming years.

Financial Condition of Apollo Pipes: Last 5 years

Metric Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Sales +
(Rs. Crores)
362 408 518 784 915
Expenses +
(Rs. Crores)
323 361 444 690 846
Operating Profit
(Rs. Crores)
39 47 74 94 68
OPM % 11% 11% 14% 12% 7%
Other Income +
(Rs. Crores)
10 10 8 3 2
(Rs. Crores)
6 6 5 4 9
(Rs. Crores)
10 13 18 26 28
Profit Before Tax
(Rs. Crores)
34 38 61 67 33
Tax % 29% 24% 27% 26% 27%
Net Profit +
(Rs. Crores)
24 29 44 50 24
EPS in Rs 6.65 7.26 11.32 12.65 6.08
Payout %
5% 0% 0% 8% 10%

Based on the financial statement analysis of Apollo Pipes for the last five years, the company has shown consistent growth in terms of revenue, net profit, and EPS.

The revenue growth rate of the company has increased from 362Crore INR in FY2019 to 915Crore INR in FY2023, while the net profit has grown from ₹23.93 crores to ₹49.76 crores during 2019 to 2022. However, net profit in 2023 fell back to Rs.24 Crore.

The OPM has been steady at around 11-14%, indicating stable operating efficiency, which fell in 2023, to 7%.

The company has a good dividend payout ratio from the last 2 years, in the range of 8 to 10%.

Overall, based on the financial performance of the company, it can be said that Apollo Pipes is a small cap company that is growing at an enormous pace, and with brand ambassadors like Tiger Shroff, the company is expected to continue posting better numbers in the future.

And as we all know, if the company does well, so will the share price. In my opinion, Apollo Pipes shares seem like a good investment option for long-term investors.

Will Apollo Pipes be able to sustain the growth in future?

Okay, this is a very good question. Apollo Pipes is expected to sustain growth momentum in the future, according to the brokerage firms like Motilal Oswal.

This expectation is driven by five key factors including rising demand across segments, increased product penetration through a robust distribution network, growth in the share of VAP, the introduction of Apollo Mart, and the company’s leadership position.

Projections indicate a revenue/EBITDA/PAT CAGR of 15%/35%/40% over FY23–25, leading to a target price of Rs 1,490, and a “BUY” recommendation from Motilal Oswal. The underlying growth factors and strong leadership have positioned Apollo Pipes favorably for sustained growth.

Also one thing to note is: the marketcap of Apollo Pipes is under Rs.3000 crore and it could grow exponentially in the next 5 to 10 years.

Yes Securities on Apollo Pipes share price target

In its analysis, YES Securities, which is optimistic about Apollo Pipes, gave the company a buy rating and a target price of Rs 757. (12th May 2023)


What is the current share price of Apollo Pipes, and how has it performed in recent years?

As of October 16, 2023, the current share price of Apollo Pipes is ₹696. Over the last five years, the company’s share price has grown significantly.

What are some factors that may affect the share price of Apollo Pipes in the coming years?

Some factors that could affect the share price of Apollo Pipes include market competition, changes in government policies, and global economic conditions.

What is the Apollo Pipes revenue growth rate over the last five years?

Apollo Pipes has experienced consistent revenue growth over the past five years, with a CAGR of 26%.

What is the Apollo Pipes’ PAT (profit after tax) growth rate over the last five years?

Apollo Pipes has experienced significant PAT growth over the last five years, with a CAGR of 2%. This is just because the company almost posted the same profit as 2019 in 2024. Otherwise, excluding 2023, if we consider numbers from 2019 to 2022, PAT can be seen growing at more than 25%.

Can Apollo Pipes reach a share price of ₹5000 by 2025?

Based on past performance and growth prospects, as per our analysis, it may not be possible for Apollo Pipes to reach a share price of ₹5000 by 2025, or even by 2030.

What is the dividend payout ratio of Apollo Pipes, and how does it impact shareholders?

Apollo Pipes has a relatively low dividend payout ratio of 7.9%. This means that the company retains a significant portion of its profits to reinvest in the business, which could lead to future growth and higher share prices.

How does Apollo Pipes compare to its competitors in the plastic pipe industry?

Apollo Pipes has been able to maintain a competitive edge in the plastic pipe industry due to its focus on innovation, quality, and customer service. Apollo Pipes have Tiger Shroff as their brand ambassador. This certainly brings more trust and recognition.

What is the recommendation for investors looking to buy shares in Apollo Pipes?

Based on the company’s strong financial performance, growth prospects, and competitive positioning, Apollo Pipes could be a good investment opportunity for long-term investors. However, as with any investment, it is important to conduct thorough research and analysis before making a decision.


Conclusion: Should you buy Apollo Pipes in 2023?

Apollo Pipes in my opinion, is a good short and long term stock to invest. The marketcap is under Rs. 3000 crore, and hence it is a small cap company which will have large fluctuations in its stock price. If you are one of those investors who believe in buying good stock and holding for long term, you can consider investing in Apollo Pipes.

Based on Apollo Pipes’ financial performance over the previous five years, it can be said that both revenue and profit have increased significantly. From FY19 to FY23, the company’s sales increased at a CAGR of 26%. The company’s net profit climbed by a further 125% between FY18 and FY22.

Apollo Pipes PE

The company’s P/E ratio, however, has experienced some changes over time. It might be a wise long-term investment given the industry’s development potential and the company’s financial record. The current P/E ratio is close to 100, which makes the company overvalued, but things may change within a year.

If you are a value investor, you can wait for a PE ratio of 50, no matter even if you have to buy at a higher share price.

It is likely that the share price will reach or even exceed INR 5000 based on the present growth trend by 2031. Investors can consider buying shares of Apollo Pipes for long-term growth and potential returns.

I personally do not hold Apollo Pipes but may consider buying if there is a 20% correction in this stock.

Disclaimer: We are not a SEBI registered financial advisors, and none of what we have mentioned on this article ‘Apollo Pipes Share Price Prediction’ is by any means any financial advise. Please consult a financial advisor before buying or selling Apolli Pipes. This article is only meant for educational purpose.

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