Address Work From Home Productivity Concerns Ahead Of Schedule

Employee Expectations

Employees that are allowed to work at home must be met with clear expectations. These guidelines focus on what is acceptable in the remote workplace. Time tracking, communication, and many other workplace rules are covered in these guidelines.

Address Work From Home Productivity Concerns

Tools like Microsoft Excel are great for tracking time when working remotely. Excel also helps employees keep a record of activity. Plans have to be communicated as well so that co-workers know each other’s availability. The network of employees must be connected remotely so that business operations are seamless. A calendar should be used for all employees to be able to schedule their availability.

Open Communication

Communication is key when it comes to your work atmosphere, and that is certainly true when employees of a business are working from home. Miscommunication brings about misunderstandings. Everyone needs to be on the same page and with clear expectations. Employees must also be available to respond to messages throughout the day.

Address Work From Home Productivity Concerns

Instant chat is a great feature for employees operating remotely. Personal employee phone numbers should also be made available, however, especially in case of emergencies. Employees working remotely need to be able to respond urgently if necessary. Costly mistakes must be avoided, and operations need to be running just as smoothly as if everyone were at the workplace.

Trusting The Team

Business owners have to be able to trust employees that work from home. Trust but verify is the motto here because bosses should still supervise remotely, ensuring that everyone checks in and all work is accounted for throughout the day. Employees need some leeway, however, as they do not want to feel like you are watching their every move when they are working from home. Track Time 24 gives you the chance to manage workloads effectively.

Address Work From Home Productivity Concerns

Bosses need to know trust employees with their responsibilities, and employees need to show their bosses that they are capable of managing their jobs remotely. Productivity concerns are eliminated when you have a remote team of workers that you know you can trust. When you can trust your employees, they are going to go beyond your expectations without your input.

Tools To Work From Home

Employees need to be set up to be successful so that they know how to do their jobs well remotely. When employees are working from home, supervisors need to verify that the workers have the necessary tools and supplies to get the job done. If computers are brought home from the workplace, they need to be inspected to make sure they are in proper working condition. Software updates must be on track, too. Any technological glitches could cause business disruptions throughout the day.

Address Work From Home Productivity Concerns

A functional space is necessary for employees working remotely so that they are able to get the job done. Internet connections are priorities, and you do not want your employees having to deal with a ton of distractions. Some business owners even provide stipends for employees designing home offices.


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