Customer Helpdesk: Find Out the Customer ID of Dena Bank

How many of us are familiar with internet banking services? I do guess everyone. Alright, this article is for the people who want to find out the customer id of the Dena Bank account. It is because the customer ID is needed for getting logged in to the internet banking portal.

Dena Bank is one of the finest banks in India. This bank is serving its customers with all the banking facilities include savings accounts, loans, and many other things. This bank is also famous for its best digital banking experience. 

find the customer id of the Dena Bank account?

If you come across this article, then you might be in the need of internet banking activation. However, the customer id is still the main part. No issues in this article, we have given an appropriate guide to finding out the customer id of Dena Bank.

What is Customer ID?

The customer id a unique number that is provided to every bank account customer of Dena Bank whoever opts for the internet banking services. This is the id that links the bank account with the various services and is often used to get access to the internet banking dashboard.

If you do not know the customer id of your Dena Bank account, then you can check out the process that we had given below for finding it out.

How to find the customer id of the Dena Bank account?

It is a simple process. However, it could take some time for getting the customer id. You need to opt for net banking services. Furthermore, you can check out the steps that we had given below.

  • First, one needs to visit the nearest Dena Bank branch across its location.
  • After that, one needs to ask for the internet banking activation form.
  • After that, one needs to fill the specific internet banking form and submit it to the bank for its activation.
  • One needs to submit this application to the Bank manager or to the executive who looks after the digital banking services. However, one needs to be clear that it is even needed to attach some documents while submitting this form.
  • The customer will receive the customer id along with the activation steps on its postal address within seven to ten working days.
  • Last, you need to keep that customer id safe. It is because one will not be able to login to the internet banking portal without the customer id.


One can also find out the customer id of the Dena Bank account on its passbook front page. However, one still needs to visit the bank for the further net banking activation process.

Customer Helpdesk

One can also get the customer id of the Dena Bank account by calling the customer helpdesk at 18002336427. One needs to provide some information for the verification first.


Dena Bank is one of the finest banks in the country. They facilitate their customers with the best banking services. However, if the customer wants to get access to internet banking, then it is essential to find out the customer id for the same. In this article, we have added a definitive process to find out the customer of Dena’s bank account.

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