Why You Should Buy Health Insurance for Your Parents When You Are In Your Early ’30s?

Getting health insurance for your family is a crucial thing today. With the rising costs of medical health and rising problems occurring in senior citizens due to the lifestyle that we currently follow, getting it at an early stage is necessary. Gifting your parents with one is a very thoughtful move which can save you a lot of money in the time of emergency.

Health Insurance for Parents

It is very likely that when your age is in around 30’s your parent’s age would be of around between their 50s and 60s. This is why experts focus and recommend to get medical insurance for your parents when you are in your 30s as there could be no better time than this.

Why is this move necessary? 

Low Premium: Once your parents hit the senior citizen age the health insurance policy will be costly for them and this is the best time when you can get good health insurance at a low premium. By early decision, one would be balancing the premium rate without making any compromises with the quality of the insurance.

Benefit in Long run: Getting health insurance at an early stage makes sure that the benefits provided are long tenure, with bonuses and all. These benefits could be used during any of the treatment and could help the individual financially.

Financial capabilities: Everyone wants a secure future for their parents. While your parents are getting old there could be some financial pressure in case of any emergency. The 30s is the best time when a person’s career is booming and thus there could be no better time than 30s to get health insurance for your parents.

Easy Planning: Having early insurance means that the planning for the future would be easy. Early health insurance come with a low premium and it is always better to affordable sums from an early stage rather than facing an immediate pressure when need be.

Tax saving: To promote health insurance policies government of India often offers some subsidy on other taxes. In long this could be a big saving and not only does it help covers the financial need in the time of emergencies but the subsidy gives a feeling of bonus too.

The need for Health insurance for parents

With growing age, our parents get more prone to any kind of disease because the immune system starts getting weak with ageing. Health insurance now not only covers specific ailments but also cover the general and routine treatment. This means that the person would be free of any kind of financial liability in terms of medical health, the insurer will cover them completely. Also, as the healthcare prices are constantly rising, getting a health treatment after 20 years could be unimaginably expensive.

Thus, one must buy health insurance for parents to gift them with a secure and easy future which is free of any kind of mental or financial pressure.


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