Western Union: Now Available Digitally Across the

If people from the past had been told that you could send money across the world and they can access it at the same moment, they would think you are crazy, but Western Union has brought this concept of convenience to life.

Imagine if a person moved to another state or continent entirely with the aim of making their lives and those of their families better. With a strong and established force like Western Union, it is easy for them to send money at the click of a button. The true definition of convenience is being able to send and receive in whatever ways is most convenient for you anywhere you are in the world.

The Largest Digital Remittance Network in the World

Western Union is a global money remittance system that has been around for more than 170 years. Through this time, they updated and regularly upgraded to suit the time and needs of their clients. There are more than 150 million customers who rely on this service in more than 200 countries. Their currency portfolio involves more than 130 currencies, so you can be assured your money can be sent to any part of the world.

How To Send Money Digitally

It is easy to send money through the global payment provider thanks to their many options. Depending on a customer’s preference, there are at least three avenues that can be used. When sending money, you can use the following avenues.

Sending online

Western Union offers the choice to send money via its online platform. Interested parties can log in if they have an account or sign up on the official app or website, set up a profile at no charges and send money.

Sending via the app

The recent addition to the family is the digital app that doesn’t just allow you to send money; it offers so much more. With the app, one can also pay their bills, check on foreign exchange rates, pay for goods and services and more at the click of a button.

Sending in Person

The oldest form of money transfer, you can send money in person by walking into any Western Union agent and starting the short process. With more than 57,000 agents in the US alone, you can be assured there is one closest to where you live.

Receiving money is just as seamless. In many countries, agents can be found in banks, and money can be sent to your bank account. You can also walk into the Western Union near you, submit the required details and have the money sent over.

Setting The Pace in Global Digital Remittance

The global giant understands that when things go digital, user experience is the topmost priority. That said, they have ensured that tasks such as registration are easy to maneuver for everyone.

Western Union has registered double-digit growth in periods before and after the pandemic. Their digital platform, which was launched a few years ago, registered over $240million in just the first quarter of 2021. This puts them on a projection of more than $1billion by the end of the year.

The mobile app is a trendsetter in the global money transfer industry. Their 78% principal growth has propelled them to the top of the best global remittance apps.

Planning For The Future

In the times to come, the company is looking to improve their digital user experience. They have partnered with Google to make payments available on Google Pay.

With a passion for ensuring the connection between people, Western Union remains dedicated to improving its user-friendliness for more connectivity.

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