Adani Port (APSEZ) Share Price Target 2023 to 2025: Can it reach 4000INR?

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited also known as APSEZ is known to be the largest private sector multi-port operator. Its founder is the famous Gautam Adani who is all over the news nowadays. Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Adani Ports has India’s largest commercial-based port, the Mundhra Port.

Having 13 operational ports all over the country, they generally operate to handle types of cargo and crude containers.

As of 27th January 2023, one Adani Port Stock price is trading at 689 rupees.

Warning: Because of Hindensburg’s research report on Adani Enterprises, the Adani Port (APSEZ) stock could fall largely in next couple of months.

Adani Port Share Price Target

Adani Port in Recent News

  • Recently, sources say Adani Ports are to increase the dock capacity in Haldia, West Bengal.
  • Gautam Adani takes the place of the second richest man, following Elon Musk.
  • ICD has been acquired by APSEZ from Navkar Corporation LTD.
  • SC provided relief to APSEZ after the disqualification from bidding for enhancing the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority container terminal.
  • APSEZ down 10% after Hindensburg’s research report

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Adani Port Share Price Target 2023-2025

Adani Port (APSEZ) Share Price Target 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
February 2023 ₹550 ₹390
March 2023 ₹655.54 ₹571.95
April 2023 ₹629.19 ₹550.15
May 2023 ₹574.32 ₹541.79
June 2023 ₹689.19 ₹530.15
July 2023 ₹827.03 ₹636.17
August 2023 ₹909.73 ₹699.79
September 2023 ₹955.22 ₹734.78
October 2023 ₹909.73 ₹699.79
November 2023 ₹1,000.70 ₹769.77
December 2023 ₹1,120.79 ₹833.14

With a  moderate increase in the price of the shares in the year 2023, Adani Port Shares shows a promising graph with the highest share price touching 1120 rupees and the lowest reaching 715 rupees. However, because of the Hindensburg’s research report, Adani Port share price is seeing a slide in February and a rebound in March 2023. April and May 2023 looks bearish for Adani Ports where the stock price could slide to as low as Rs. 541.79. June 2023 onwards, APSEZ share price is expected to rebound and continue growing in 2023.

Adani Port Share Price Target 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹1,179.77 ₹907.52
February 2024 ₹1,325.59 ₹1,104.66
March 2024 ₹1,395.36 ₹1,134.44
April 2024 ₹1,268.51 ₹975.77
May 2024 ₹1,057.09 ₹813.15
June 2024 ₹1,268.51 ₹975.77
July 2024 ₹1,078.23 ₹835.84
August 2024 ₹1,186.05 ₹941.31
September 2024 ₹1,245.36 ₹957.97
October 2024 ₹1,465.13 ₹1,127.02
November 2024 ₹1,538.38 ₹1,183.37
December 2024 ₹1,569.15 ₹1,207.04

Showing quite a spike in the prices of the shares, Adani port shares shows the highest share price reaching ₹1569, and the lowest touching ₹1207. This would prove to be a lucky year for Adani port shares.

Adani Port Share Price Target 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹1,600.53 ₹1,231.18
February 2025 ₹1,684.77 ₹1,295.98
March 2025 ₹1,769.01 ₹1,360.78
April 2025 ₹1,579.47 ₹1,214.98
May 2025 ₹1,435.88 ₹1,104.53
June 2025 ₹1,579.47 ₹1,214.98
July 2025 ₹1,504.26 ₹1,157.12
August 2025 ₹1,566.94 ₹1,205.34
September 2025 ₹1,645.28 ₹1,265.60
October 2025 ₹1,744.00 ₹1,341.54
November 2025 ₹1,866.08 ₹1,435.45
December 2025 ₹1,903.40 ₹1,464.16

Better than before, Adani Port shares hope to show a constant hike in share prices throughout the year. From January 2025 to December 2025, the prices do not fall below Rs. 1104.

Maximum APSEZ price target for 2025 is Rs.1,903.40 whereas minimum price target is Rs. 1104.

Adani Port APSEZ Share Price Target 2026-2030

2026 ₹1,332.38 ₹932.67
2027 ₹1,132.52 ₹792.77
2028 ₹2,038.54 ₹1,426.98
2029 ₹4,187.49 ₹2,931.24
2030 ₹4,663.34 ₹3,264.34

To sum it up, Adani port shares do not show quite a market till 2023. However, their prices shoot up in the year 2024 and 2025 showing a huge increase in the rates. They promise to rise and hence if invested now, investors would benefit from these investments.

APSEZ Adani Port Financial Condition: Last 5 years

 Annual FY 2022 FY 2021 FY 2020 FY 2019 FY 2018
Total Revenue 18,088.81 14,519.83 13,734.42 12,287.78 12,333.89
Total Revenue Growth (%) 24.58 5.72 11.77 -0.37 30.11
Total Expenses 12,335.31 8,213.55 9,427.48 7,092.55 6,944.58
Total Expenses Growth (%) 50.18 -12.88 32.92 2.13 31.02
Profit after Tax (PAT) 4,728.09 4,994.30 3,763.13 3,990.22 3,673.62
PAT Growth (%) -5.33 32.72 -5.69 8.62 -6.08
Operating Profit Margin (%) 52.05 68.22 51.54 60.23 60.80
Net Profit Margin (%) 29.67 39.79 31.69 36.52 32.44
Basic EPS (₹) 22.39 24.58 18.35 19.27 17.74

Adani Port Shares have shown quite an increase in their profits, in recent years. With additional expenses, their profit also has increased. The total revenue growth has been negative in the financial year 2019, with showing quite a hike in the following year.

In the financial year 2021, there has been a decrease in the total expenses growth showing a negative result. Their current financial year revenue shows 18088 crores.


What will be the share price of Adani Port in 2025?

According to our prediction, the share price of ADANI PORT can go up to a maximum of ₹1,903.40 and a minimum of ₹1,104.53.

Is it a good time to invest in Adani Port shares?

Yes it is a good time to invest in Adani port shares, As data is showing play that it has a study increase in the upcoming years. However, if someone is new to investing, they should invest in smaller amounts.

Is ADANI PORT undervalued or overvalued?

The current value of ADANI PORT compared to its past is considered overvalued.

Will Adani Port Share go up tomorrow?

According to our data and prediction, APSEZ shares are not likely to rise tomorrow. It could drop by 3-5%. However, itt promises long-term growth.

What is the APSEZ share price target 2030?

APSEZ is predicted to trade in between ₹4,663.34 and ₹3,264.34.

Can APSEZ Share reach Rs. 10000?

Adani Port Share (APSEZ) could reach Rs.10000 someday. However, it is very difficult to say when. Even if that happens, it would happen not before 2031.

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Final Conclusion

APSEZ shares is currently sliding downwards because of the Hindenburg’s research report. The price drop in Adani Port share could continue in February and March, 2023. However, long term, as per our APSEZ price target, Adani Port has a bright future.

Though the current ADANI PORT share price structure shows the stock was ready to fly, the negative report brought a halt, and price started collapsing.

When investing in APSEZ shares or any other stock, know that stock market is highly risky, and only small amount of your portfolio should be invested.

Further, Covid could affect the earnings of Adani Ports. There could be many other uncertainties too. Debt is on the higher end as well. Hence, interested investors should invest later on when the prices stabilise to reap benefits when all of this settles.

Author: Ria Ganguly

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