Acko Car Insurance Add Ons

The importance of car insurance couldn’t be stressed more in the present day than it ever was. With the toll of accidents and road mishaps rising on a monthly basis, car insurance is a vital product to invest in. Besides this very relevant fact, if you are a car owner in India, the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 demands that you own, at the very least, a third-party insurance plan. Without car insurance under your belt, you cannot drive your vehicle. If you are caught without it, you may be fined heavily or even prosecuted.

Apart from your driving licence and car registration, car insurance is compulsory too. Most insurance companies give you good coverage in their plans, and some like Acko car insurance, offer you a wide scope of coverage. However, if you have a plan already, or are about to purchase one, you may come across a plan you like, but still be in need of an add-on coverage.

What is Add-On Cover? 

These days, obtaining car insurance, like a plan from Acko Car Insurance, is the least of your worries. More important is the coverage your plan offers you. Every insurer provides individuals with two basic types of plans:

  • Third-party Insurance Plan – This is a basic coverage plan, wherein cost coverage is for third-party injury/loss of life/damage to property, due to your vehicle. This coverage excludes conditions that protect your own vehicle. It is the most basic cover you may opt for and ensures compliance with the law.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Plan – With enhanced coverage, a wider scope of this plan protects third parties and you and your vehicle, as a result of your car’s role in causing a mishap.

It is necessary to know about the plans that are available out there before you apply for Acko Car Insurance renewal or a new policy online. In this way, you can make an informed decision about add-on coverage or ‘add-ons’. Add-ons are simply additional features or clauses that you may get coverage for, as supplementary conditions to an existing plan.

You can customise your plan by availing of add-ons, plus you get additional protection for your insured vehicle. Consequently, you are well prepared for any financial obligations that may come your way in emergencies. What add-ons can you get with a super insurer like Acko Car Insurance? Let’s explore this further.

Acko Car Insurance Add-Ons 

The following main add-ons are available for you to purchase as extra clauses for coverage, supplementary to your existing insurance:

  • Nil Depreciation – Also known as zero depreciation, this is a life-saving add on that tackles car body replacements, as it eliminates depreciating value of the car’s external components.
  • Roadside Assistance – You never know what emergency may come up while you are on the road. This covers any on-the-spot help you may require, like fuel supply, tyre repair, taxi services, towing and car repair.
  • Protection of the Engine – A common cause for several on-road car issues is a fault with the car engine. With the ‘engine protection’ add-on, you get coverage for the repairing of your vehicle’s engine components.

Overall Protection 

Making right investment decisions  is quite important. And, as we all know that investing on a vehicle, especially car, requires a person to take some crucial decisions like choosing the right car, deciding whether to take a loan or not. However, insurance should be a top priority if you own a car or any other vehicle.


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