Top Side Hustles To Make Money From Your Love For Soccer

Soccer has a large and global fanbase, and most fans have grown to have a genuine passion for the sport. Because betting has created a lucrative channel for soccer fans to make money off their love for the game, one can’t help but wonder if there aren’t any alternatives fans can try to make additional money from their love for the sport. 

It’s pretty evident that following the recipe of consulting with various data like Premier League predictions today and taking the calculated risk of placing a large bet can prove to be very rewarding if all goes as planned. However, aside from being a professional soccer player yourself or choosing to master your betting skills in the sport, there are other ways you can put your knowledge and skills to the test. 

side hustles

To learn about top side hustles that can help you make some money from your love for soccer, you can keep reading for more. 

Your Top Side Hustles

Becoming A Club Historian

One of the ways to make money from your passion for soccer is to create content on the history of local clubs in lower leagues or long-standing clubs that are more on the non-league side. You can publish your content yourself using a credible print-on-demand company or publish it online through a website. By printing your work, you can make money by selling your books to fans, and then by publishing your work online, you can sell advertising space on the site to generate your income. 

Art And Photography

If you have the heart and skill for art and photography, you can use this to your advantage by selling your work to the market of sports fans that would buy your prints, photographs, and paintings that you may have of various players and football scenes. 

Aside from offering your work to sports fans, you can also sell your work to local club stores or online platforms like eBay or Etsy. Remember that you must get permission first if you intend to reproduce official club logos and badges. For photographers, you can sell your high-quality photos to local newspapers. 

Sponsor Local Teams

If you’re already a business owner, you can increase your profits by having your business sponsor a local amateur or professional team. Sponsoring teams will require you to spend money, but soccer sponsorships are undoubtedly worthwhile. 

Buying And Selling Vintage Memorabilia

Like Premier League picks that can be very resourceful, why not use what you have to make some money? The online space consists of a thriving trade made up of club shirts, old programs, and virtually any item linked to a memorable game. If you have some valuable items stored somewhere, you can turn these into collectibles you can sell. Suppose you don’t have any collectibles but are interested in joining the business. In that case, you can buy memorabilia and then sell it on something many people do as a business at a higher value. 

Using Your Home To Show The Soccer Game

It’s always fun and exciting to watch soccer matches in the company of others since not everyone can always make it to big games. If you happen to have a television sports subscription package and a large television screen or projector, you could use the combination to start a profit-making enterprise. 

You can always set up your screen in the front room of your home or in the garden on your balcony. You can choose to charge small amounts for admission or make your money from selling snacks and drinks to those who have come over to watch the game. Maybe you can even update your audience on the latest Premier League predictions just in case someone’s keen on placing a bet. 

Becoming A Referee Or Coach

If you’re physically fit and clearly understand soccer, you can find part-time work as the coach or referee to a local team of children playing soccer. To do this, you will need to be formally qualified to be a referee or coach. Also, you will need to have adequate knowledge of first aid training. With enough patience and passion for what you do, who knows? You could just end up training someone that could end up making it big in the industry.


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